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The rich and famous

To become a guest of the studio, an additional combination of Rich and Famous.

Registration takes place before 20:00 saturday. Now just live will be determined, which of the players will come to the studio for the next game, which number will appear on the wheel that will become a participant.

The studio winner is determined, with the booth Rich and Famous, depending on how the coin is dropped, the payoff can be 50 000 UAH, and in a super game the amount varies from 100 000 UAH to 500 000 UAH.

Winner's neighbors, who sit on the right and left side, win by 5 000 – 10 000 UAH. Other guests, whose places are located on the winner's row – get by 2 000 UAH.

A couple of rules

The participant of the competition will be a player, who, at the request of Lotto-Zabava, ordered an additional game combination Pair, which is printed on the ticket.

The player chooses, take part in a competition. If the player has expressed a desire to become a participant in the additional draw A pair, orders a ticket with a couple. Each Couple – these are two game combinations at once, and therefore two chances to win 300 000 UAH. Cost of one Pair 5 UAH .

Lotto-Zabava programs on the channel 1+1. The drawing of the competition A couple takes place using a separate drum. From the lottery drum falls 9 balls with numbers from 1 to 75. Depending on the coincidence of the numbers in the pyramid with the dropped numbers, get eligible for various prizes!

Winning combinations:

  1. Vertex – if in the ticket the number at the top of the additional game combination Pair coincided with one of the numbers, dropped from the lottery drum, get 5 hryvnia.
  2. Line – if the numbers in the pyramid coincide with the winning ones and form any line of three digits, your winnings are 100 hryvnia.
  3. Angle – if the numbers in the game combination coincided with the winning ones and formed any corner in the pyramid with 5 numbers, you're playing 7500 hryvnia.
  4. Pyramid – if absolutely all the numbers in the game combination coincide with all the winning numbers, fallen out of the lottery drum, get the main prize of the competition – sweet 300000 hryvnia.

Payout of winnings

The results of the drawing draw up the Official Winnings Table of the Lotto-Zabava lottery, which is stored electronically.

The Official Table lists the unique 24-digit individual numbers of the winning lottery tickets.

Winnings up to 3726 UAH. inclusively paid by distributors at specialized points of sale of MSL lotteries or transferred to the sub-account of the personal account automatically within 24 hours after the drawing of the draw.

Win over 3726 UAH to 29 999,99 UAH. paid in the regional offices of MSL in cash at the cash desks or transferred to the sub-account of the cabinet.

Winnings in size 30 000 UAH. also paid in regional offices of MSL in cash at the box office or, at the player's request, in non-cash form.

Payout period of winnings:

  • to 10 000 UAH. up to 30 days from the moment the player presents the ticket;
  • to 29 999 UAH. up to 12 months from the date the player presents the ticket;
  • to 1 000 000 UAH. up to 24 months from the date the player presents the ticket;
  • to 3 000 000 UAH. up to 36 months from the date the player presents the ticket;
  • from 3 000 000 UAH. is 60 months from the date the player presents the ticket.

You must contact the portal's service center to issue the original ticket.

Learn more about the procedure for paying out winnings from the Terms of conducting state money lotteries.

View the list with the addresses of distributors of the operator of state lotteries M.S.L LLC. can be here

Lotto Entertainment Lottery MSL

For millions of Ukrainians with the operator of state lotteries M.S.L. connected happy moments of life, full of passion, excitement and triumph.

Make the player happy with the game – one of the main tasks of the operator of state lotteries, because a good player – satisfied player. Playing the lottery M.S.L. ordinary people fulfill their dreams and desires.

Lotto Zabava lottery has been very popular in Ukraine since its foundation. MSL provides participants with the opportunity to receive a cash award – millions of hryvnias. The program is broadcast live on the channel 1+1 on Sundays at 09:00 in the morning. Play for your pleasure, check tickets according to official data and win!

MSL lotteries

  1. National lottery Sportliga from M.S.L company. – long-term leader of the Ukrainian betting market in the field of sports betting. Today it – football betting, basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, boxing, handball, futsal. Representative offices and points of acceptance of Sports League bets are in all regions of Ukraine – from large cities to small villages. By registering on the official website, non-stop, online sports betting.
  2. MSL instant lotteries are united under the brand ”SHVYDKOGRAY ”. The appeal of instant lotteries lies in the words: win here and now! – Easy to play, and you will know about your luck instantly.
  3. State lottery ”Megalot ” (Ukraine) based on the Sportloto game and hosted by MSL. The most common game due to the ratio”probability to the size of the win ”.
  4. Sports forecast – the only state lottery in Ukraine toto, in which the jackpot is played. Reaches many hundreds of thousands of hryvnia! Break the jackpot, if you guess the results of the meetings 12 pairs of teams, most often football, which are included in the circulation program. Winnings are also paid for 11 and 10 guessed results.
  5. TOP TYPE – new lotteries Lotto Fun. Now you can play every day throughout Ukraine! This game is for beginners and connoisseurs of gaming.
  6. State lottery Race for money – this is a unique lottery, which differs significantly from traditional, – modern, dynamic, exciting! Based on new modern technologies, who have rapidly burst into our lives lately. You can play the Race for money in the branded lottery stores MSL LOTO market, equipped with modern computer and television equipment.
  7. Lottery WHO'S THERE – gain in size 1 million hryvnia who is waiting for the lucky one. There are also winnings for 100 000 hryvnia, 10 thousand hryvnia, 100 UAH. By placing a bet in 10 hryvnia, get a good chance to get a hundred thousand times more and become the owner of your own home. You can buy a ticket for the HTO TAM lottery at the MSL lottery sales point.

Check by barcode

For users of gadgets based on Android, a special MSL application became available the first official mobile application. With which we check the winning ticket or not.

Now there is no need to cross out numbers on the ticket. It is enough to add a ticket to the application base, by scanning the barcode with a smartphone. And select the Check ticket button in the application menu.

Application functions:

  • checking ticket Lotto Fun on the barcode;
  • storing a database of Lotto Zabava tickets;
  • editing the number and circulation of the scanned ticket.

An internet connection is required when checking your winnings. For more information, visit the MSL website (

Rules of the game

One lottery coupon contains a playing field, divided into 2 equal tables. Cells contain numbers from 1 to 90, randomly spaced.

Each draw consists of 3 stages. The key task of the player is to close the cells on the playing field in the least number of moves. According to the lottery rules, player, crossed out all numbers on the fifteenth move, becomes the owner of the coveted prize.

The conditions of the game have changed recently.. Some draws include an extra round, which is called "Kubyshka". The organizer does not inform about the dates of the "consolation" round in advance. If the drawing includes the fourth stage, this fact is necessarily mentioned on the front of the tickets.

Stage rules are extremely simple: you need to collect the "unlucky" numbers on one half of the playing field. The owner of winning combinations receives an award of several thousand rubles.

Another innovation is the special Golden Horseshoe format. In a special edition series instead of standard 85 turns the action lasts until 87 a keg taken out of the bag. Thus, the number of remaining numbers is reduced to three.

Big game

At the beginning of the main Big Game, the host launches the lottery drum, through which balls fall in a random sequence, numbered from 1 to 75.

As soon as the number of the dropped ball is announced, participants are required to cross out the number on the lottery ticket. Moreover, the number of the first dropped ball indicates, will there be a million. If the number of the first ball is a pair, 1 a million guaranteed to go to some of the participants, even in cases of three crossed out lines with two preferential horseshoes.

When the dropped ball is with an unpaired number – a millionaire will appear in that case, if three lines are crossed out in one playing field with one preferential horseshoe.

the player checks the numbers, which fell, with topics, which he sees on the ticket. If at least one line in the lottery ticket contains drawn numbers, then it is considered winning.

Winning combination – this is a combination, which will form from 5 numbers in one horizontal. The payoff itself is determined as follows:

  • three crossed out contours without horseshoes in one field – jackpot;
  • five or more crossed out contours in different playing fields – jackpot;
  • three crossed out contours with one horseshoe – 1 000 000 hryvnia;
  • three crossed out contours with two horseshoes – the prize is determined by the results of the draw;
  • two crossed out contours in one / two fields or one crossed out contour in one / two fields – based on the circulation;
  • one crossed out horizontal line in two / three fields – based on the circulation;
  • one horizontal strikethrough – minimum win (not less 12.43 UAH).
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