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Slang language of Mikhail Borisov

Born during the Soviet Union, sure, remember the perky exclamations: ути-ути; back and forth, Drumsticks, woman's age, grandfather… This is the name of the kegs in the once popular game "Lotto". These are specific names, once invented by true fans of the international game.

Avid fans of the game "Russian Lotto" can be identified by the fact, how skillfully and associatively they call the numbers on the barrels in some special slang language. What makes them different from newbies.

Slangy names energize players, enliven the game, give her a special courage and energy.

Jokes and jokes of Mikhail Borisov

Now it is hardly known for certain – where did these names come from. However, they were accepted by the people and are used with pleasure during the game or in a cheerful conversation, when there is a need to call a number in a joking manner.

Even the leading and artistic director of the "Russian Lotto" program Mikhail Borisov is not averse to using the slang name of the barrels during the Sunday TV show.. His funny shouts provoke and entertain the visitors of the program.. Little of?! The famous presenter himself came up with colorful names for many barrels with numbers.

Words and phrases spoken by the leading lottery draw are too abstract, and sometimes a mocking meaning. In their pure form, these words bring a smile. But still their message – this is Mikhail's inner desire to attract more and more players to the lottery. Here are some of them:

Barrel number Name
1 Col., Peter I
2 Deuce again?, Two comrades served
3 Three, 3-e millennium together with "Russian Lotto"
4 All four wheels
5 Excellent
6 Point below, Button at the bottom
7 Kocherezhka
8 Wedding rings
9 Point below, Button at the bottom, Aivazovsky - 9 shaft
10 Bulls-eye, Skull, Fyodor Cherenkov, Red
11 Drumsticks
12 Shakespeare, 12-i'm night, Dozen
13 Baker's dozen, Вахтангов
14 Sochi Olympics
15 Captain at fifteen
16 Around sixteen
17 Where are my seventeen years
18 For the first time
20 Goose on a plate, Swan Lake
21 Point, Black Jack
22 The ducklings
23 Two tributaries, three slaps
25 Again twenty five
30 No mind
33 Curls
36 Normal temperature
38 38 parrots, Petrovka, 38
43 Stalingrad
44 Chairs; Lived in an apartment 44 funny siskin
45 Baba berry again, Victory Day
47 Baba berry completely, Silver (in the periodic table)
48 Pele
50 Half a hundred
51 Great five and goalkeeper
53 Cold summer of 53
55 Gloves (Instead of boots, gloves, pulled on his heels)
56 Thaw
61 Gagarin
63 Valentina Tereshkova
64 Chess board (the number of cells on the chessboard)
66 Felt boots
69 Back and forth
77 Toporiki
79 Gold (in the periodic table)
80 Grandmother, Olympics in Moscow
81 Grandma with a hockey stick
82 Grandma said in two
88 Matryoshki, Ants
89 Grandfather's neighbor
90 Granddad

The origins of the "Russian Lotto"

In our country about the game "Lotto" learned in the XVIII century, when Peter I proclaimed Russia an empire. By that time, already within 200 years all of Europe has been fascinated by this game.

And the word "lotto" itself sounded in the 16th century in Italy. In Russian it sounds, like a "lottery", "Playing the lottery". At first, the upper strata of society became interested in the game, but then she became known to the entire population of the country and even to the common people.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Igor Severyanin, in his poem, put the lotto game on one side of the scale along with foxtrot and cinema, ironically speaking about the hobbies of that time.

"Lotto", really, gathered people of different sex and age. Even academic ranks and social status did not affect the desire to take part in the game with kegs..

When barrels began to be made of wood, the game became known as "Russian Lotto". Because it was in Russia that they came up with the idea of ​​using this material.

But still, Lotto gained the greatest popularity in the country of the Soviets., being the subject of rallying close and distant relatives, acquaintances and strangers, living nearby neighbors. It became even more interesting to play, the goal of winning appeared – sweets, small household items, trifle. "Lotto" deservedly passed into the category of popular board games.

In the early 90s of the last century, at the height of fame, the board game acquired a new status – telegraph – lottery "Russian Lotto". IN 1994 r. her debut took place.

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