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How do I play free competition games?

In order to play and win at, you will first need to register as a player. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have access to our 7 free competition games that you can play daily.

To play the games, start with Game 1: Win Cash, and choose 6 numbers in the play block in order to enter for the $1000 cash prize. Once you’re satisfied with your choice, click ‘Submit’. You’ll then be able to move onto the rest of the free competition games and play each in the same way – with not one, but TWO free entries into our daily $5 000 000 Grand Prize Draw! Remember that in order to take part, you need to play ALL smaller competition games first – then check back the next day to claim your prize if you’re a winner!

Why I am unable to play at

In order to play at, you must first have registered an account with us. If you have done so, and are still unable to play, you may have inadvertently made yourself ineligible for one of the following reasons:

  • You may have requested that your ISP (internet service provider) block all emails from, which has in turn unsubscribed you from our email list;
  • You may have clicked on the link stating: “If you’d prefer not to receive e-mails please click below to unsubscribe:”, which would have also unsubscribed you from our email list;
  • You may have asked the customer service team to unsubscribe you from our email list;
  • Or you may have clicked on the “Confirm Unsubscribe” button within your player profile, unsubscribing you from receiving any emails.
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