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Lottery Russian Lotto - what is it?

Russian Lotto is a commercial version of everyone's favorite classic lotto with numbers on barrels and playing fields.. This loto was in almost every Soviet family. Therefore, the game itself can be considered traditional for our country.. This is a special game, and she has long gone beyond the usual lotteries. Russian Lotto draws are broadcast on TV from 1994 years on federal channels.

This is not just a prize draw, but a real entertainment show. The stars of the Russian stage and cinema regularly become its guests., athletes and politicians. TV broadcast had high ratings among viewers in the 1990s-2000s, the circulation was observed in almost every family.

Now Russian Lotto is one of the three most popular draw lotteries in Russia. The lottery is positioned as a state, organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. The operator is JSC "State Sports Lotteries", and the only distributor is TK Center JSC under the famous brand Stoloto. To date, the statistics on the lottery are as follows, according to the media and official data of Stoloto:

  • more 1000 participants became millionaires, that is, they won prizes in the amount of 1 million. rub.;
  • more 5000 players were able to get a prize in the amount of 100 thousand. rub. to 1 million. rub.;
  • number of winning tickets for 2018 year exceeded 45 million;
  • a record win is 506 million. rub., the owner of which was a pensioner from Voronezh;
  • total winnings for 2010-2018 yy. amounted to more 18 billion. rub.

The permanent host of the TV broadcast is Mikhail Borisov. Draws are held every week. The luckiest players can win the Russian Lotto:

  • money;
  • cars;
  • the property;
  • travels.

check in. List of documents

To make your lottery, start working and making money in this business, you must first register as a legal entity with the tax authority. This must be done in the Russian Federation., since the law does not allow foreign firms to engage in this type of activity on the territory of Russia.

Legislation cares about, so that in case of a win, a person can receive a prize throughout the country, regardless of the player's place of residence or ticket purchase. This issue is resolved using electronic systems.. Starting a lottery business, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of working throughout the country. The license to hold the lottery is issued to legal entities, who provided:

  1. Receipt for payment of state duty (6 000 rub.).
  2. A notarized copy of the Articles of Association of the organization.
  3. A certificate from the tax office about the absence of delays in the payment of mandatory taxes and fees (debts).
  4. Balance sheet for the last reporting period.
  5. Application for permission to organize a lottery.
  6. Conditions of its conduct.
  7. The procedure for dividing the proceeds during the game as a percentage.
  8. Feasibility study (feasibility study), which indicates the sources of funding and the calculation of the estimated profit.
  9. Description of the procedure for reporting the number of lottery tickets (sold / unsold), return, storage, disposal or the possibility of their reuse.
  10. Regulation, by which lottery tickets will be identified.
  11. A printed image of a ticket with the requirements for protection against counterfeiting described in a separate document and the presentation of the security elements on it (degrees "B").
  12. Document, describing lottery equipment, its technical parameters.
  13. Conditions for issuing prizes, rules for storing unreleased winnings.

The package of documents is quite extensive. Therefore, it is more advisable to seek help with registration in special firms., who know all the intricacies of obtaining licenses for this type of activity. The costs of processing all the necessary documents can reach up to several hundred thousand rubles. It will depend on the format of the lotteries, which you plan to conduct.

You also need to consider, what with 2014 licenses for holding incentive lotteries are not issued for a year. it, in fact, promotion activities on the market, not a game in the full sense of the word: the right to participate in them is not related to the purchase of a ticket, and the prize fund is formed from the organizer's funds.

The state is not interested in the development of this niche of small business and often makes changes to legislation. For the correct paperwork and in order to be able to resolve legal problems, it is reasonable to hire a legal consultant on the staff. Organizing lotteries is a tricky business, and it would be better to insure in advance and foresee possible risks, including legal.

Comparison of the application and the mobile version of the site

By running the application at the same time, and the Stoloto site, the authors of this review could not understand, what is the advantage of the program over the mobile version of the site. The chat support responded literally as follows: "The application was created for your convenience". Upon request to specify, later 10 mine got a rather vague list of amenities: the most popular sections are available in the application; the application does not require downloading a browser; login to your account can be done through the application.

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After a more detailed acquaintance with the program, there were some more advantages: not noticed advertising and obsessive offers to subscribe to news; slightly larger fonts, lottery screen buttons and banners. Also, on reflection, it became clear, that in conditions of a bad Internet or a weak smartphone, the time for performing actions through the application will be less.

Disadvantages balanced the advantages. Firstly, I felt sorry for the time it took to download and configure the application. Secondly, support reported, that the app has a stripped-down interface compared to the mobile site. Besides, it became clear: to run the program, you will always need to enter the Applications folder and scroll through it. Also found, that with a good Internet site works faster.

At all, the opinion of the review authors about any mobile devices is: it is undesirable to use any application, no mobile gambling sites. Access to any type of bets from a PC is safer and safer.

Advantages of the mobile version of the Stoloto website

  1. Registration from a mobile device can be carried out from anywhere, where the client has access to the Internet.
  2. The performance of the mobile version of Stoloto is beyond doubt - the software is modern, constantly updated, with a weak internet signal, application works.
  3. You can buy a ticket from a mobile device using SMS, even without registration.
  4. Not only Russian citizens can become a participant in the lottery, but also the CIS countries, the way to open a personal account in Stoloto is simple and straightforward, making it even easier from your phone, than from a computer.
  5. The lottery works with all payment systems, which are used in Russia and neighboring countries: Qiwi, Mastercard / VISA, MTS, Megaphone, Yandex money, everything is done in a few clicks directly from the Stoloto client's game wallet.
  6. It is convenient and quick to buy tickets in one payment using the "Cart" tab, where you can place a purchase of several lotteries in a row, in one payment in two clicks.
  7. Wide bonus program, the accrued points can be found in the purchased tickets section.
  8. You can easily track the lottery results from your phone online. Also, through the mobile application, you can check the results of the draws, which the customer can buy at the ticket sales point.
  9. If you win more than 15000 rubles to the phone comes SMS with an alert.
  10. Online consultants support "Stoloto" in touch around the clock, the phone call will be answered almost instantly, the consultation is informative and as correct as possible.

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