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Viking lotto – Viking lotto

The next trans-European lottery, which we will talk about will be the Viking loto (Viking lotto). This lottery is not very well known in Russia.. Viking lottery is run by Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. This is the first interstate European lottery, it is carried out with 1993 of the year. Draw is drawn on Wednesdays, one bet is worth 0,7 euros. Viking lotto differs from the rest of the European lotteries listed above in that, what is the winning amount (except for the first prize - which is at least one million euros), other prize amounts vary from country to country. The game takes place according to the scheme 6 of 48 plus two additional numbers, increasing the gain. Below are links to national lottery sites, included in the Viking Lotto:

• Danish games (Denmark)• Eesti Loto (Estonia, there is a Russian version of the site)• Icelandic Getspá / Getraunir (Iceland)• Veikkaus (Finland)• Norwegian gambling (Norway)• Swedish games (Sweden)• Latvian Lotto (Latvia, there is a Russian version of the site)• Pearls (Lithuania)

Moving on to the description of the national European lotteries:

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