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Kazakhstani won a large sum in the Spanish lottery - how he did it - forbes Kazakhstan

О Satty Zhuldyz

Zhuldyz is a legal game, the winner is randomly determined by the number on
ticket. JSC "Satti Zhuldyz" provides a safe, honest and social
responsible organization of games. Buy a lottery ticket in one click on the website Satti Zhuldyz - the official entertainment organizer, having
necessary certificates and permissions to conduct draws.


tickets give the right to participate in the weekly raffle, but do not guarantee
gain. Perceive victory, as a matter of chance, and defeat is like payment for
fun. Satti Zhuldyz lottery is available for adult players. Drawing
provides for fair play with random selection. Ticket numbers participate in
weekly prize drawing. For comfort, you can watch the draw
via on-line broadcast.

buy a lottery ticket?

a ticket for participation can be obtained from the organizing company or on our website. Please select
convenient payment method - cash or non-cash. In your personal account, link
card and pay for the lottery ticket. Satty Zhuldyz - lottery, as one of
entertainment, but not a way to make money. Buy a ticket from a partner or
any payment terminal in the "Entertainment" section. Chance to win at Satty
Everyone has Zhuldyz, who bought the lottery ticket.

Satty Zhuldyz Lottery

Zhuldyz - fair lottery, rules are available in all open sources.
The lottery is presented on the website Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
The purchase is also available at payment terminals throughout the city.. Draw lotteries
displayed on the company's website. The rally cannot be replayed and the results
unchanged. Satty Zhuldyz is
Unified operator of lottery games of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Lottery is
entertainment and a way to have an interesting pastime.

lottery presents the TELEBINGO drawing from Satti Zhuldyz. Game results
are published on the company's website and are not subject to correction. Reward
winners before 100 000 tenge is made instantly at payment points. ABOUT
receiving amounts over 100 000 call center staff will advise.
Winnings are divided into cash, clothes and super prize - car!

Satti Zhuldyz

and is broadcast every day, in 21-00, - every Wednesday, in 18-50, and each
saturday, in 20-00. Changes are displayed on the Satty Zhuldyz website.

good luck with Kassa24!

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