Lost ark seeker's atlas

How to find mococo seeds: guide, cards, awards

The Atlas of the Seeker in the game Lost Ark - what it is and why it is needed

This Atlas, in fact, is a special magazine, which lists tasks. When filling it out, the player receives certain bonuses, which cannot be taken in other ways.

Atlas Vost. Lutheran

Fact! The game offers a choice of five classes, each of which has from 2 to 4 specializations.

Not surprising, that experienced gamers diligently complete additional quests, fight elite monsters and get rare artifacts.

How to access it, when it opens

To access Atlas, need to reach the tenth level, and also complete the quest, issued at Leonhold. So there is nothing complicated and secret here..

Closing the Atlas rewards for every 10 and 100 %

For the closure of any region for every 10 % the character receives various bonuses and privileges.

It could be:

  • game silver, gold;
  • gifts for boosting reputation;
  • increase in character stats;
  • additional 3 skill points;
  • increasing the characteristics of the hero;
  • pero Lazenisa;
  • elixirs for leveling skills.

It turns out, what for each region the player gets 10 unique awards.

The Finder Atlas is a developer's masterpiece, which opens up the opportunity for fans of the Lost Arc storyline to receive additional rewards for studying game content. You need to try, to fill it on 100 %, but it's worth it. Such useful and unique rewards cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Purchase at NPC (6 PCS.)

For each profession you can buy 1 bank, total 6 for legacy.

For fishermen, the exchange is carried out at the headquarters of the capitals at the SPC "Exchange of Craft Materials", and for the purchase of handicraft tinctures for herbalists, miners, hunters, archaeologists and loggers will have to visit the respective island.

1. NPC Sammers (Liberheim, grassland)

Need to 1000 pieces of "Flower Ether"

2. Zani-Zani (Mushroom forest, logging)

1000 "Wood relics"

3. Damian (Nature reserves, hunting)

1000 "Luxurious fur"

4. Leighton (Artey, mining engineering)

1000 "Smoky ocarita"

5. Francesca (Coast of the Golden Surf, archeology)

1000 pieces "Dragon Statue"

6. Royal Orders Merchant in Capitals (Fishing)

Need to 1000 pieces "Tiny moon pearl"

These rare materials are collected from resources 4 and above level, they can also be purchased for regular flowers, ore, skins and logs in secret craft maps of any level at the Forest Fairy and on the same islands. Exception - "Smoky okarit", which pours out pretty well to everyone from the boss of Spider Island.

Regular quests for regions (8 PCS.)

1. Do not be sad task (Permafrost plateau, Шувёрд)


Complete the Shark Hunt storyline on the Akronian Coast (Luther), then take and complete the yellow chain in Lutheran "Sillian's Praise Relay" (she will not appear without a plot).

Close Ardetain's story quest "The Battle of Ridgehorn" and then fulfill Sasha Kraus's request in Stern "Between joy and confusion" (will be available, if you completed the quest in Lutheran).

Then in Shuvierde you need to reach the story quest "Guarding Humanity" in the Everfrozen Plateau. And only after all this, in the same plateau, the task “Don't be sad” will become available from Darren, lord commander, the reward for which will be one craft tincture.

In each task, you will need to demonstrate several public emotions and play the "Anthem of Lutheria" a couple of times.

2. "Unbearable Hunger" (Birniysky dol, Eastern Lutheria)

The beginning - the yellow quest "The Horror Show" after the story quest of the Black Caps and Fool's Masks location.

3. "He's waiting" (Silver Keys, Eastern Lutheria)

begining: Gendry's yellow quest "The Dam of the Silver Keys".

4. "Famous delicacy" (Moki Toki, Tortoik)

This is one of the additional stories of Atlas Tortoik

After the completion of the "Suitable Offering" story mission, the "Rescue Operation" quest will appear on the coast of Tortoik. The last quest of the chain, the "Famous delicacy" we need, taken in Moki-Toki from Alvis.

5. "Cursed Cave" (Misty Ridges, Anshu)

The chain begins with the yellow quest "Treasure Hunt" in the Azure Harbor of Anshu after the completion of the story quest "Chief" Wonton ".

So that the rest of the tasks of the chain appear, "Krynka in the Garden" in Daifeng, The Golden Pagoda in the Ringing Groves and the last, Cursed Cave in Misty Ridges, for which craft tincture is issued, it is necessary to continue the story quests of the region.

6. "The Price of Truth" (Devilshire, North Bern)

The Best Water in Town chain will open in Devilshire after completing the Meetings and Separations story mission. The final mission "The Price of Truth" will be rewarded with one more craft tincture.

7. Quest "Boat" (Нижние Риженки, Шувёрд)

After the plot task "New Life" in Nizhniye Rizhenki, the quest "Hard times" will appear. It starts a chain, at the end of which you will take away another craft tincture.

8. "In a cocoon" (Lake Vasiliska, Schuvierd)

After the story quest "There, where monsters live "in the location there will be a task" Eight-legged attack ".

Lost Ark Judia's Recipes

Total available for study in Judia 7 different recipes, same as in Artemis. Some of them are ready-made in the open world.. For the rest of the recipes, you will have to get the ingredients and craft the finished product from the local chef Aris. We immediately note, that she is in Yudiya in the Salt Desert in the main camp.

Dried Salpuga

By tradition, the first recipes are the simplest.. You can find this product in the Salt Desert location, at the top of it. You will receive a ready-made recipe, which should be used. It will automatically be added to the Finder Atlas.

Dragolisk jerky

The following recipe is also presented as a finished product.. You can find it all in the same location, Salt Desert. This time you need to go down to the bottom of the location.

Coyote Ugly cocktail

This recipe will have to be made by the cook Arisa, which we talked about at the beginning of the article. To create a cocktail, you will need the Aregali ol-khorgoy slime ingredient and 1900 silver. The mucus is at the next point:

After obtaining the ingredient, go to Arisa. On the list, you need the very first recipe.

Date wine

You will also have to create this recipe yourself.. Not everybody gets ready? So the developers probably thought. To craft, you need the ingredient Bottle of Kabay wine and 2850 silver. To obtain the ingredient, you will have to visit the Dead Karst dungeon. In any mode. The entrance to the dungeon is located in the Zun'Gar Canyon location. The crafting material is found in the following location:

Having procured an ingredient, we run to the cook Arisa. In the list of crafting items, select the second line.

Iodized salt

Unfortunately, and this recipe will have to be made independently. You need to find the ingredient Coarse Salt Crate and get 2850 silver. The box is located in the Zun'Gar Canyon. You will find the ingredient at the point marked in the screenshot.

After obtaining the treasured item, we run as fast as we can to our familiar chef Arisa. In the list of recipes, select the row from the top.

Ritual soup "Posole"

This recipe is the most difficult to obtain from the entire list.. It is made independently by the cook Arisa. To craft you need the item Ingredients for ritual food and 3800 silver. If you have no problems with silver, it is difficult to get the ingredient. It is awarded for reaching the maximum level of relationship with the local shaman Radma-Jami.

After obtaining the ingredient, go to Arisa. Select the very last line in the recipe list.

Salted Caramel Lollipop

The process of obtaining this recipe is all about luck.. But don't be alarmed ahead of time. It's not that bad. You need to go to the location of the Salt Desert to the point marked in the screenshot below. After interacting with the location shown, you will receive the item Salted Caramel Crystal.

You need to "open" these crystals from the inventory until, until you get the recipe itself - Salted Caramel Lollipop. Eat it and it will automatically be entered into the Finder's Atlas.

Additional stories

In this region 2 additional stories - "The real enemy" and "Your savior". In fact, these are two additional quest chains, for the passage of which you will receive an elixir, increasing the main characteristic.

To start the chain of the quest "The Real Enemy" you need to interact with the object lying on the ground in the location "Silver Keys".

You can take the second quest "Your Savior" only after, How do you complete the quest "Memories of a Lutheran". Sillian gives him away, located in Lutheran's palace. This quest chain will end at the Dunkel Forest location near the Medhen NPC. It is he who will give you the desired quest chain, the last of which will be entered in the "Atlas of the seeker".

note, that in the "Atlas of the Seeker" the stories passed are marked with a yellow exclamation mark. After completing all the quest chains, you will see the following in the atlas:

Artemis's Recipes in Lost Ark

In total in this region you can study 7 recipes. The word "study" simply means that, that you are using the right dish from your inventory. Some of the dishes can simply be bought from the merchant., and others you need to cook yourself. Next, we will tell you in detail and show all the places, where you can get ingredients or a finished product.

Smoked salmon

The very first recipe is traditionally the most easily available. You can simply buy it in the first city of Leonhold from the merchant Koketka Moira. The price of the issue is 3000 silver. You buy, study and that's it. Fast and easy.

Legrarian balm

The second recipe can be found in the open world. It is in a barrel near the monastery. The monastery itself is located in the Borderland location.

Tincture "Perched imp"

You will have to cook this dish yourself. This can be done by the chef Helly in Leonhold.

To create the tincture you need the Peppermint ingredient. The cost of creating a recipe is 1740 silver. You can find mint in the Borderlands location behind the mill at the next point:

After obtaining the required ingredient and collecting the required amount of silver, at chef helly create a tincture. After that, all that remains is to use it..

Garlic bread

This recipe, like the previous, handcrafted by Chef Helly in Leonhold. To craft, you need the Leonhold Wheat ingredient and 2610 silver.

Leonhold Wheat can be found in one of the sacks right there in Leonhold. There is such a bag at the very bottom of the map..

Curolisk soup

Another recipe, which is prepared by chef Helly in Leonhold. To craft you need to get the ingredient Red Fenugreek and collect some silver - 2610 coins.

Red fenugreek can be harvested from a bush, which is located in one point of the Silent Hills location.

Agilisk Cobra Blood

This recipe can be found in one of the dungeons of Artemis - Mouth of Agilisk. At the point below you will find an item. Don't use it right away. You need to wait 2 real time clock. After this period, this item will turn into the desired recipe - Agilisk Cobra Blood. And already use it to fill in the atlas.

Souvenir potatoes

The last recipe on the list is the hardest to get.. It can be obtained from the NPC Selina. She is in Leonhold. First you need to raise the level of her reputation to the maximum level - Exalted. After that, you can pick up an item as a reward from the same NPC. Use this item for a Souvenir Potato recipe.

Collection rewards

All Mokoko Seed rewards are not yet known. Besides, in upcoming patches they will be partially changed, so the information below is for the current version of the game at the time of the publication of the guide.

Number of mococo seeds Reward
50 20x Strawberry Cupcake
100 3x Antique Gold Key
150 5x Cashew Seed Chest (100)
200 5x Humble Wind Blossom Pollen
250 3x Antique Gold Key
300 10x Cashew Seed Chest (100)
325 3x Antique Gold Key
350 Map “Peng”
375 3x Antique Gold Key
400 Ship: Pneumatics
425 25x Blueprint of Pneuma
450 Jewelry Chest
475 Cashew Seed Chest (100)
500 3x Antique Gold Key
525 Seafarer's statement: Horses-horses

Daily quests on the islands (9 PCS)

Usually, in order to be able to complete daily tasks on the islands, you need to complete all the location quests. You can read about the study of each of them in the guides on the islands of the world of Lost Arc.

1. Quest "Back to the Pit" (Kraken's logo)

Efonian Union - Reputation - "Title Defense", reward for 2 level ( to get the elixir you need to complete the daily 15 time)

2. Quest "The investigation is led by fugitives" (village of Runaways, daily per island soul)

Efonian Union - Reputation - Detective Mastery, reward for 3 level (16 time)

3. Spirit Catchers (Island of a Thousand Jugs)

Efonian Union - reputation - "Spirits of the Lake" - Reward 3 (15 quests, bank for combat characteristics + crafted tincture)

4. Root Eaters Quest (Echo Island)

Efonian Union - reputation - "Beetle Brothers" - 3 level (15 time, you will receive the elixir with the "Whistle" emote)

5. The task "Whatever one may say, useless" (Land of Shooting Stars)

Union of Ephon - reputation - "Astronomical Society of Estella" - 3 level (7 time)

Condition for receiving the daily: complete the yellow quest chain on the island, starting with the task "Whisper of the Starlight" and ending with the mission "Pure Heart". One of the quests in the Say a Wish chain is hidden, it starts with a flower in the center of the island.

6. Quest "Archaeologist's Request" (Liberty Island)

Efonian Union - Reputation - Archaeologist's Request - 3 level (15 time. For the second level, you will receive a picture)

7. Quest "New Poems" (Archipelago of Dreams)

Efonian Union - Reputation - "New Book Release" - 3 level (daily per island soul, to get the elixir you need to complete it 17 time)

8. Quest "What's in the hold" (the island of Navaros)

Union of Ephon - reputation - "Customs inspection" - 3 level (7 time)

9. The quest "Freeing the slaves" (Ice Hearts Island)

Efonian Confederation - Reputation - "Freeing the Slaves" - 3 level (quest required 15 time, together with the elixir you will get a picture).

Plot quest in the Book of Adventures

Like any good RPG, Lost Ark has a storyline, serving as the basis for the whole world. It starts back in the prologue, when the player is just getting to know the surrounding realities. And the plot mission, constituting the basis of the section, tightly intertwined with the game scenario.

Traveling the world, the player must cope with all story quests in a particular region. It is not at all difficult to determine them - these tasks are located at the very top of the list, which is on the right side of the screen, and highlighted in orange.

When the quest chain is complete, the player will see a characteristic picture, depicting a pair of gods of Hellas.

How to close a region in the Atlas on 100%

Complete all story quests in locations - just complete the main task;
Artifacts - dropped from mobs, bosses, elite, some assignments, can be found in the auction;
Recipes - Through Friendship, collect at the location, buy from NPC, to craft;
Panoramas - just find telescopes and use them;
Dungeons - close heroic mode including;
Special mobs (unique opponents) - kill mobs with a yellow icon above your head;
Bosses - if they are not in the desired location, then their appearance begins with 30 and to 45 minutes hour (example: 14:30 – 14:45, 15:30 – 15:45 etc). Some regions will require killing world bosses, who respawn every 2-3 days (follow the calendar);
Additional stories - if you don't know where a specific quest is - do everything in a row;
Hidden stories - hidden objects (use the knowledge base map);

Reputation (relationship with NPCs) - find the right NPCs (hearts on the map);
Teleports - just open them and that's it.

We will continue to fill our project with useful materials., including the passage of the Atlas for each region. If you write or shoot guides, then you can help a lot of players - add your guides to our fan site through a special form and thousands of players will see them. thank!

List of all regions and guides for their passage

Western Lutheria
Eastern Lutheria
North Bern

Rohendel (in March 2020 of the year)

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What areas of the game does the Atlas cover?

The Seeker's Atlas is available throughout Lost Arc, which covers the storyline of the game. I.e, the player can fill out the adventure book in all regions and receive prizes for this.

The general list looks like this:

  • Artemis;
  • Judas;
  • Western Lutheria;
  • Eastern Lutheria;
  • Tortoik;
  • Anshu;
  • Ardetine;
  • North Bern;
  • Schuvierd;
  • Rohendel.

For each region in the Lost Ark, the atlas is broken down into 11 chapters (categories, as the players are also called). To complete the region on 100 % absolutely all conditions from each category must be met.

Depending on the location of the character, the chapter of the current region opens by default. But if you want, you can view the progress of passing any location in percentage terms, by clicking on the button "Select region".

Mainland Ardetain

Next in line – Ardetine. From all locations on this continent, you can collect 87 Mokoko seed.

Iron harbor

Acquaintance with the second continent begins at the Iron Harbor. In this lock you will find 7 “pears” – sure, if you're careful.

Mokoko Seeds in Iron Harbor – map

At the point 1 the entrance to the basement is located, where is one seed. In the second square, the entrance is marked with a star, and the route to the seeds – arrow.


A very productive location, from which you can take whole 14 Mokoko seed. 12 of them lie on the territory of the city itself, and yet 2 hidden in basements.

Mokoko seeds in Šterne – map

Some of the seeds are not visible – they hide behind boxes, cabinets and other elements of the location.


Hidden in this place 8 Mokoko seed. There is also a cache, which will only make your searches more interesting.

Mokoko seeds in Broken-Hills – map

The location of the cache is marked with a frame, and the entrance to it – asterisk. The arrow shows the route, who need to go, to get to the stash with 3 “pears”.

Dungeon “Nest of Warrior Ants”

This dungeon will not please us with a large harvest, but nonetheless, you can pull out of it 7 Mokoko. The ants tried to hide them, so only 2 seeds can be found without incident in that place, who asks them.

Mokoko seeds in the dungeon “Nest of Warrior Ants” – map

Cache 1 you can visit, only after cleaning the dungeon from the insects living in it. The entrance to it is marked with an asterisk. You just need to find the second cache – the passage is open. Well, at the third point you need to find a point for jumping to the bottom, to get to the Mokoko seeds hidden there.


Amazing, but even at a military plant, someone managed to stash a few Mokoko seeds – more specifically, 8 pieces. Not without hiding places here.

Mokoko Seeds at Nobelgate – map

At the point 1 come to the place, marked with an asterisk and jump down, and then follow the arrow. There you can pick up 2 Mokoko seed.

And in the cache room 2 will have to vice versa, climb up. Find a place near the cliff, in which the action button will appear, and press G, to jump up. The road will lead you to a couple more seeds.

Dungeon “Heart of the Crater”

And here is the first two-story dungeon in Ardetein. Here lies 7 Mokoko seed, 3 of them – on the first floor, yet 4 – on the second.

Mokoko seeds in the dungeon “Heart of the Crater” – map 1 floors

On the first floor, go to the cache to the point, marked with an asterisk. There you will see 2 pipes, going down. Come to the edge and jump down, to collect 3 seed. All, there is nothing else here – it's time to go to the second floor.

Mokoko seeds in the dungeon “Heart of the Crater” – map 2 floors

In place, marked with a star, there is an elevator, where you can go down to the cache with a couple of Mokoko.


In a location with a life-affirming name “Gravedigger” kept 9 seed.

Mococo seeds in the Cemetery – map

Couple mooko, boxed, located in a cache behind the monument. Only it opens in a completely different place – the arrow points there. We perform there “Song of resonance”, then we go to the stow and harvest.

New Totrik

Boring and dull location – no hiding places, no quests. Only 8 Mokoko pears can lure a researcher here. We pack them in a bag and move on without any regrets.

Mokoko Seeds in New Totrik – map

Dungeon “Dr. Eichmann's laboratory”

Honestly, the doctor's lab is quite small, so harvest from 5 Mokoko seeds are quite good for her.

Mokoko seeds in the dungeon “Dr. Eichmann's laboratory” – map

Seeds in a cache, boxed, cannot be collected until then, until the final boss of the dungeon is killed. After that, a passage will open in the place of the asterisk and you can get to the pair hidden there. “pears”.


In the vastness of the Ridgehorn, whole 10 Mokoko seed, 3 of which are hidden from seekers.

Mokoko Seeds in Ridgehorn – map

At the point 1 need to go under the pipes, and then literally slide down. The reward for this action will be 2 “pears”.

At the point 2 there is a secret passage. Found him? Another seed in your pocket, Congratulations.

Dungeon “Air gate”

Despite, that this dungeon is three-story, it is rather small. So from it you will take an extremely modest harvest in 1 Mokoko seed. It is located on the first floor..

Mokoko seeds in the dungeon “Air Gate” – map 1 floors

Crimson Wasteland

The last location of the mainland Ardetein. We collect here without unnecessary hassle 3 seeds Mokoko and go to the next continent. There are no hiding places here – well, and the dog is with them.

Mococo seeds in the location Crimson Wasteland – map

Lost Ark Western Lutheria Recipes

In all regions, Lost Ark can be learned by 7 different recipes. "Western Lutheria" is no exception in this regard. Unlike the same Judia, here some recipes are harder to get. However, don't worry, you shouldn't have any problems with our guide. We immediately note, that some of the recipes are created at a special NPC. In the region, this is the chef Helga. It is located in the location of the Taiga Uval.

Now let's start describing each recipe..

Boar kebab

The very first recipe can be found in the open world as a finished product. All that is required of you is to go to Zagorje, take an item at the specified point and use it.

Ozero ear

The following recipe can be purchased entirely from Vendor Iveta. She is in the main camp of the Taiga Uval location. To purchase you need 8000 silver.

Zagorskaya brazhka

The next recipe will have to be crafted on your own from the above cook. This requires a special ingredient - Mlothets Miner Flask. You can find her in the dungeon Mlotetskaya adit, the entrance to which is located in the Bilbrinskoye woodlands. The ingredient itself can be found inside the dungeon at the next point:

After receiving the recipe, we return to the cook in the Taiga Uval and make a recipe for 2110 silver. it only remains to apply it.

Mother Pelar's omelet

This recipe also needs to be made by yourself.. Requires Faded Recipe ingredient to craft. You can take it at the location Medrinice Monastery at the specified point. Look behind the bottom of the benches.

Having received the item, we return to the chef and make for 3170 silver recipe. Remember to use it, to add it to the "Finder Atlas".

Bilbrin sausages

As in the previous two cases, this recipe is also handcrafted from a special ingredient. Name are Ursa Guts. First of all, we go to the Bilbrin woodland to the point indicated in the screenshot and pick up the ingredient.

Now we head to the chef Helga, we make a recipe for 3170 silver and use it.

Dashing Blossom Pickled Shoot

The penultimate recipe is perhaps the most difficult from this list.. The thing is, that you need a special subject to study it, which can only be knocked out by the local world boss of Reckless Blossom. You need to get his shoots. Having received them, just go about your business or just quit the game. Later 2 hours they will turn into the desired recipe. Remember to use it, since such items have a period of use (on average a day or two in real time). The boss appears in the Bilbrin Woodland location approximately every 30-40 minutes at the point below. If there are several channels, you can move between them to farm the ingredient faster.

Strong pepper tincture

The process of getting the last recipe will make you run a little. The thing is, that it is made from the special ingredient Nettle Pepper. It can be purchased from the Traveling Trader Malon.. Worth the ingredient of everything 777 silver.

The difficulty is, that the merchant does not stand in one place. It can be located in any of the locations of "Western Lutheria" at a specific point. It stands in place of everything 15 minutes, after which it disappears and appears in another location randomly. Here are the points of each location, where the merchant might appear

note, what to consider and channels. jump between them at each point when looking for a merchant


Taiga ridge

Medrinice monastery

Bilbrinskoe woodland

Scorched Wasteland

After obtaining the ingredient, we move to the chef Helga and make the item Weak pepper tincture from it.

After that, do not use the resulting tincture.. Wait 9 minutes. Later 9 minutes it will turn into the desired recipe, which should be used. By the way, similar recipe mechanics are present in Eastern Lutheria.

That's all.. After completing all the steps described, you will be one step closer to completely closing Lutheria West in the Seeker's Atlas Lost Ark. If the material was useful to you, let me know. This is very motivating to create new content.. Subscribe at will to receive the newsletter and follow the news of the game on the official website.


There are only two dungeons in Lutheria West. The first of these is Thunder Ridge (the entrance is in the location Taiga Uval), and the second - Mlotetskaya adit (you can enter it from the Bilbrinskoye woodlands location).

Each dungeon can be completed in two modes - normal and heroic. The second mode is not that difficult, as the name might suggest. It is quite easy to walk alone. But if you have any difficulties with passing, you can always assemble a group. In any case, the passage will be counted and entered into the Atlas of the seeker. After completing the atlas, you will see icons with blue and red borders near each dungeon. It means, that you have completed this point.

The seeker's atlas in the game Lost Ark - what it is and why it is needed

The Finder's Atlas is a special journal with a list of tasks. Filling it up, the player can get special bonuses, which can not always be bought or obtained for completing tasks. That is why many gamers diligently do hidden quests., hunt for artifacts, looking for the location of elite monsters.

Access to the adventure book is open to everyone on 10 level after completing the quest in Leonhold.

The adventure log displays:

  • local cuisine eaten;
  • percentage of the game storyline completion;
  • number of bosses killed;
  • portal;
  • player reputation;
  • hidden stories;
  • completed dungeons;
  • artifacts collected in the region;
  • panoramas seen;
  • unique opponents, with which the player fought;
  • additional stories.

Quests on the islands (10 PCS.)

1. The task "Peace, in which they live " (Liberty Island)

Chain "Food, good for health "begins Bon Jorno. Upon completion of the series of quests, they will give 1 craft tincture.

2. "The soul of a small car" (Star Song Beacon)

One of the purple island chain

3. The Lost Trail (Star Song Beacon)

Another quest from the purple chain for the soul of this island

4. "Totemkh's new dream" (Totosilver Island)

Purple chain on the soul of the island

5. Archipelago of Dreams (Archipelago of dreams)

This is one of the yellow chain of the island, leading to daily quests per soul.

6. "Preparing to sail" (Archipelago of dreams )

Same, like on the Star Song Lighthouse, The Dream Archipelago quest series gives two cans of craft tincture.

7. "Eggs teach the turtle" (Turtle island)

Quest of the yellow chain of the island "Koan about the turtle"

8. Quest "Shop of Sea Treasures" (Blue Abyss Island)

The last of the island's simple yellow quest chain.

9. Quest "The Magic Ring" (Kerakol island)

10. The final reward of the Kerakol Island yellow quest chain (task "Maury's Gift").


To close the "Seeker Atlas" in Eastern Lutheria completely, you will need to raise your reputation to a maximum of eight different characters:

  • Sillian (located in the castle "Lutherana")
  • Lovely Vivian (located in the location "Lutheran")
  • Leticia (located in the location "Lutheran")
  • Eliza Bishua (located in the location "Deorian Fields")
  • Emile Monterquier (located in the location "Deorian Fields")
  • Journeyman Terry (located in the location "Deorian Fields")
  • Governor Carlos Alvaro (located in the "Fort Royal")
  • Isabel (located in the "Fort Royal")

There are three ways to increase your reputation - by songs / gestures, gifts and quests. Quests, for which reputation is given, as a rule, these same NPCs are issued. Such quests are marked in pink

note, that some characters in the region will require songs and gestures from you, which at the beginning of the game do not get. In this case, you either have to return to them later., or raise your reputation with gifts

Besides, a number of NPCs will be blocked from raising their reputation, if your secondary indicators (Wisdom, Charm and so on) do not correspond to the norm. The required number in such situations is always displayed on the screen.

In the "Atlas of the Seeker", progress will be displayed in the form of a special bar. Ideally, it should be completed on 100%.


Artifacts in Lost Ark are presented as special items. They need to be used, after which the corresponding note will be entered into the Atlas of the seeker. All artifacts are divided by grade / rarity - from white to purple. The higher the grade of the item, the less chance, that it will fall out

By the way, you can knock out these items from absolutely any monster in the region - it doesn't matter, in the open world you will be or a dungeon. It all depends on your luck

White items need 20 units, green - 10, blue - 5 and 1 Violet. If you do not want to waste time mining artifacts, then you can just buy them at auction. Just consider, that blue and purple artifacts are usually expensive - from 100 gold per unit. After collecting and using all the items in the Seeker's Atlas, there will be a yellow check mark next to each item.

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