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Instant, or sweep-free lotteries - a separate type of number lotteries. They are also called instant, and not in vain: player buys a ticket, erases the protective layer and immediately recognizes the result. There are also instant lotteries online.

In Europe and the USA, sweep-free lotteries are called streaks. (from English scratch - "to scratch" or "scratch"). Also called scratch off, scratch ticket, scratcher, scratchie, scratch-it, scratch game, scratch-and-win, instant game и instant lottery.

Usually the protective layer on the ticket is applied with a special metallized paint, which prevents the information underneath from being scanned. This layer is usually removed with a coin. Some players even have special lucky coins for this..

There are a lot of instant lotteries. This is partly due to the fact, easy to organize: no lottery drums needed, live, circulation commissions and so on. Although for some operators of "state" lotteries, such a need was also absent for several years.

1. History of instant lotteries

The history of the emergence of sweepstakes lotteries, as well as lotteries in general , not exactly established. It is accepted to consider, that they appeared two hundred years before our era in China. In Europe, the first instant lotteries were held in ancient Rome for fun at feasts, prizes for them were paid immediately. And instead of modern tickets, ordinary pieces of paper were used., rolled or sealed in a certain way.

In the 60s of the 20th century, grocery stores in the USA began to sell cards to customers., coated with opaque wax, on which the winnings were manually entered. Although very little money was at stake, such small lotteries have become popular.

Instant lotteries in their modern form also appeared in the USA, in 1974 year. Developed by Scientific Games Corporation. Company employees John Koza and Dan Bower decided to use this technology to run large state lotteries..

2. Instant lotteries in the USSR

In the Soviet Union, instant lotteries were quite common. In particular, the famous "Sprint" lottery was held. She was monetary, i.e, except cash prize, you could win TVs in it, refrigerators, cars and motorcycles. Often the jackpot was the dream of any Soviet citizen - the brand new Volga.

Tickets were of two kinds: fifty kopecks and one ruble. More expensive tickets made it possible to get bigger winnings. Cash prizes up to one hundred rubles inclusive were paid directly at the points of sale - Sportloto kiosks (a single lottery brand of the USSR).

An instant lottery under the Sportloto brand is still being held in Russia.. Another office plays on this name, controlling the "state" lottery "Stoloto".

There were several tales about Sprint in the Soviet Union. In particular, known such: Since cars were in short supply, then, even having the right amount, it was impossible to buy a car. because, for, to get my son's car for the wedding, one rich Georgian offered the head of Sportloto to buy out 100000 tickets, but that there must be "Volga". And I got very upset, when he was answered, that they cannot guarantee just such a win.

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