Russian lottery market in 2018, results of the year

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Russian lotto

In 2017, the lottery "Russian Lotto" took first place in terms of turnover (9,6 billion rubles). IN 2018 the trend continued, today it is the most massive Russian lottery. It should be noted, that last year the cost of the Russian Lotto ticket was also raised from 100 to 150 rubles. However, already this year the price was returned to its previous values: the organizers understood, what in this case, get more on the back.

For 2018 year turnover of the lottery "Russian Lotto" was 16,253 billion rubles, according to this indicator, it now ranks first. If we talk about lotteries, included in the Top 5, then their total turnover was 37,5 billion rubles or 79%, if we talk about the market as a whole. Compared to the previous year, the total increase in sales in this group amounted to + 43%

Indicators of the top five in 2017 and 2018 years

  • Russian Lotto - 9,599 / 16,253 RUB bln. (+69%)
  • Gosloto "4 out of 20" - 3,665 / 8,511 RUB bln. (+232%)
  • Housing lottery - 4,897 / 4,955 RUB bln. (+1,1%)
  • Rapido - 3,342 / 4,921 RUB bln. (+47%)
  • Gosloto "6 out of 45" - 4,695 / 2,847 RUB bln. (-39%)

The total turnover of lotteries held by GSL JSC amounted to 2018 year 46 billion rubles. If we add to these figures the turnover of another operator - Sportloto LLC (1,625 RUB bln) then the volume of the Russian lottery market amounted to 2018 year 47,2 billion rubles or 753 million dollars.

You can say, what the average Russian bought in 2018 year of lottery tickets worth 320 rubles ($5,12) that although more recent values (when per person had 1-2$) but quite a bit by world standards. In Europe, not to mention the United States, people spend on lotteries at times (or rather dozens of times!) more money.

Final figures

Income and expenses. Turnover, paid winnings, targeted deductions and operator remuneration. Indicators of JSC "GSL" (formerly known as JSC "State Sports Lotteries")

The main indicators of JSC "GSL" - turnover, targeted deductions and operator remuneration

Required decryption ,what is included in this or that VGL lottery:

  • VGL 1 Sport - Gosloto "5 out of 36"; 12/24
  • VGL 2 Sport - Gosloto "6 out of 45", Top 3; "6 out of 36", Bingo-75
  • VGL 3 Sport - Rapido; Gosloto "4 out of 20"
  • VGL 4 Sports - "Golden Horseshoe"; "Housing lottery"; "Russian Lotto"; "Duel"; "Zodiac".
  • VGL 5 Sports - "Gosloto" 7 out of 49 "; "Joker"; "Collection"

Turnover, paid winnings, earmarked deductions and remuneration for the operator of LLC Sportloto

The main indicators of JSC "Sportloto" - turnover, targeted deductions and operator remuneration

Total figures for the year

Since only these two operators can conduct lotteries with us, then their total indicators for 2018 are the current capacity of the Russian lottery market. Final figures:

  • 47,217 billion rubles - turnover
  • 18,535 billion rubles - remuneration of operators (39,2%)
  • 2,379 billion rubles - earmarked contributions (5,0%)

Using its unique (monopoly) position of the company JSC "TK Center", distributor of state lotteries, continues to face the future with confidence and intends to grow into 2019 another quarter. Least

Growth from 2009 by 2018 and plans for 2019 year JSC TC Center (data from advertising brochure)

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USA as an example

Major lotteries in America - PowerBall and MegaMillions, in each circulation of which 10-20 million tickets. It is worth noting, that both of them are similar in many ways, including the cost of the bet - $2.

It's hard to calculate the income of an ordinary American: tax payments, components from 20 to 40% earnings vary by state and many other factors. But, for approximate calculations, it is quite possible to take a certain average value, eg, Wikipedia data.

So, in 2018 year the average American got his hands on 3300 dollars. How much did it cost him to buy one ticket in the most popular lottery? 1/1650 from monthly income! It is not for nothing that many US residents easily spend their hard-earned money on gambling: what a couple of dollars per bet is nothing, and only!

But, maybe the US example is not indicative?

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