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Bag and kegs

The bag is sewn from dense opaque fabric - this guarantees, that no one can see the numbers, applied to the kegs lying in it. The size of the bag allows you to freely mix a set of 90 barrels.

Permanent host of the lottery "Russian Lotto" Mikhail Borisov and the same bag

Kegs are made of solid beech, identical in size and weight and carefully ground. Numbers, applied to the ends of the kegs, impossible to determine by touch. In numbers 6, 9, 68, 89 there are points. This helps to correctly identify the number regardless of, how the keg is turned.

Before the draw, all kegs are displayed in strict order from 1 to 90 on a transparent plexiglass barrel. A drawing commission from among the audience of the studio with a full hall checks the presence of all barrels. The presenters use a mechanical device to send the kegs into a bag along a transparent chute.

Plexiglass barrel, where the kegs are lined up before the draw

The bag is tied and mixed thoroughly by weight, and then put it on the table and loosen the lace so, so that the leader's hand passes, but there were no kegs in sight. The host takes them out one at a time, naming the numbers on them. The draw lasts 10-15 minutes. After its completion, the bag with kegs is stored in conditions, excluding unauthorized access to it.

Selected passages from an interview with Mikhail Borisov (host of the lottery "Russian Lotto")

Why are you stirring the kegs in the bag, not your co-hosts?

- They couldn't do it physically, even if they wanted. Just imagine: all the barrels - and this 90 pieces - made from natural beech. A bag with a full set of kegs weighs over 10 kg.

about the bag and its safety

- The bag must be constantly in sight, no one should touch it, except me. If we invite a guest, then i follow that, how he gets the kegs.

- And between filming, the bag and barrels are kept in a special safe, I don't take them home. The safe is sealed, the keys to it are in a separate safe. Everything is strict.

Some viewers believe, that over the years of work, with your eyes closed and by touch, you can identify the kegs in the bag and pull out the desired.

- Our people have such a mentality, they used to question everything. I heard a different version: allegedly we are filming a chemistry textbook from a school course: mix certain substances, we seal them in a sealed capsule, put this vessel with a nuclear mixture in barrels. Generally, the needle is in the egg, egg - in a chest. Later, when i shake the bag, capsules explode. The chemical reaction is accompanied by a sharp release of heat. Well, these warm barrels I seem to pull out.

I AM, sure, creative person, but I also know the laws of physics, and according to them, any heated body gives off its heat to surrounding objects with a lower temperature. Now imagine: 90 kegs in a captive sack, throw hot potatoes in there and stir - everything will become warm there. In addition, you will hardly find the potatoes themselves later., we have "blind" mixing, I don’t look into the bag and don’t feel the kegs. On that, to pull out the next number, it takes no more than a couple of seconds.

All barrels are sealed, the number above is completely covered with varnish, the surface is absolutely smooth, therefore, the numbers cannot be recognized by touch either.

Costumes of Mikhail Borisov

So that the participants of the Russian Lotto lottery do not have suspicions, that the kegs are coming out of the sleeve, for the presenter, shirts with elongated - 7 centimeters - and tapered cuffs. Cuff fits snugly around the arm, accidental hit of the barrel in the sleeve is impossible.

Mikhail Borislav in a special suit for shooting

Second day

The next day, no excitement was observed.. At all, Avilon Plaza business center itself, where both the Stoloto office itself and their lottery center are located, is not in the center, away from the metro, and there is no large passing traffic there

therefore, on the one hand, this center performs some kind of image function, and (more importantly!) ensures now the openness of the drawing

But there are few buyers

Places for pending draws or the next draw of fast lotteries

On the big screen (which is next to the box office) advertising about billions is broadcast, and on this TV in a circle they show photos of those who won, indicating their amount or prize. The biggest wins are not there, because the photos of people themselves, who won very big money, also no

Greetings from the Deputy Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation. IN. Novikova

Lototrons. Gosloto "4 out of 20" is not visible from here, he is in the same room behind the glass, but behind the pillar

Here he is

5 of 36 a plus 1, the next draw has just passed.

Let's sum up

The rejection of RNG and the transition to drawing on lottery machines is definitely a positive fact., which is welcome. Selected format, when anyone can watch the draws live, and using online broadcast, also a good sign.

true, previous history (when the statistics of draws using RNG caused big questions) most of the players will never forget the organizers. Therefore, trust will have to be restored for a very long time., and not a fact, that it will return. Honesty is too important in this business, openness and trust.

There is another negative point.. Despite the positive decision with the lottery drum, the organizers do not seem to be planning to change their approach in terms of the frequency of draws. AND, hardly, will reduce the cost of the bet. Meanwhile, both factors directly affect the mass of the lottery. While the draws happen so often, no amount of trust can bring back the majority, only a few will play.

This is what distinguishes our national operator from all the others., no one else in the world draws the main lotteries so often. That is why the Stoloto lottery center, as they themselves declare, is unique - nowhere in the world there is simply no need to create such a format.

The uniqueness of Stoloto does not lead to decent financial performance, in comparison with most European operators, Russia is far behind. May be, the time will come, when and the frequency of draws will change, and prices will be revised. Just because, that such a step will dictate financial expediency. Similar, as has already happened with lottery drums.


Lototrons, on which draws of the main number lotteries are now held by the well-known company Smartplay International (USA), operating in this market for more than 20 years old. Its equipment is used more than 400 lottery, gaming and advertising companies in 85 countries of the world. Self-charging lottery drums were developed especially for Stoloto.

In the automatic model, all functions are controlled by a microprocessor, which allows you to easily customize all the draw parameters. Adjustable parameters include mixing time duration, the number of balls selected and the time interval between each selection.

Draws are held in a room with transparent glass walls, which has five lottery drums and six surveillance cameras (one camera above each lottery drum and one general view camera). Each lottery drum is equipped with an autonomous Solution security system, which excludes the possibility of external interference in the process of the drawing and ensures the randomness of the balls in real time.

Sleep in total lottery drums, 2 of them (with two spheres) intended for lotteries with a double number formula - "Gosloto" 4 out of 20 "and" Gosloto "5 out of 36" plus 1. One of the lottery drums is used to draw two lotteries at once "Sportloto 6 of 49 ", "6 out of 36". And the remaining two choose numbers for lotteries - Gosloto "6 out of 45", Gosloto "7 out of 49"

All lottery drums recharge automatically live. Also, at any time you can see, what is happening with the lottery drums now, the site has an online broadcast

Online broadcast screen. At the nearest lottery drum, the balls are sucked back into place

Center opening

It is hard to say, what kind of return did the organizers expect to receive, inviting everyone. One side, one can assume, what they thought to see 20-30 guests. For the "main lottery of the country" in which participates 1-3% population it would be quite possible. On the other hand, many wanted to see if the lotteries would actually start using lottery machines.

Can't say, that too many people came, but even for such a result, the organizers were not ready. The first spectators began to pull up in advance, an hour before opening

clear, that no one was allowed inside ahead of time. On the TV scoreboard it was broadcast, what was inside, true, nothing interesting happened there. Closer to 17 o'clock, there were more people, accumulated on the street 50-70 person. But even after the promised date, the doors did not open.. Meanwhile, the action inside has begun

Host of the evening Dmitry Nagiyev. Photo from Stoloto official group

Event, at least at the very beginning it turned out to be exclusively for their. There were invited guests inside, video bloggers and all those, whom the organizers saw fit to invite to the beginning. Other, (ordinary spectators), crowded in the street.

Photo from Stoloto official group

An interesting point - there were many young people and even schoolchildren among those waiting. You might get the impression, that these are the main participants in the Stoloto lotteries. The question arises, why such young people are never lottery winners? Give winning tickets to older relatives? Perhaps young people just came to participate in another get-together, look at Nagiyev, on trendy video bloggers ...

After a while, let in a few waiting, of those who stood near the door. Everyone else stayed outside, enjoying the lack of rain and evening coolness. maybe, a full-fledged broadcast was planned for guests on the street, so to speak the format of a summer cinema. But, there was no sound, picture only. Another, and very serious, "Chair" cover.

maybe, that much later than the previously indicated period, people were nevertheless allowed inside. But, they were kept on the street before, without explaining how long everything will last and when they can enter. The very process of the first drawing was never seen by many

Celebration, to which everyone was invited turned out to be frankly bad. Only a few were lucky - those who were allowed in separately. But the photo report turned out wonderful, in the best traditions - beautiful glossy pictures, hiding the ugly organization of the event

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