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Polish Lotto FAQ

Polish lottery is a form of gambling in which you match the numbers on your ticket to those drawn in the lottery. The tickets are usually sold by licensed lottery retailers near your location. These retailers are readily found in Poland.

You can also purchase the ticket from a reputable online dealer if you cannot find a retailer near you or you are out of Poland. Reputable online dealers have representatives in Poland who will help you buy a ticket. The service provider will charge you the cost of the ticket plus a service fee that varies depending on the service provider.

Your ticket retailer will not be responsible if you lose your ticket. Moreover, anybody can use the ticket to claim any winnings entitled to the ticket. Therefore, it would be wise to keep your ticket safe. On the other hand, you can sign the back of the ticket to help you claim it in case it is found with someone else.

Depending on your choice, you can select the ticket numbers yourself, or you can let the lotto retailer’s system pick the lucky numbers for you. After buying and selecting your lucky numbers, the retailer will issue you a printed ticket with the lucky numbers. Make sure that the ticket’s numbers are similar to the ones you selected.

You will have to pick six lucky numbers from 1- 49.

The polish ticket lottery costs PLN 3 per ticket.

Yes, you can purchase more than one ticket. However, you should note that you will be charged PLN 3 for each ticket you purchase. For instance, if you buy ten lottery tickets, your total cost for the tickets will be PLN 30. The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning.

The polish lotto draw is held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10: 15 pm CET Poland local time. This means that you have three chances in a week to become a millionaire by just using PLN 3.

You win the jackpot if your six lucky numbers are similar to those of the official polish lotto draw. You may also win some amounts of money if 5, 4, or 3 of your ticket numbers match those of the polish lottery.

The lowest jackpot amount is PLN 2 million, and it keeps increasing each time it is rolled over.

The jackpot is rolled- over if no one wins it. This means that the money that would have been given to the top tier winner is added to the next jackpot amount, hence a growing jackpot. The jackpot keeps rolling over until somebody wins it.

Yes, you can play Polish Lotto when the jackpot is bigger as it places you at a likelihood of getting a more valuable prize. Nonetheless, there is a possibility of sharing the jackpot since the massive amount attracts more ticket sales.

The probability of winning the Polish lottery jackpot is 1 in 13,933,816 for the top- tire winner. Furthermore, the likelihood of winning five numbers is 1 in 55,491, and that of winning four numbers is 1 in 1032. The chance of winning three numbers in the polish lotto is 1 in 57. The value of each price per tier depends on the number of ticket sales.

If there are more than one winners in any prize tire, the jackpot amount will be divided equally among the winners. For instance, if 10 ten people win a jackpot of 2 million Polish Zloty, each player will pocket 200,000 Polish Zloty.

Any adult aged above 18 years can play Polish Lotto. This is the reason why copies of your government issued identity cards are used for account verification. Kids aged below 18 years should never play lotteries.

Yes, lottery winnings above 2,280 Zloty are tax deductible. You might also be subjected to double taxation in case you are an international player from a country where lottery winnings are also taxed.

Yes, you can play Polish Lotto from a different country as long as you have a computer, a reliable internet, and a debit or credit card for financial transactions. Simply visit Polish Lotto’s official website and choose the online play option. You will receive prompts that will take you through the whole process.

Lotto Plus: about lottery and rules of participation

To participate in the lottery in the purchased ticket you need to select 6 numbers from 49 possible. The choice can be made independently or using the random selection option. There is also an additional draw - Lotto Plus.

The draw is held three times a week - on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The broadcast and the results of the draw can be viewed on the BBC channel or on the official lottery website.

Interesting, what's the jackpot, beginning with 2 million PLN, can grow indefinitely, so it's hard to imagine how huge the prize can be. You can win in an additional drawing 1 million zlotys. There are 4 prize categories for those, who will guess 5, 4 or 3 numbers. The amount of the winnings depends on the number of winners and the amount from ticket sales.

Probability to win next:

  1. Guess 6 numbers from 49 – 1 to 13,98 million.
  2. Guess 5 rooms – 1 to 54.201.
  3. Guess 3 numbers – 1 to 1032.

In the history of the lottery, the largest jackpot in the amount of 56 million zlotys were divided among themselves by two lucky 2011 year. Second largest prize - 51 million zlotys went to three winners from different cities. IN 2008 year immediately 5 the players managed to guess all the numbers and split the jackpot among themselves - 40 million PLN.

It is very easy to participate in the Lotto lottery using the Internet. You just need to log in to the site, pay for a ticket and choose 6 numbers from 49. And all, then it all depends only on your luck.

Лотерея Ekstra Pensja

This lottery appeared relatively recently (in 2011 year), but has already won the loyalty of millions of players. And not without reason, after all, with the help of this lottery you can provide yourself for almost all your life. The main prize is this payment in the amount of 5000 PLN monthly for 20 years old. And a large number of lucky winners already proves, that winning is real and quite easy. To participate in the lottery you need to purchase a ticket, choose 5 numbers from 35 and one additional number ranging from 1 to 4. If your combination matches the results of the draw, the main prize is yours. Interesting, what if there are multiple winners, then the main prize is not shared, and everyone receives the full amount for 20 years. Ekstra Pensja draws are held daily in 21:40.

Simple and effective Poland Lotto rules

Traditional Matrix Lottery 6 of 49 has all 4 prize positions. Choice 6 numbers is carried out from a pool of 1 to 49, to get the jackpot you need to correctly guess everything 6 rooms. Rest 3 categories include guessing 5, 4 and 3 rooms. This is where all the difficulties of the lottery end. If nobody took the jackpot, he goes to the next game, moreover, the unplayed amount is added to the new jackpot. Thus, after several accumulations the jackpot amount reaches impressive values. The lottery is held three times a week, what makes her incredibly popular. Initial jackpot value - 2 million. Polish zloty, and sometimes it grows to 20 and over millions.

Jackpot - 1/13 983 816, second prize - 1/54 201, third - 1/1032, 4-and - 1/57.

Smallest win (3 numbers) is about 20 zlotys – 7$.

Polish Lotto Review

What Nicolaus Copernicus has in common, Marie Curie and Chopin? Not, I'm not kidding, and that, you are reading the lottery review. The answer is, that all three of these famous people are Poles.

Besides, that science appeared in the world, music and vodka, in Poland one of the most popular and oldest national lotteries also emerged. Over the years, Poland Lotto has created a large number of millionaires, and today she is stronger and more popular, than ever.

It's a game, which you already want to try? Let's take a closer look at the details of Lotto in Poland, to determine, how relevant is this lottery for instant enrichment.

Features of the Poland lottery

Poland lottery controlled by the government, lottery company Sportowy sweepstakes belongs to the state treasury. Lottery proceeds go to sports development, youth cultural programs and charitable projects. Poles – incredibly gamblers, so no wonder, that more than half of the population (60%) 38-the millionth state plays with enviable regularity. Duży Lotek draws take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, after 22 hours. You can buy a lottery ticket in Poland itself in specialized terminals and various retail outlets, players from other countries can play online, with considering, that the player's age must be at least 18 years old.

You can buy a Poland lottery ticket online from our intermediaries, who will not only sell you a ticket, but also help to get a win from abroad. For foreign players, this is the most pressing issue. Full ticket from 4 filled fields worth $7.60 (1,9$ – price 1 fields).

You can save a lot when buying tickets in bulk. We recommend trying the group lotto game, then your chances of winning will grow by almost 60%.

Tomorrow it will be possible to win in the most popular lottery in Poland "Lotto" 25 000 000 zlotys!

Last jackpot in size 4 000 000 PLN in the lottery was ripped off 12 August, since that time, the lottery prize fund with minimum 2 000 000 zlotys rose to 25 000 000, what is actively discussed in the gambling circles in Poland.

The Lotto lottery was organized by the Sports Betting Society (Sports totalizator) and operates in Poland since 1954 of the year. During its existence, the lottery has made millionaires more than 1100 Poles.

The largest prize fund in the history of the lottery was accumulated 7 May 2016 of the year, then he made more 57 million PLN, however, the record jackpot was hit 16 Martha 2017 a resident of the town of Skrzeszów, which is located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Then the lucky one won 36 726 210,20 zlotys (minus 10% tax).

To take part in the lottery, just buy a Lotto ticket in one of the 16 thousands of kiosks all over Poland and choose 6 winning numbers on the ticket, in the kiosk, you can also select the option to automatically select numbers, this function is called "chybił-trafił". Standard ticket price – 3 zlotys, however, if you pay PLN more, you can play Lotto with Plus (Lotto with Plus), which makes it possible to take part in the drawing of an additional million PLN.

The lottery is drawn three times a week: on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 21:40 Polish time. You can follow the results live on the TVN Info channel, or online on the official lottery website (www.lotto.pl).

It is worth noting, what will be removed from the winner income tax, what is 10% of the winnings. The winnings can be collected in one of the 17 regional representations of the society "Sports Totalizator" during 60 days, counting from the next day after the draw.

As noted by the society "Sports Betting", almost 55% Poles, more gamblers are men, and ticket sales are increasing by almost 5 once in all of Poland, when the prize pool reaches 20-30 million PLN.

What Nicolaus Copernicus has in common, Marie Curie and Chopin? Not, I'm not kidding, and that, you are reading the lottery review. The answer is, that all three of these famous people are Poles.

Besides, that science appeared in the world, music and vodka, in Poland one of the most popular and oldest national lotteries also emerged. Over the years, Poland Lotto has created a large number of millionaires, and today she is stronger and more popular, than ever.

It's a game, which you already want to try? Let's take a closer look at the details of Lotto in Poland, to determine, how relevant is this lottery for instant enrichment.

Polish lotteries: description and brief history

Sportowy pioneered the Polish lottery business, which was founded more than 60 years ago. The goal of the company was to raise funds for the construction of sports facilities throughout the country.. The first draw was held in 1957 year, tickets were on sale in 17 points of implementation. The lottery was called Totolotek, and was a format 6 numbers from 49.

The second Mały Lotek lottery appeared in 1973 year, and the third Super Lotek - in 1986.

Curious fact, what are the first 16 years of its existence, lottery draws were not broadcast on television, but were held in public places (cinemas, stadiums, etc.). Lottery owners have always allocated part of their profits to support social projects, so every player, buying a ticket, contributed to the development of culture and sports.

Lotto is Sportowy's first lottery, the circulation of which started 27 January in 1957 year. The first drawn combination was numbers 8, 12, 31, 39, 43 and 45.

Polskie Lotto rules

The player must choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49. Numbers can be selected by the player or using the popular quick pick method, which stands for automatic random selection, system made. To win the jackpot, all 6 numbers must be chosen correctly. Polskie Lotto also offers several prize categories. To win any prize in the Polskie Lotto, least 3 numbers must be chosen correctly.

Category Compare Prize Chances of Winning

Prize #1

Compare +


44,00 % general

Chances of Winning:
1 of 13 983 816

Prize #2

Compare +


8,00 % general
5 651 PLN

Chances of Winning:
1 of 54 201

Prize #3

Compare +


14,00 % general
193 PLN

Chances of Winning:
1 of 1 032

Prize #4

Compare +


24 PLN

Chances of Winning:
1 of 57
Overall odds of winning any prize: 1 of 53,96

Sportsowy runs lottery games in Poland, who works in the market with 1956 of the year. The most popular lottery among Polish players is Duży Lotek., or Longer tray (Big lotto).

It is the oldest lottery game in Poland, which in 1957 year was launched under the name Toto Lotec, and with 1975 year renamed to Duzhiy Lottek. The organizers haven't come up with anything better, how to use the popular format 6/49, moreover, this lottery does not play any "lucky" and additional numbers.

Polskie Lotto in the world

This lottery is very popular in Poland. Although the minimum jackpot is only 2 000 000 Polish zloty, the transition of jackpots to the next drawing can increase the prize pool. Until recently, it was necessary to visit the local lottery office, to play Polskie Lotto, since the organizer did not provide the opportunity to play Polish Lotto онлайн

LottoPark wants to fulfill players' expectations, who want to play this lottery at home in comfort, but also aims to introduce Polskie Lotto to players from all over the world.

Everyone can play Polskie Lotto online now - everything, what you need, Is to choose your lucky numbers and buy Polskie Lotto tickets on our website.

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