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The history of the appearance of slots

The first Liberty Bell slot machine was invented by the German émigré Charles Fey in 1887 year. The slot machine was equipped with three reels with 20 symbols in the form of card suits, horseshoes, bells and stars. IN 1907 year the developer began cooperation with the Mills Novelty Company, releasing the Mills Liberty Bell. The design and construction of the slots was changed in the 1930s. The manufacturers spared them the bell, informing about the loss of winning combinations, used bright colors in the design and tried, so that the design of each game is varied. Double jackpot appeared in some models. Lion Head slots were popular, Roman Head, War Eagle и Castle Front.
In the 50s of the twentieth century, the first electromechanical slot appeared - Big Bertha. It was equipped with a five horsepower engine and had eight drums., which depicted on 20 characters. The theoretical return rate was 80%.
IN 1963 Bally Technologies' Money Honey has become fully electronic, and in the 1980s Sircoma launched the first computer-equipped video poker, which functioned on the basis of a random number generator.


We pay Golds in order or position of winning results drawings against the previously-selected 4 numbered balls. Slots drawn results are compared against the previous selected 4 balls. Payments are made from Right to Left of the slots results when compared against the pre-selected ball selection.

JACKPOT: It happens when a random drawing results in the 4 slots showing the word L-O-T-O in that order, (R-to-L) registered player wins a one month of Florida Lottery tickets and Loto.Club membership for one month. Additional 10,000 Golds are added to the winner account. Jackpot value equals 100,000 Golds.NOTE: Every week at 12 midnight all accounts balances are brought to zero value, players must start again to gather and collect their Golds.

SELECTIONS: Slots Results and rotation order are read and paid Right to Left.


We regret to inform you that no refunds will be given for Golds orders that fall under the below categories.

1. In the event that the Golds you’ve received is unsatisfactory in any way you perceive, we will require photo proof of the screen-sample and your D.O (Delivery Order).

2. In the event that you receive an expired Golds credit, we will require clear screen photo proof of the transaction and its expiry date for close inspection and review before a decision is made to re-send a sample to you at no cost, subject to availability.

3. In the event that you’ve received the wrong Golds amount, we will require screen photo proof of the wrongly sent Golds amount and D.O (Delivery Order) and after reviewing, we’ll re-send the correct Golds credits to you at no cost, subject to availability.


Golds Credit uses some of the latest graphics designs which may not be supported in lower version of browsers; it is recommended that you use the following browsers to access Sample Store:

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10 onwards. Download the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer at:

2. Mozilla Firefox Version 10 onwards. Download the latest Mozilla Firefox at:

3. Google Chrome Version 12 onwards. Download the latest Google Chrome at:

In addition, please ensure that your Javascript and Cookie is enabled on your browser.

Does LotoRU have a license?

On the main page of the official website of the LotoRU casino there are GC banners (Gaming Curacao) и GDPR. They are not clickable, that is, they are not confirmation of a valid license. That is, the administration of the institution deceives its visitors at the very beginning.. Online casino has no certification, it works illegally.

The address of the regulator from Curacao is also indicated., but it is also invalid. The information presented on the home page of the site is false. In Russia, the casino does not have a valid license to conduct commercial activities (the resolution was leveled back in 2007 year, new was not received).

Vilardo LTD is listed as a software supplier.. In the user agreement, the internet casino offers all claims, available to players, send to them. But it is not clear, under what legal conditions does LotoRU cooperate with Vilardo, because the software provider is not responsible for the site's performance, where their games are published.

A certain Morendum company is indicated as a legal entity in the agreement, registered in Cyprus (in the register number HE366554), where is the casino and obey the laws (many of them do not meet those standards, which are accepted in the EU). Naturally, more detailed information about the institution is impossible to get (since registration in an offshore zone).

The site also has a section "Return Policy". It contains information, that claims are accepted only in writing and only within 7 days from the date of the claim. Here are just a letter from the Russian Federation to Cyprus takes an order of magnitude longer. And the casino reserves the right to demand any documents, confirming the fact of loss of money. Moreover, the user must provide them within 5 days. That is, this information can be taken as a complete disclaimer of financial responsibility.. File a claim, not staying in Cyprus, virtually impossible.

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