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In the process of its formation in different countries, the formats and rules for holding lotteries were adjusted. In the modern world, one of the important aspects of the existence and functioning of the lottery is the legal framework, in which private and public operators work. Therefore, the news of the lotteries of the world often contains not only information about the winnings. Lottery news on our site includes information on legal terms, in which operators operate, tax liabilities, rules for obtaining licenses and other aspects. Lottery news in China China is a kind of birthplace of the lottery. It is even known, that the proceeds from the sale of conditional tickets were spent on the construction of the Great Wall of China. The results of the drawings were delivered to the remote corners of the country by white carrier pigeons. And during the reign of the Han dynasty, a national lottery was held, which is very similar in format to "Keno". In modern China, the lottery also takes pride of place.

Due to the high demand for lotteries, the Institute for the Study of the Internal and External Markets of Gambling was founded here. Today it is an important part of the economic life of the PRC.. Latest China Lottery News Reports Increased Lottery Ticket Revenue. Is considered, that the Chinese lottery is the largest in the world. To ensure healthy competition in this market, the Chinese gambling regulator is trying to simplify the licensing conditions for offline lotteries..

Lottery news in France

The first lottery in France was organized in the 16th century during the reign of King Francis I. The purpose, as it often happened in those days, there was a fundraising for state needs. For almost two centuries the French have lived without lotteries, because the latter were banned, but in the 17th century the lottery again became one of the favorite games. Then she got the name Loterie de L'Hotel de Ville. This was the first national lottery in France. For money, proceeds from the first national lottery in France, the state has restored several churches, one of which was the famous Saint-Sulpice and the historical monument Pantheon. Most recently, French MPs voted to privatize the country's lottery and scratch card monopoly. Now the French state owns 20% Lotery. French lottery news headlines are increasingly highlighting the issues of standardization and civil liability of lottery operators.

USA lottery news

The lottery game was brought to America by settlers from Europe. An example of the Spanish lottery was implemented in the South and Central part of the country. Novyi Svet became a market for the sale of tickets for the English state lottery. 40-e years of the 18th century in the USA became the era of public lotteries. IN 1746 year the first company was authorized. New York was chosen as the venue, and the proceeds were used to fortify the city. The first attempts to implement the lottery project were in full failure. But overcoming the initial difficulties, she began to generate income, on which Columbia University was later built. Due to the machinations of lottery organizers, mostly private individuals, 80-e years of the 18th century were marked by loud scandals. The prevalence of corruption led to the adoption of laws, banning lotteries in all states with 1900 of the year. However, over time, the picture has changed..

The most popular lotteries in America today are Mega Millions and Pоwerball. Ticket prices vary by state, but rarely exceeds $3. We write about, what changes have occurred and will occur in the US market, major draws, big and small victories and defeats of operators on the territory of the country. Also, US lottery news reports on the operating conditions of the operators and much more..

Lottery news in Russia

The lottery appeared long before, how the Russian Federation received the status of a separate state. First banned in the USSR, already in the 50s of the last century lotteries began to be held on an ongoing basis. Then they began to issue part of the salary with lottery tickets, and already in the 70s, the drawings began to be broadcast on television. Lottery news in Russia at that time could report an unexpected car win or jackpot in the amount of 20 000 rubles. The most popular drawn lotteries in the Russian Federation today: "Gosloto", "Russian Lotto", "Golden Key", "Affordable Housing" and "Bingo". The legal organizer of Gosloto is the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, Orglot LLC and Gosloto Trading House LLC are directly involved in lotteries.. Another lottery - All-Russian state lotteries "Victory", its official organizer is the Federal Agency for Special Construction, and the operator is Pobeda State Lotteries LLC. Changes in company structures, important draws, interesting cases - such news about the Russian lottery can be found in this section.

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