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The lotter - player reviews and comparison with agent lotto - which is better?

Should you play Australian Lotto??

Almost all Australian lotteries are organized by The Tatts. Thanks to the efforts of the organizer, the Australian Draws gained great popularity and reached the level of the famous European and American draws.

For Russians, Australian lotteries are a great opportunity to try their luck.

Consider the Merits of Australian Draws.

#1. Big jackpots.

Major Australian Lotteries Top Prizes Start From 1 million Australian dollars, which in US currency is about 700 thousand. Australia's largest jackpot was raffled at 2012 year at the Oz Lotto draw. Winner won A $ 112 million.

#2. Frequent draws.

Australian Draws are held 5 days a week :

  • Mon & Wed Lotto - Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Oz Lotto - on Tuesdays
  • PowerBall Australia - Thursdays
  • Saturday Lotto - on Saturdays

#3. High probability of winning.

The odds of hitting the jackpot at PowerBall Australia are 1 to 76 million, в Oz Lotto — 1 to 45 million, в My & Wed Lotto и Saturday Lotto — 1 to 8 million. These are good indicators.. For instance, in the American version of PowerBall the probability of winning is 1 to 300 million.

#4. Tax free.

Winners of the Australian Draws are tax-free. For comparison, in many lotteries in other countries, winnings are taxed from 20 to 45 %.

#5. Participation is available to anyone.

Everyone can try their luck in the Australian lotto. Unfortunately, Russians cannot buy tickets on official foreign websites, so they turn to lottery dealer services.

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