People who won the lottery – don't make the same mistakes

10 lucky ones, who won the lottery and regretted it greatly

History 4. $2 million – steal a car

Some people have problems, which cannot be solved by winning the lottery. This was the case with John Ross Jr. (John Ross Jr.) from california, who was accused of complicity in stealing a car in 2012 year. Car theft was extremely strange for him.. Ross won $ 2 million in the California lottery just a few months ago. Immediately after, how he was declared the winner, Ross said, what plans to buy a car, because in their 29 years he never owned a single car. Ironically, Ross ends up behind bars for assisting in a car theft just three months after winning the lottery.

A note for the future: try not to waste lottery winnings on lawyers and attorneys, stealing cars is bad!

History 1. $750 000 – pass a ticket to a friend

IN 2010 illegal immigrant Jose Antonia Cua-Tok (Jose Antonia Cua-Toc) bought a winning lottery ticket in Georgia. This ticket brought a prize of 750 one thousand dollars, but because of his illegal status and fears that he will be deported back to Guatemala, Kua-Toka was afraid to take his winnings. To avoid deportation, Kua Tok handed over the winning lottery ticket to his boss Eric Cervantes (Erick cervantes) agreeing, that Cervantes will take the winnings for him. Unfortunately (and no wonder) this plan backfired on Kua Tok. Cervantes took the money for himself, speaking, that Kua-Tok just bought a ticket for him. Fortunately in 2012 the court ruled in favor of Kua-Tok, after watching the video recording of the surveillance camera of the ticket purchase process.

Thus, if you win the lottery, take the winnings yourself, so as not to spend money later on lawyers and lawyers!

History 5. $5,4 million – lose the win

Won the lottery – lucky! No one would have thought, that the lottery winner will be so passionate, that he will lose all his winnings at the casino. Evelyn Adams (Evelyn Adams) – woman from new jersey, won the lottery twice. Seemingly, what else is needed?! The whole world is open before you. And so it went on until then, until this tale is over. Winning over $ 5 million in lottery, Adams Lost Most of Atlantic City Casino. Need to say, that Adams was very generous and shared her winnings with everyone, who asked her for help.

All her money today, won in the lottery, run out. But these years she lived on a grand scale!

History 8. $31 million – happiness cannot be bought

Billy Bob Harrell Jr. (Billie Bob Harrell Jr.) hit the jackpot from Texas 31 million dollars in 1997 year. Billy made a number of investments to improve the lives of his family members. In fact, he made a lot of purchases, what would anyone do, who won the lottery. Bought at home, cars to all relatives, made charitable donations, etc.. But in the following months, the shopping process grew into a bad habit.. Billy bought another house, after an even bigger house, two more cars. His friends and family told, that he went too far. Thanks to such spending, lucky one discovered, that was left without money in less than two years. Lottery win gives Billy monetary stress. And ultimately the man committed suicide.

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