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American Mega Millions Lottery Review (Mega Millions)


Parameters The values
rules 5 of 70 + PB 1 of 25
Participants USA
Draw time W. 20:00
Fri. 20:00
Jackpot Payouts Cash
Tax requirements Tickets for this lottery are purchased in Oregon, New Jersey or New York.
Lottery winnings are subject to withholding tax.
Oregon Lottery Holds 38% (federal and state tax) with winnings, the amount of which exceeds $600.
New Jersey Lottery Holds 38% (federal and state tax) from all winnings, the amount of which exceeds $600.
New York Lottery Holds 44,17% (federal tax, state and municipal tax) from all winnings, the amount of which exceeds $600.
Prize Increase Ratio Increase your secondary prizes in 2,3,4 or 5 times depending on the "Megaplier" number

Chances of Winning

Prizes Conformity Odds
1 Prize 5+PB 1:302 575 350
2 Prize 5 1:12 607 306
3 Prize 4+PB 1:931 001
4 Prize 4 1:38 792
5 Prize 3+PB 1:14 547
6 Prize 3 1:606
7 Prize 2+PB 1:693
8 Prize 1+PB 1:89
9 Prize 0+PB 1:37

The American lottery "Megamillions" exists since 1996 of the year, but before that it had a different name "Biggame" (translated as "The Big Game"). It got its current name in the middle 2002 of the year. The smallest jackpot is twelve million, but since the fund is often transferred from one circulation to another, then in case of winning, the luckiest player can get several hundred million dollars in winnings. The size of the main prize is the reason for the incredible popularity of this game..

Megamillions game rules

The player must choose five main balls (number range - 1-75) and one additional or "mega ball" (range of numbers 1-15). Also, players in some states can choose another ball, which is called "Megaplier", and if the number was guessed, the size of the prize grows significantly. Exist 5 main categories, the biggest of them is the jackpot (to get it you need to guess 5 numbers of the main balls of the draw and the number of the "mega-ball"), the smallest is a consolation prize (anyone gets it, who guessed at least one number).

Two lottery drums are used for the drawing: mixed in one 56 main balls, 5 of which drops with random numbers, and in the other - "mega-balls" in the amount 46 pieces.

All states (excluding California) each consolation category has a standard win rate. Why "excluding California"? The thing is, that in California itself, the size of the winnings actually depends on the percentage of sales. The player who wins the jackpot can either pick it up immediately (but at the same time he does not receive the entire amount), or get your prize in parts according to the following scheme – for every million won, the player is paid 38 and a half thousand dollars a year.

What can you win in the game "Megamillions"?

Smallest jackpot, possible in this game, is equal 12 million dollars. If after the end of the drawing there is more than one ticket holder with a winning combination, the reward is divided between these lucky ones..

It happens, that none of the players guesses any number 5 main balls, no "mega-ball" numbers. How to be in this case? In this case, the rules of the game provide for the possibility of transferring the entire amount of the jackpot to the fund, which will be drawn in the next draw.

And now some records from the game "Megamillions". Who won the highest amount? The largest amount in America was won by three (!) players. They divided among themselves just an astronomical amount - 656 million dollars!!! But sometimes people literally dig up treasures alone.. It happened, eg, with the player, who was able to buy a winning ticket in New York and receive as a reward 319 000 000 dollars. This momentous event happened 25 Martha 2011 of the year.

What are the prize categories, and what are the chances of winning?

As, according to the rules, players need to guess the numbers of five balls from the range "1-75" and one ball from the range "1-15", then the probability of a player winning in one of the prize categories is 6,8%

"Megaplier" - what is it?

Do not forget about such an element as well., like a ball called "Megaplier". This is the name of a special ball, which can increase the winnings of especially lucky Megamillions lottery players.

As mentioned above, this ball is played in all states, except California. By the rules of the game, the ball is chosen from the numbers "2", "3" or "4" and gives a strong increase in the player's monetary reward. For clarity, let's give an example: if you managed to guess four numbers of the main balls and the number of the additional ball "Megaplier", then in this case the size of your winnings may grow, eg, from one and a half hundred dollars to six hundred dollars.

Gosloto is a deception?

so, the analysis will begin with our state lotteries, and site, where they all take place:

First, let's see these two videos.:

Can not see, how the lottery drum chooses

Personally, only this reason is enough for me, not to play our lotteries. I consider it the main and only one.

It's about the lottery drawing process, which runs with a "special random number generator". Here is what they write about him on the site itself:

But here's the question, why would the office, which annually receives billions of rubles, do not conduct these draws with a real lottery drum and a real presenter? Is there really not enough money, to pay salaries?

Taking into account the fact, that Stoloto has information on all combinations used, then willy-nilly, doubts arise, that the organizers can somehow get the RNG to give out such numbers, which nobody used. Furthermore, we don't know at all, does this generator always use for work

Maybe he's just standing there for beauty?

I don't know and that's it. There would be broadcasts with real people and a lottery drum, then it would be impossible to argue here.

Special, considering the level of today's technology. One could run, some live broadcast and people wouldn't have any questions.

It is worth noting, that the exception is the housing lottery. Here draws take place every Sunday at 8:20 not on NTV channel.

A large number of player complaints

I have an Android phone 7, and it already happened, what, I will not will, I am shown news by topic, which i am interested in. Among, these topics are often found in various articles about lotteries.

Why am I? Yes, besides, what a few months, I have already read about 3-5 articles about, how is this site deceiving people. They don't want to give the win to someone, someone say, that there was an error on the site and their ticket is not actually a winning ticket and the like.

Honestly, I don't really believe in it, people can say a lot, if they are constantly unlucky. But, after reading these stories, I really don't want to play for a long time. It's like seeing an accident on the road and then not exceed the speed for another week.

Generally, there are complaints, and they are also worth paying attention to. By the way, perhaps the same happens with foreign lotteries, I just wasn't notified about it

By the way, perhaps the same happens with foreign lotteries, I just wasn't notified about it.


What else do you know our lotteries, except those, what is on the stoloto website? Right, I do not know either, even if they are.

What does it say? About that, that Stoloto can behave as he wants, and we will continue to play anyway, because we have no choice. They're doing things now, which cause waves of indignation from the players:

Take, eg, changing the frequency of draws in 5 of 36

Five times a day! Tell, do you think this is normal? Take a look, for foreign analogues, draws are held no more than once a week, eventually, this is not an instant lottery.
What if you pay attention to that, how long did the "super prizes" linger. After all, they are the ones that attract more and more players.

Randomness? I don't think))
It is also worth paying attention to the fact, that absolutely all sites with foreign lotteries are blocked. On what basis? Maybe I don't know something?

I am sure, that there are people among the readers of this article, who can add a few more items to my list. We will be grateful, if you share them in the comments.

Where are the winners?

Why, even in our news, I see information about, that people win crazy amounts of half a billion dollars in foreign lotteries. The winners are shown, interview them. Furthermore, winners are shown even more often on foreign channels.

But here's the question, where are our winners? Where are those people, who won more 100 million rubles? There was one man far away 2009 year:

I have not seen more of these. It's strange to me. Although I myself, under no circumstances, in the event of a victory, would not disclose my identity.

Video investigation

More recently, a video clip appeared on YouTube, where the author proves the scam on the part of Stoloto:

Conclusions on Gosloto

I would not want to demonize Stoloto, I would really like to myself, so that everything here is as open as possible. After all, even in fair conditions, the probability of winning is negligible, what to say, about the current.

Also worth noting, that most reasons not to trust Stoloto, are only guesses and have no real basis.

What do you think about this? Share your opinion in the comments.

Is it possible to buy foreign lotteries in Russia?

To buy the popular world lottery, You need to know the correct link, where can buy foreign lotteries without cheating, where people are engaged in lotteries professionally and for many years have earned respect in the lottery market, erasing state borders and kilometers of oceans. I will not torment you, here is a link to a trusted and trusted site, which will help you play foreign lotteries:

  • Tired of the lottery, where instead of a lottery drum, a muddy and incomprehensible random number generator once and for all sat down?
  • Not fun to play lotteries, in which there are several draws a day?
  • Forgot about the excitement of waiting for the start of circulation?
  • Tired of questionable internet lottery offers?

Everyone will find a lottery to their liking, the world is full of interesting lotteries, choose yourself, do not limit yourself to anything!

How to buy popular foreign lotteries

The purchase of a lottery ticket is arranged and works according to the following scheme:

  • You choose the lottery that interests you
  • Fill out a virtual lottery ticket (choose numbers to play)
  • Specially trained person, let's call it conditionally "Agent" goes to the seller of your chosen lottery, fills in the ticket with the numbers you selected.
  • The paid ticket is scanned and shown to you before the start of the draw.
  • The winnings are credited to your account in full, you will be notified by SMS and e-mail when you win!

Everything is very simple and obvious.. As is obvious and then, that the Internet erases the boundaries of space, shortening the time, accelerating the normal course of events and life!

Foreign lotteries, what is the risk of playing them?

You risk nothing, except for the money put on the game. Actually, as usual in any other lottery. However, you can become the first resident of the former Soviet Union to win the jackpot of hundreds of millions of dollars or euros in a foreign lottery.

There can be no doubt and deception. The site has existed since 2002 of the year, works for 14 languages! Excellent and prompt Russian-language support. For the most suspicious, to dispel any doubts, there is the following guarantee: you can return the money for the first purchase in full, if something does not suit you!

Paying taxes on a foreign lottery

You will receive your winnings net of tax, provided in the country and on the territory of the lottery organizer, if such tax is provided. However, often happens, that lottery winnings are completely tax-free.

Is it possible to participate in foreign lotteries?

You can take part in a foreign lottery, like any other person. Imagine, that you went abroad, walking in an unfamiliar city, go to the store, and buy a local lottery ticket ..., everything is just like that, with the only difference, that a specially trained agent will buy a lottery ticket instead of you and give it to you.

How to win in a foreign lottery

To win the overseas lottery, lottery first need to buy! And nobody limits you in the methods and strategies of the game.! There are many different lottery strategies described in our blog, you can use them.

How to get the jackpot

If you win the jackpot, then it will be presented to you personally. The site will organize and pay for your trip abroad to register your winnings!

Benefits of foreign lotteries

  • A wide variety of different lotteries, everyone will find something suitable for themselves.
  • Large, HUGE jackpots! Possession of a jackpot equivalent in 20 million rubles excites your mind? Not? So here, jackpots of world lotteries reach amounts of more than one to two billion rubles! Billion rubles! Have no doubts, that all your previous life you played the wrong lotteries?
  • Honesty. It can be reliably stated, that the most popular lotteries in the world are held as honestly as possible. Over the years, no one had any doubts about the honesty of lotteries. All winnings have been paid in full and in full, no matter how big the amount is.

Which foreign lottery is better to play?

The choice of a lottery is a purely individual matter. You can play the lottery, which you like best for some of your preferences, either play the lottery, in which the maximum jackpot has been accumulated at the moment.

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What foreign lotteries can you play??

Several types of lotteries are available for playing via the Internet.

The most popular among them are:

  1. American, are the leaders in the size of jackpots.
  2. European are the largest group of foreign games.
  3. Australian ones are gaining popularity among players due to their high chance of winning prizes and frequent draws.

Each of these groups includes several of the most popular games., which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

American lotteries

Among the American lotteries, there are several of the most popular.

These games are:

  • Powerball popular game, is a jackpot size record holder, ticket price 2 dollar, minimum jackpot 40 million dollars;
  • Mega Millions popular lottery, the cost of the ticket is 2 dollar, and the size of the minimum jackpot 10 million. dollars;
  • New York Lotto;
  • California;
  • Superlotto and some others.

European lotteries

Among European lotteries, the largest number of various games is presented.

The most popular are:

  1. EuroMillions holds the record for the number of participants, who received big winnings. The ticket price is 6 euros. The draw is held every week on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  2. EuroJackpot - analogue of EuroMillions, the draw is carried out on Fridays. The main prize is from 10 million. euros, and its limiting size is 90 million. euros.
  3. Viking Lotto is a Scandinavian game with the main prize from 3 to 30 million. euros.
  4. El Gordo - Spanish national game. Coupon value is 1,5 euros. The jackpot can grow to tens of millions of euros.
  5. El Gordo de Navidad has a prize pool of 2,5 billion. euros.

El Gordo de Navidad is highly likely to receive minor large payments, which attracts many players from different countries.

Australian lotteries

Australian lotteries have gained popularity relatively recently.

The most demanded are:

  • Oz Lotto - draw is carried out on Tuesdays, the minimum jackpot is 3 million. dollars, and the value of the coupon 3 dollar;
  • Oz Powerball - famous for its large payouts and large prizes in other categories, the ticket price is 1,5 dollar
  • Suturday Lotto;
  • Monday Lotto;
  • Wednesday Lotto.

Russian lotteries

How to participate in the "Stoloto" lottery drawings, to win


Standard ticket costs 150 rub. (has risen in price recently).

On a lottery ticket 2 fields. In one field you can choose 8 numbers from 20, in the second - from 1 to 4. If you select all in the second field 4 numbers, then the ticket price will be already 600 rub., but this will greatly increase the chances of winning.

It is also possible to set a multiplier, ie. if the ticket costs 300 rub., and you put a multiplier 2, then, respectively, your winnings will double. Maximum multiplier 100, ticket with 4 numbers in the second field and the maximum multiplier will cost 60 000 rub.

Minimum lottery win 300 rub, given that, what have you guessed 5 numbers in the first field and 1 in the second.
I have won this particular lottery many times. Here's from the last (screenshot of win).

The slogan

Depending on the lottery, you can also place expanded bets here. Sure, the cost of the ticket increases significantly, but the likelihood of winning the lottery also increases. My colleagues and I throw off and make a high rate. Each of us writes one or more numbers, depending on the lottery and the number of participants. We have won more than three times 100 000 rubles ( +/- by 20 000 for each), sure, this is not a jackpot, but good money! So I advise you to do exactly expanded bets..

Why people choose scammers?

If you monitor the vastness of the Internet, then find information about, that TheLotter is scammers, complicated. Most of the articles and reviews vice versa, encourage people to play with the mediator. Why is it so? Likely, the reason for the good reviews is, that the players received the winnings. Yes, he was so insignificant, that the company is better to give these pennies, than hurt yourself. Thus, users, receiving a prize, rejoice, write reviews about, that this is a cool site and encourage everyone to play with TheLotter. But once they start playing for high stakes, then they will fail. You will not withdraw a large amount of money. And you have to believe it. Above we have given the reviews of those, who already faced this problem. If you play for small amounts, then he can collect his first million in this way.

As they say on many sites, trying to justify scammers, there are three criteria, by which we can conclude, that the resource is not a "scam":

  • Duration of work. If the site cheats on its users, it will not last long on the market. The maximum will work 2-3 of the year. Where does this information come from?, not known. But this very much justifies the intermediary TheLotter, which works with 2002.
  • Provide a copy of the ticket. This indicates, that the service has completed the work of establishing relations with distributors of lottery tickets. But is this a reason to believe in the company's sincere intentions?? I doubt.
  • The ticket price is slightly overpriced (in 2-3 times). Зелоттер зарабатывает на перепродаже билетов и комиссии с выигрыша они не берут. By the way, developers claim, Also, what will pay the way if you win the jackpot, but in practice this was not the case.

How to start playing foreign lotteries using Lotto Agent?

2. Choose a lottery

You need to choose a lottery to participate: you can decide on the draw, based on the jackpot amount, ticket price, difficulty of the game and other criteria. Each lottery on the site is rated from 1 to 10, Where 10 - the most successful choice, which can bring big money.

If you play for the first time, you may need customer support help, where they will recommend you the best offer of the day. Support specialists will offer you one or more lotteries from more, than twenty, among them:


  • MEGA Millions
  • Powerball
  • SuperLotto Plus
  • New York Lotto
  • Pick-6 New Jersey
  • Lotto Texas

Spanish and Italian:

  • El Gordo de la Primitiva
  • The primitive
  • BonoLoto
  • National lottery
  • SuperEnalotto
  • SuperEnalotto Superstar

European (several countries are involved):

  • EuroMillions
  • EuroJackpot

Other European

  • UK Lotto (United Kingdom)
  • France Loto (France)
  • Lotto 6 out 49 (Germany)


  • Mega Sena (Brazil)
  • Powerball Australia (Australia)
  • Lotto 6/49 (Canada)

3. Fill in the ticket

Select the number of fields in the ticket. One field equals one bet, which is enough to win the main prize. Lotto Agent allows you to select the minimum number of fields. However, the more fields you select in one ticket, the less each field will cost - this service has a flexible system of discounts up to 17%.

In each field, you must select numbers to participate in the drawing. Follow the convenient prompts on the site, to fill in the ticket correctly. If you don't feel like wasting time, to mark numbers on the ticket, use the "Auto-select" option - the numbers will be randomly selected for you by the system. You can delete the number combination in the ticket using the button with the basket image.

4. Pay your bet

You can pay for a lottery ticket using a credit card, e-wallet, bank transfer, as well as from a cell phone account. The system itself will offer you the most suitable payment methods for your region.

6. Wait for the results of the draw

The results of the draw can be checked by email (Lotto Agent sends notifications to all participants in the draw, no matter, whether they won or not), in the user's personal account or on the website in the appropriate section.

7. Get your winnings

Lotto Agent specialists will transfer the winnings to your personal account on the site with the possibility of withdrawing to a card, bank account or e-wallet, depending on the amount of the prize. The user receives jackpots and critically large winnings independently with the support of the company.

It's quite easy to start playing international lotteries with Lotto Agent, therefore, this service is far from the last in the list of services for online purchase of lottery tickets from around the world.

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