Lotteries in Belarus

Jackpots, million bets and mobile first. how online lotteries work in Belarus

“Your lotto” in Belarus

The main lottery of the republic is “Your lotto”. This brand belongs to the classic lotto. She has 2 fields. The game also features an additional part of the lottery. She is instant. “Your lotto” not only a money game. Real estate objects are played in it, Cars. The organizers are also attracting players with a drawing of gold bars and jewels.

Lottery Your Lotto in Belarus

Lottery organizers have counted, that in the entire history of draws by them “issued” no less gold 10 kilogram. Live lottery draw “Your lotto” comes out on Tuesdays. Famous Belarusian artists can most often be seen at the table of the drawing committee, musicians or athletes. The show itself is interesting for the audience and is one of the favorite TV programs..

Ministry of Health does not warn

Why Belarusians actively play lotteries? Thanks to hyperactive ads? Or because, that we live in a poor country, where most residents cannot earn money for a car apartment on their own?

- Open the internet: in Russia, there are many lotteries in Ukraine, which, true, given to private hands, - our interlocutors disagree. - In our country, the state exercises strict control over lottery activities, it is completely transparent.

curious, that lotteries do not belong to the gambling business. Respectively, and gambling addiction, turns out, regular ticket buyers can't get sick. The Ministry of Health does not "warn" players ...

- Our people are reasonable enough, calm, moderate. We have not seen cases of sick lottery addiction, - Svetlana Korzhemanova says.

- What is "painful"? - we clarify. - This is when they buy tickets for the entire salary?

- Like that. They say the same, that an alcoholic can't live a day without a drink. But we never had such players.

But what were. The Belarusian Lotteries tried to create a portrait of a typical lottery participant. More often women play, residents of the capital or regional centers. Age and social status - varied. From student to plant manager.

By the way, it was a resident of the regional center who received one of the largest prizes in the history of Belarusian lotteries - a billion rubles. It happened last year. We contacted Natalia, who works in a private company, and asked, what did she spend the money on.

- Built the apartment as a young family, I bought a car - this was my biggest dream. Helped relatives. I put the rest in the bank, for the unborn child.

Well, quite predictable.

- Why the attitude towards lotteries is sharply negative, especially among Belarusian youth? - we do not restrain ourselves from the actual question at last.

- I will repeat again: not less 45% of money, spent on buying tickets, return to players. If you spent a ruble, then 50 you will get kopecks back, - Svetlana Korzhemanova answers. - Many people forget about social projects too. As well as about that, that lotteries are used all over the world to attract funds from ordinary people. You think: someone will spend the last penny, to play the lottery? Sure, not!

When a person buys a ticket, he draws himself a dream, experiences positive emotions, organizers think: “Everywhere it is considered normal, so why we have lotteries is not normal?»

“Why not dream, but take and earn money for your dream yourself?"- we tried to object. But then they remembered, that lotteries are still a business. Let be, according to our interlocutors, and socially oriented. Standard laws work here: there will be no supply without demand. And if trucks with printed lottery tickets are transported across Belarus every day, means, demand for "dream" (or for "freebie", what is there to hide) Belarusians still have great.

“The goat” In Kazakhstan

Earlier in the republic, many played commercial lotteries, privately owned. it “Bingo” and “The goat”. FROM 2017 years, these companies left the local market. This sector is given to the state. It created “Good Star”. This operator has launched quite ambitious projects.

Kazloto lottery in Kazakhstan

Stands out among all “Lotto 6/49”. As a starting super prize, the company offered an impressive amount of 20 million. tenge. Translated into Russian rubles, this will be almost 3,5 million. A wide advertising campaign of the national lottery project was launched. One ticket costs a player 200 tenge (about 35 rubles).

The jackpot cannot be calculated

The likelihood of winning the lottery - offline or online - is low. She is, but much lower, than the likelihood of making money, increasing business efficiency, by achieving a pay rise or building a profitable investment portfolio. You have no control over winning the lottery, он полностью во власти фортуны. But people keep betting, because the lottery is a game, play is a kind of recreation, but everyone needs to rest.

Do Belarusians like to play - judge for yourself. Only in the instant lottery belbet less, than for 9 months, more than 26 million rubles. If you start from that, what is it 95% prize fund, easy to count, what Belarusians have done in the online lottery of bets on 27,4 million rubles (or on 13,3 million dollars). According to the organizers, have experienced good luck in the game during this time 212 thousand participants. In July 2019 of the year on average every day 100 thousand Belarusian rubles, by mid-September this figure is already 250 thousand rubles. The record was also recorded in September - 400 thousand a day. Winning stories can be found in the media, who won both 10 000 rubles, and on 25 000. Besides cash prizes, here you can get gadgets from Samsung and Apple and cars.

Gennady Shablovsky

- I know enough mathematicians, participating in lottery draws. Someone is building a system, someone believes in a happy moment. But losses and victories have nothing to do with mathematical calculations or models.. I myself am a fairly experienced lottery player. Sure, not without passion inherent in a person. But, first of all, I need it in order, to understand, what participants feel during the game, including during a loss or, God forbid, winnings.

We ask Gennady Shablovsky a rhetorical question: "How to win a jackpot?». Here, as with any bet - everything is by chance.

- There are a lot of anecdotes on this topic, including those close to the intended answer: "For, to test your luck, at least buy a lottery ticket ". No math, there is no logical or other connection between the number of bets made and the winnings. One side, obviously, that the more bets are made, the higher the probability of winning. But it is possible, that you will only make one bet, and take the main prize. Not everything lends itself to mathematical comprehension and not everything can be put into the model. In my opinion, a person has a moment or a moment, in which he can get lucky. If at that moment you were sitting and eating borscht, then, probably, you missed him. To win, you need to match the right moment with the right action. Nobody knows when this will happen, but, so as not to miss your moment, play from time to time, all of a sudden everything coincides right now.

Mobile first. Even in lotteries

More 95% users play online lotteries from smartphones. Almost all users on Android smartphones 8 times more, than iOS users, which is primarily due to the low penetration of "apple" gadgets into the Belarusian masses. Portrait of the average winner - man or woman before 35 years old, at the same time, regional residents win no less than Minsk residents.

The electronic lottery is based on the automation of all processes, the maximum exclusion of human participation in order to reduce the costs of holding a lottery and objectively conduct drawings. Online the prize fund is raffled off using the software and hardware complex.

Currently, only residents of the country can take part in electronic lotteries in Belarus, using payment cards, issued by Belarusian banks. A conventional citizen of the Russian Federation with a Russian bank card to try his luck in Belarusian online lottery can not.

“Super lottery” in Ukraine

There is a real lottery boom in Ukraine. A huge number of lottery draws. This summer, an unknown winner hit a record jackpot among national lotteries. In UAH it is 18 million. In dollars more 600 thousand. Translation into rubles will give 42 million. Winner purchased a ticket “The megalo”.

Megalot lottery in Ukraine

curious, that this lottery is by no means one of the most prized in the country. Leadership here is held by such giants, as “Fun” and “Super lottery”. Tickets are also famous for high payouts “Keno”. IN “Entertainment” own pride. She entered the National Book of Records. Nomination – the largest number of citizens, who, thanks to the winnings, were able to become millionaires. “Super lottery” for the second decade has been the leader in this indicator, as the jackpot amount (recall, that the undoubted world leader in the size of jackpots are lottery USA). Lottery “Keno” proud of, that she has the greatest chance of winning in the country among the rest.

"I have long wanted to finish repairs in the apartment"

Анна Ермолаева после девятого класса выучилась на продавца. Сейчас она работает по этой специальности и воспитывает 15-летнего сына. Free time women do household chores. Всю жизнь героиня прожила в Могилеве и уезжать отсюда не планирует.

Photo: Анжелика Василевская

Героиня давно хотела закончить ремонт в квартире. Теперь такая возможность у нее есть: recently a woman won 7842 ruble. В лотерею она играла около двух месяцев:

— За время игры я потратила 500 rubles. Но средства возвращались: иногда я выигрывала 100 rubles, sometimes 500. Вообще я не азартный человек, но в этой лотерее увлек процесс.

В то, that she won a large sum, женщина поверила не сразу.

— Мне никогда не везло, а тут по-крупному. Мама тоже не верила до тех пор, пока я не показала реальные деньги, — вспоминает женщина.

Photo: Анжелика Василевская

Благодаря выигрышу Анна погасила рассрочку и часть кредита, который брала на ремонт. На оставшиеся средства хочет купить мебель и доделать кухню. В лотерею она продолжает играть, хотя даже не представляет себе, на что потратит еще один выигрыш.

Delivered to the conveyor

The goals sorted out. What does the technology look like?? Every day at the printing enterprises of the country, having special permission from the Department of State Marks of the Ministry of Finance for the production of strict reporting forms, print thousands of lottery tickets. In the Belarusian House of Press, we looked, how is this process hidden from the view of an ordinary person. After all, tickets - like passports - are made in a "regime" environment.

The first stage is the development of the design and the issuance of the original layout. Further on special equipment, purchased recently, including for the "lottery" purposes, printing plates are being manufactured.

The seal itself: until we get a ticket, but just "blanks", sheets of paper, non-material.

The blank takes on "meaning" in the personification department. Here, data on the size of the winnings is applied to the ticket (talking about instant lotteries), then cover the blanks with special paint.

- Remove sheets only from a distance, — командуют нашему фотокору печатники.

Shop employees are unhappy people! A few moments, until the paint hid the secret, they possess the most valuable information about, where is the car "hidden", where is the apartment. Naturally, we asked, is it realistic in practice to mark a winning ticket and then track its path. Experts say, that even in theory this is impossible. From the printing house all tickets are sent to the warehouse "BL", among thousands of others scatter across the country. And the shop workers are responsible for non-disclosure.

Finally, in the primary control department, tickets are scanned - this procedure is repeated at the BC office. Here the lottery tickets are counted again and then determined, where and how many to send them. The decision is made on the basis of monitoring sales. For instance, Vash Lotto is most actively played in Minsk, in second place - Gomel and Gomel region, then Vitebsk, Mogilev. Western regions - Grodno and Brest - close the list.

Tickets are delivered not in cashier cars, but there is no point in "robbing" the lottery stagecoaches - all the forms are marked, in case of loss, they will be immediately excluded from the drawing.

What do they do with tickets, which failed to sell? 10-20% returned to head office, re-scanned, go to destruction. How many tickets befell such a fate, do not speak - trade secret.

"Invested money in business"

Борисовчанин Алексей Алехнович всю жизнь прожил в родном городе. У героя свой бизнес: он занимается ремонтом автомобилей. Вместе с женой мужчина воспитывает сына-школьника и дочь, которая пока ходит в детский сад. Previously, Alexey traveled a lot: бывал в Египте, в странах Южной Европы. Сейчас на такие поездки у него нет времени.

Photo: Marina Serebryakova

Играть в мгновенную онлайн-лотерею belbet мужчина начал по совету знакомых. Moreover, those received only small prizes., а нашему герою повезло: недавно он выиграл 3861 ruble. Алексей никогда не думал, that will become the owner of a cash prize of this size:

— Я не считаю себя везучим человеком. Не то чтобы я не верил в победу, но не представлял, that everything can be so serious. Believed, what did you win, only when they called me.

To try your luck, можно скачать мобильное приложение и выбрать одну из игр. Некоторым нравится угадывать выигрышные комбинации цифр на табло, а кто-то предпочитает искать приз в «Книге сокровищ». А можно просто подбрасывать монетку и ждать, what will fall out: heads or tails. Photo: Marina Serebryakova

Полученные деньги Алексей вложил в собственный бизнес.

— Я купил инструменты и запчасти для ремонта машин, — поделился герой.

Мужчина до сих пор участвует в лотерее и надеется, that he will be lucky again.

Rules of the game "Your Lotto"

The rules of "Your Lotto" are quite simple, therefore absolutely everyone can play here. Statistics show, what the 2015 more than a year has been won 325 thousand valuable prizes, which amounted to almost 18 billion rubles. Three jackpots have been won over the years of the lottery, the total amount exceeded 120 million rubles.

Over the history of the lottery, the organizers have held more than 700 circulation, in which it was played 33 million prizes. Their total cost exceeds 310 billion rubles. Besides, was played 125 apartments, what, in money terms, equates to 25 billion rubles. Except apartments, cars were also raffled. At the moment there are 412 such lucky ones. Prizes in the form of gold and diamonds were also raffled off.

As mentioned above, one game ticket of this loto gives to the participant 9 chances of winning. Statistics show, that every fourth ticket can win at least some small prize.

Usually, lottery organizers issue paired tickets, which are called "two". They differ among themselves by the category, although the number is the same. Such "deuces" give more chances of winning, therefore, it is much more interesting for participants to play with these tickets. Moreover, each player can purchase one ticket., because he can also bring a prize in the form of a valuable prize.

Of the main differences between "Your Lotto" and Russian lotteries, I would like to highlight the fact, that in all draws only those tickets are raffled, which were sold. The rest are simply destroyed by the organizers. On each ticket you can see two tables, each of which has 15 numbers. All tickets differ from each other by a set of digital combinations.

There is a field on the side of the ticket, designed for instant play. Here you can see the inscription "Erase here". By paying your ticket, each participant has the right to immediately erase the protective layer. There may be a number underneath, meaning a small cash prize. Also, an invitation to the studio may be hidden under the protective coating, where is the drawing of diamonds. If you failed to win the instant game, no need to be upset, because the ticket continues to take part in the main drawing.

There are three numbers at the bottom of the ticket, which are intended for the additional game "A moment of luck". This rally is after the main game.. As it should be, the purchased ticket only participates in that drawing, which is indicated on it. The reverse side of the game ticket allows each player to carefully read the rules of the game.

Quite often, the organizers hold additional holiday raffles. There is a letter under the protective layer. Each ticket contains only one letter. The player needs to collect a certain word from them.

The main draw for your lotto

The main game of this lottery is played in several stages.. Moreover, each of them makes it possible to win a certain prize. Each tour has its own conditions, which the participant should read.

So, the initial round involves players crossing out numbers. Crossed out a line of five numbers, the player proceeds to the next round. In the second round plays 15 numbers, which are in the ticket tables. Lucky ones, which completely fill one of the tables, go further. In the third round, the participant must fill in all 30 numbers, which are in both tables. In this case, you need to cross out all the numbers before that move., which is initially announced by the host.

All conducted draws give an opportunity to any participant to become the owner of the jackpot. That player becomes the owner of the main prize, who will cross out everything before everyone else 30 numbers, located in two tables of the game ticket. In the absence of such a lucky one, the jackpot increases and is carried over to the next drawing.

In addition to the main cash prize, players have the opportunity to win another prize - a car. Here such a prize is called "Jeep-pot". That player will own the car, who will cross out everything on his ticket 15 numbers of one table per 15 during the game.

"Your Lotto" holds its draws every week. It should be noted, that the fairness of the game is closely monitored by the circulation commission. All data, dropped out during the drawing, are recorded. After, how the rally ends on a certain move, the presenter without fail takes out unplayed barrels, for the commission to record their presence in the bag. At the same time, the audience is also convinced of the honesty of the drawing.. Besides, the remaining numbers are used for the next game "A moment of luck".

+ 45% to the prize pool due to savings on printing and logistics

The transition from paper tickets to online in our country began not so long ago. Although gambling itself (game, in which the payoff depends on the case) in the sense of "playing for money" online has existed in the world for years 15.

The form of the drawing is the main difference between the online lottery and others. You don't need to print tickets here, deliver them around the country, do logistics, use the services of distributors, to hold draws with expensive TV broadcasts, collect unrealized tickets, destroy them, process winning tickets and do many other actions.

Hence the second difference follows - the size of the prize fund. Since many costs are eliminated, the savings are transferred to the prize pool, to make it more attractive to participants. If traditional lotteries are played 40-50% prize fund, then in online lotteries this figure is almost doubled.

Gennady Shablovsky:

- In the case of belbet, this is before 95% of the sum of all bets made. This is a very attractive figure for the gaming audience., which is much higher, than in traditional lotteries. Simply put, of bets on 100 000 rubles are raffled 95 000 rubles, which are randomly distributed among the players in different proportions.

What does math have to do with it?

While trucks deliver lottery tickets across the country, we are trying to understand, how does science relate to the production cycle. The organizers declare: to build a mathematical model of the lottery, they used the developments of the Research Institute of Applied Problems of Mathematics and Informatics and the employees of the FPMI of the Belarusian State University.

- We want to do, let's say, children's lottery, - gives an example of the head of the profile department "BL" Gennady Shablovsky. - Determine the number and type of games. Then you need to understand, how to distribute winnings. If the entire prize fund is combined into one ticket, it will be an excellent prize of one billion rubles, and the rest will have nothing left. Hardly anyone wants to play such a lottery. Means, there should be a lot of winnings, among them should be large (like a car, apartments, computer, mountain bike) and smaller prizes. Actually, this distribution is the math.

TV lotteries like Your Lotto are simple. Ticket numbers are randomly distributed based on a few basic rules. There can be no two identical tickets, all numbers must meet evenly, etc.. d.

- Some people choose tickets for a long time before buying, looking for more suitable. There is some reason for this? — задаем мы очевидный вопрос.

- Absolutely no. Well, except that someone has favorite numbers, which bring him good luck, — говорит Геннадий Шабловский.

- So, it is impossible to calculate the probability of winning?

- We are familiar with lottery participants, who led the bases on "Sportloto" since Soviet times. What's the point of this? There is a law of large numbers: if you throw a coin a billion times, then, in theory half a billion, there must be an eagle, half a billion - tails. But in practice it may be 495 million on 505. There is almost no difference in percentage terms, and in absolute values ​​the difference in 10 million. Not, nothing can be calculated, otherwise it wouldn't be a lottery. As for the lottery "Your Lotto", sure, you can try to define, barrels with which numbers most often remain in the bag at the end of the rally. But even here you shouldn't believe in coincidences..

Every fourth ticket, lottery organizers declare in their advertisements, is a winning. More 15 thousand. during all this time, the chief mathematician of "BL" honestly admits, he never received. Стоимость убытков при этом не считал. «20 лет назад я бросил курить. Save money on cigarettes - spend on lotteries. I made a lot of money or not? In health has already won unambiguously, and I continue to play the lottery ".

"Planned a trip to Stockholm"

Сергей Бондаренко из Новополоцка работает водителем погрузчика. Он любит проводить время с друзьями, гулять по городу, а еще круглый год ездит на дачу, где живет его бабушка и собираются все родственники. Еще у Сергея есть собака — такса Марта.

Фото из личного архива героя

Герой начал играть в лотерею по совету друга, to relieve boredom. The result exceeded expectations: his winnings amounted to 10,000 rubles. Причем за время игры мужчина потратил всего 60 rubles:

— Раньше я не играл в лотереи и не думал, what will I win. Сначала даже не понял, what happened, но потом обрадовался.

Часть выигранных денег Сергей обменял на доллары и отложил. На оставшиеся купил себе смартфон, о котором давно мечтал, и запланировал путешествие в Стокгольм после новогодних праздников. true, что именно мужчина будет делать в шведской столице, он еще не решил. Besides, Sergey made his loved ones happy:

— Отцу и дяде купил хорошие портмоне. Бабушке же просто подарил деньги.

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