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Participation rules

You most likely wanted to know about the documents and rules for participating in lotteries. There are few of them, but, yet, they are.

For, to participate, you need to choose random numbers and pay in any way convenient for you.

However, it's worth remembering, that when buying via SMS - the numbers cannot always be selected. This applies only to some lotteries. They will be highlighted automatically.

Also it could be, if when buying at kiosks or shops, you did not provide your mobile phone number.

As for the documents, then you only need a passport. You will only need documents if you win.

How to buy a ticket

For, to participate in a particular lottery, you can go to the Stoloto website or to the website of the distributor of state lotteries - You can check in lotonews ticket.

Let's consider the second way of buying . Go to this site. In the upper field you can see a complete list of the lotteries held. Click on the arrow below, to open all lotteries.

Here select a particular draw and hover over it. Here click on the link "Ticket from ...". You can check the lotto ticket by circulation.

This way you can purchase a ticket for this lottery.

If you want to buy a ticket for another lottery, then the procedure is the same.

There are also other ways to purchase. It is also worth considering them.. Firstly, you can by SMS. Send SMS to the number 9999. Specify combinations in SMS, which are specific to your chosen lottery.

You can also buy a ticket at retail points. for example, in kiosks or different stores. There is also an opportunity to buy them in the mobile application. These are all the ways to purchase a ticket for draws.

How to check

After, how do you buy a ticket - you need to wait for the drawing. You can then check the Lotto ticket. You can do this on the website It is a well-known distributor of state lotteries. You can also do this on the official website of Stoloto. On the main page at the top, you can find all the draws. Click on the arrow at the bottom of these lotteries, and all draws will open. You will then be redirected to the Russian Lotto website.

Hover over any draw here. for example, let it be "Bingo-75". Click on "Check ticket".

So you can check the ticket of the Stoloto lottery "Bingo-75".

It is worth considering on the example of another lottery. Let it be "Gosloto" 5 out of 36 ". Hover over, and then click on "Check ticket". This is how you can check the lotto ticket in Stoloto.

Thus, you will be able to check the draw and check the draw.

Checking tickets, you can find out, whether you won a prize or not. So you can check the ticket of the last draw. You can check all lotteries, and also check the housing lottery ticket. These are all ways to check your winnings in Stoloto.

How to get your winnings

If so, that the ticket was winning, you can get your winnings by ticket number, and in other different ways. The ways of obtaining directly depend on, what prize did you get: amount or cottage. The last option is relevant for the "Housing Lottery". If the prize is small, then you can display it directly in your personal account on the Stoloto website. The rest you can pick up at the central office of Stoloto in Moscow. Remember, what prizes can represent as monetary value, so be aimed directly at solving the housing issue. This is done by the Housing Lottery. It is worth taking a closer look at the ways to get a win.

If you bought a ticket online or by SMS, then click on "Transfer winnings" in your account. Funds will be transferred. This applies to winnings up to one hundred thousand rubles. You can also arrange at a retail outlet. Addressing Stoloto Centers, you need a passport.

If your lottery win is more than 100 000 p., then, basically, you can get the win in approximately the same ways. However, now you will not be able to display it in your office., Unfortunately. You can pick it up at the kiosk, store, or other retail outlet. You can also withdraw funds to your personal account and contact the lottery center.

If the prize is more than a million rubles - contact the number +7 499 27-027-27.

If you bought a ticket at a retail outlet, specifying the phone number - the methods of receipt will be the same. If not specified, you will receive a win in Russian Lotto at the Russian Post and other special institutions. If the amount exceeds a million, an additional procedure for ticket examination will be required.

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