How to play the Russian Lotto lottery via the Internet

How to play foreign lotteries from Russia online

Recommendations and tips for choosing a ticket?

Regardless of the purchased ticket in the Russian Lotto, there are top and bottom margins. Each of them contains 15 numbers. The maximum possible number is 90. Moreover, all numbers in any coupon are different.. The participant cannot replace individual numbers. When is the lotto ticket purchased?, sometimes a mobile phone number is required.

Why do I need to indicate the cell number?

When purchasing tickets from the official lotto website and through applications for mobile devices, you will need to provide a number. Besides, this category of purchases includes payment through a message to a cell phone and points of sale of coupons for a lottery.

An e-ticket consists of several parts:

  • colored part;
  • black and white receipt.

The second part indicates the date of the drawing and the number of the draw. Besides, numbers are written here, colored tickets. You will need a black and white lotto receipt to receive your winnings. Especially look at the details. Besides, to receive the prize, you will need to provide a mobile phone number. This is done in a comprehensive manner along with the draw code. The number comes to the phone after the end of the lottery in the form of a message. Therefore, it is required to keep the second part (black and white receipt) before receiving the prize.

Features of coupons without mobile number

A coupon without using a mobile number is applied immediately to pay out a lotto prize. This does not require an additional receipt. In this case, you can buy many lotto tickets at once for a different category of draws.

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