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How to recognize scammers

Online lotto 2020 through an intermediary - impossible, and this despite the fact, what is the Powerball lottery, MegaMillions don't prohibit it. For example, in the FAQ section, you will come across such a question:

I.e, you can play

But pay attention, that MegaMillions does not sell its tickets through intermediaries and that buying a ticket through an agent is your own risk. . Sure, intermediaries have their own answers

They immediately indicate, that they have representatives in all countries of the world. Want to play France Lotto? Easy, they have their people there. Lotto USA? That's not a question, every state has its own people. But we all understand, it's impossible.

Sure, intermediaries have their own answers. They immediately indicate, that they have representatives in all countries of the world. Want to play France Lotto? Easy, they have their people there. Lotto USA? That's not a question, every state has its own people. But we all understand, it's impossible.

If you go to the Powerball website, then they also write there, that everyone can play loto.

Mediators, who advertise this way on Lottering – scammers. After all, everyone understands, what is the law, the game ticket must not leave that country, where is the draw. Therefore lotto tickets online, gamblers buy through dubious intermediaries. According to them, they buy game coupons on behalf of the player and send him a scanned copy. But, as practice shows, no tickets are bought.

Let's move on to, how to understand, that you stumbled upon a divorce. Although it's obvious, what lotto sites, online intermediary, don't play fair.

Tax. Visiting official lotto sites online, you will read there, that no commission and fees are charged from the player before the game. Maximum. what can they take, this is the percentage in case of winning the jackpot. Fraudsters immediately ask to pay a commission, it is not clear for what services.

Strange letters. Often letters come to e-mail, where do they write, that you are the winner of the internet lotto. This does not need to be carried out in any case. Remember, what, without buying a ticket, winning the lottery in the USA or Europe is unrealistic. According to statistics “Kaspersky Labs”, the share of fake notifications about winning in spam is up to 3%, and this is thousands of letters a month.

personal information. By registering your personal lotto account on the intermediary's website, you will be asked to leave a lot of information, which cannot be distributed to third parties. For instance, your bank card details

It is important to understand, what and to whom do you leave. Scammers don't just, they will withdraw money from your account, hiding behind, that you subscribed to the newsletter or bought tickets for the VIP game on your behalf

Certainly. nothing like this happens, the money just goes into the fraudster's pocket.
How to win the lotto. Scammers may suggest to buy, for a small fee, video, where will they tell you, how can you get rich. Various schemes and methods. For some reason people fall for it. Logically, that having some knowledge, allowing you to win online lotto, no one will ever share them. And this is reality.
Urgency. Scammers can call. Their main task is to lure information, and most importantly quickly. Often retirees are led by the tricks of telephone scammers.
Unreal prize. When you receive a message in your mail or phone that, that the lotto results have determined you the winner, don't be happy right away. Remember, that free cheese only in mousetraps, if you haven’t bought a ticket and filled it out you don’t just cannot win, you don't even participate in the drawing. But somehow many people believe in luck.

SmartGuide notes, that scammers may not only act as intermediaries. There are cases, when mirror sites are created, the essence of which – breed people, hiding behind the name of the lottery. Check the lotto before starting the game. Read the forums explore the site.

What else does Multilotto offer

Like other sites – resellers on Multilotto can buy lotto tickets and play with syndicates. It means, that players are grouped, which allows you to save money and increase the chances of winning. According to the organizer, statistically most jackpots are won by syndicates. Of the minuses of such a game: the winnings will have to be divided among all.

The site offers a range of incentives and bonuses to its players. I am especially pleased with the incentives for replenishing the electronic account. Besides, there is a "Shop for Billionaires", which is the "ultimate goal" of the winner. Sure, here the prize is amazing - yachts, helicopters, jewelry. Pure dream, to which you can strive, the main thing is not to waste all your money.

In case of winning, its amount is credited to the lotto cabinet to your personal account, from which you can withdraw the winnings to your bank card. Every player, to whom the prize is due, receives a corresponding notification to his email. mail, and in case of a big win, Multilotto employees will inform the winner of this by phone or SMS.

If the prize is small, then it is immediately credited to the player's account, but if the payoff is huge (which is unlikely), it will take a few days to be credited.

How an intermediary works:

In fact, intermediaries work the same. Here the scheme is as follows:

  • the player registers on the agent's website;
  • chooses a ticket the lotto he likes;
  • learns the rules of the game and fills in the ticket;
  • intermediary agents buy a ticket in the country of the draw;
  • scanned copy of the ticket is sent to the player's mail;
  • in case of winning, money is credited to the player's account

Recall, that this platform offers several ways to play:

  • to buy a ticket;
  • place a bet on the outcome of the game.

Tickets, on this resource, are slightly more expensive, than on official lottery sites. This is due to the fact, what intermediaries earn on the margin. But that's if you believe that, what they're saying. But as practice shows, scammers also earn on the prizes of their players.

Redfoxlotto: honest review

Gambling people not only, what their state offers them and they are looking for new places, where you can enrich yourself with minimal effort. And this is due to the fact, that foreign lotteries offer many times more winnings than usual, state lotto. Yes, this is the main reason for such a desire to play MegaMillions or PowerBoll. But there is one small "but", you can't buy a ticket to the game yourself, will have to use the services of intermediaries, such as Redfoxlotto. But first, let's figure it out, how to play a foreign lottery.


  • First you need to find an intermediary. So that there will be no problems in the future, check right away: intermediary license, year of foundation, reviews, ticket scans.
  • Choosing a lottery. There are no special remarks here. Most often, players are chasing American and European national lotteries, where the main prize can be several tens of millions of dollars / euros. The intermediary offers a price, minimum $2. This price includes the services of the agent himself. If the intermediary is honest, then no more taxes will be taken from the player.
  • You can pay for the purchase of a ticket using standard services: Visa / Mastercard, Yandex, webmoney to Sberbank and mobile payments.
  • The agent will purchase a ticket on your behalf and provide you with a scanned copy, by sending it to your personal account.

Seemingly, everything is so simple, why not try to play. Even on the official website of the organization they write, that RedFoxLotto is a UK independent website, selling lottery tickets online. It is not affiliated with or controlled by National Lottery MUSL Camelot Plc or any other product supplier., available on this page. Just buy and play. But not everything is as colorful as we would like.

Disadvantages of working with intermediaries:

  1. Some intermediary organizations require a prepayment from the player. If you are faced with such requirements, it's better to give up the game right away, otherwise, you will simply be thrown for money;
  2. Overcharge. You will have to overpay for the ticket, under the pretext of, that you will pay for the agent's services;
  3. Some intermediaries cheat players, selling them invalid tickets, for which it is unrealistic to win anything.

In addition to these shortcomings, there is the most important one - intermediaries are scammers, even reviews here help forever, because organizations themselves can write them, showing all the beauty of working with them.

SMARTGUIDE notes, if you have a desire to play the American lottery, find a more reliable intermediary, having learned everything about him, down to license and address.

Multilotto website review

Multilotto is an intermediary site, where you can buy lotto online from the largest lotteries in the world. Sure, if you need more 18 years old. All you need to do is register on the site. This resource was registered in 2010 year. Every year the organizers add new lotteries, to satisfy your visitors. Site translated to 16 languages, Russian available, true slightly crooked translation. Besides, recently added a section - online casino and millionaire store. But that's not all, what the resource can boast of. The developers have created a mobile application, so that everyone can play lotto online in any convenient place.

Talking about the site, then here, everything is standard: bright and colorful resource with a lot of advertising banners. This format will scare many, because such an advertisement immediately shows that, that the resource is not serious. Besides, site pages - "sheets", where too much fits. For example, on the first fit:

  • huge banner with changing advertising slides of various lotto;
  • top menu and bottom menu;
  • clickable blocks in two lines;
  • game rules at the bottom of the page;
  • banners, reporting that, that every ticket ordered buys a tree seed for developing countries;
  • strange, white space in the middle of the page and more.

Generally, if you have enough nerves, then you will read the information on the first page of Multilotto.

Playing lotto online on this platform is, what the player can place a bet on the result of the game, or buy a ticket. The first option is quite suspicious, since no lottery in the world works according to this scheme. And betting on the result is not a game, but most likely just a bet on luck. But buying a ticket, more like the truth, but again, the essence of the mediator is, that he buys a ticket on behalf of the player, in the country of the drawing and provides a scanned copy. It is uploaded to the site in the player's personal account. But before that, how to start a game with an intermediary remember that, that without a ticket in hand, you will not be able to participate in the drawing.

Initially, the resource offered lotto tickets online for:


Full cost


€ 7.50

€ 30.00

€ 12.50

€ 17.50

€ 25.00

Lotto 6/49

€ 5.00

Finland Lotto

€ 5.00

El Gordo Primitiva

€ 12.50


€ 10.00

Bitcoin jackpot

€ 15.00

California SuperLotto

€ 10.00

New York Lotto

€ 7.50

Irish Lotto

€ 10.00

€ 12.50

Norway Lotto

€ 2.50

Mega Sena

€ 7.50

Poland Lotto

€ 5.00

Gold Lottery

€ 7.50


€ 5.00

But that's not all, what the Multilotto site can boast about. Here you can not only buy a lotto ticket, but also play express games, scratch cards. Game principle, such, like in the instant lottery: you need to find a winning combination in the playing field, which is under the protective layer. It can be fruits or numbers..

Another feature from the site - online casino, where there is 76 slot machines for every taste. You can play "three in a row", at "21" or your favorite poker. To show yourself as a caring developer, the site offers to play for virtual money, without any risk. But we all understand, what, playing for virtual money Multilotto you will win, and as soon as you put your hard-earned funds, you will start to lose. Classic.

SMARTGUIDE notes, that you do not need to be led to sweet "enticements" of such platforms. Thus, you are bred like children and money is pulled.

Look further. The Multilotto website has many, sort of, useful information: how to play the selected lotto, how to increase your chances of winning, confidentiality terms, how to register and more. By the way, the developers themselves write about, that they are not responsible for information about third companies, which is provided on their website. This is somehow strange in reality, because somehow the information appeared on the platform. Take this seriously..

Withdrawing money - in a convenient way and there are more of them here 10. And if you have any questions, then you can contact technical support, however, the maximum you can do is write a letter and wait for an answer, suddenly lucky.

How to play Rapido online?

It's easy to play + lotto online: the classic game scheme is used here. Other lottery name - "8 out of 20", and all because here you need to win 8 numbers from 20. There is also a second field, where figures from 1 to 4. Here you need to select everything 1 winning number. Draws are held every 15 minutes. This game has a fairly high chance of winning, than in lotteries like "6 out of 45", "7 out of 49". There is an auto-fit function here, if you want to place a bet. But most choose to mark numbers with their own hand. There is also a multiplier function, where you can choose coefficient multipliers to win. However, the purchase amount will also increase.. You can install the application on your mobile, where will notifications about draws be sent, lotto results. You can create your personal lotto account on the site, where can I save money on my account.

It is worth noting, that there is also a famous feature: in the tabs "how to increase the chance of victory" indicated, how to win lotto. This also causes distrust, after all, the lotto itself is not profitable "to reveal all the cards".

When ordering an e-ticket, a notification is sent to your phone. You can even order a ticket via SMS, by sending a special code to the number. There are other ways to buy a ticket through the website.. The cost of one ticket from 150 rubles.

SMARTGUIDE warns, that the offer to buy lotto online is very risky. Not having a real valid lottery ticket, you may not receive your winnings. The ticket may be invalidated, or even money can be blocked on the network.

Withdrawing money from online lotto 2020 "Rapido" uncomplicated, as well as withdrawing money from any other lottery on Stoloto. This can be done using an online wallet or Visa / MasterCard. However, as already said, here is the taxation process, and money can also be blocked on your account by the site. Therefore, getting money from the internet can be unreliable.. The prize pool is here - 67% from proceeds, that more, than other lotteries - 50%.

I would like to add, that giving out your bank data is also risky and dangerous! Please note that, that even the bank itself strongly recommends, do not disclose information to third parties

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