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4 proven free online lotteries with real winnings and withdrawals + foreign.

Honest earnings on Stoloto lotteries

At all, the word "earnings" should not be applied to lotteries, because it is impossible to achieve stable profit here. Not everyone is lucky, and if the organizers are scammers, then no one at all. To avoid bumping into them, participate in state lotteries. You've probably heard their names:

  • Russian lotto;
  • housing lottery;
  • golden horseshoe;
  • 6 of 36;
  • Rapid;
  • KENO.

For many years in our country, paper tickets have been sold in stalls, at the post office, in bank branches. On weekends, you can watch the draw on TV. You no longer need to go somewhere to buy tickets, for this a project was created . Here you can buy as many e-tickets as you like at the same price:

The Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation is the organizer of most of these lotteries.. This is indicated in the description and it says there, what only 50% from ticket sales, goes to pay out winnings. But even under such conditions, winners get huge wins (a billion is being played now):

The probability of winning is negligible, but such an organizer can be trusted. It is not necessary to follow the games, the results are published on the website. An electronic ticket is no different from a paper ticket, the conditions for receiving the prize also remain general, and if it is the amount up to 5000 rubles, you don't even have to leave the house.

Is it possible to make money on lotteries?

How to make money on the lottery, and is it even possible to do this? Yes, possibly, although the chances of success, sure, far from 100%. This way of earning is one of the simplest and allows players to have fun and have fun., making good money. Attractive offer? Sure, especially considering, that there are tons of free lotteries on the network - that is, you don't buy tickets, which means, and you don't risk anything. There are big wins (although rarely), therefore it is possible, that luck will smile on you.

How to win big (or at least some) amount and not lose your hard earned? There are some simple tips:

  1. Play national lotteries and preferably without buying a ticket - it will be a shame to lose even a little money, equal ticket prices.
  2. Check the numbers - luck smiles at us much more often, what are we counting on. See the numbers of each game, in which you participated - possibly, you are already lucky, but you don't know about it.
  3. Multiply your chances of winning and don't give up, if the first time you are unlucky. 100% no one ever gives guarantees of winning.
  4. Strangers and free tickets are a good chance to win. The chances of getting money in the free lottery are no lower, than paid, and a ticket thrown away by someone can also become your real chance to make money. Generally, don't give up on the idea of, that luck awaits us there, where we could not even think - in most cases it is.
  5. Take action, aimed at ensuring the safety of your winnings. Everywhere, where is the money (and big, lungs), scammers do not sleep. Before, how to play, make sure, that the company is honest, and you will get your money anyway.

And remember, what to pay for, to get a win, You should not. Although this scheme looks strange, people fall for it. Still - they played only once and immediately hit a huge jackpot! That's just, to pick it up, you need to pay a rather large amount - scammers love this scheme very much. Pay money - you can forget about them too, and about the alleged "win".

How to win big in the lottery?

Play, sure, interesting, but many are interested in another question - how to get a large amount of money in the lottery. After all, if some people manage to do it, means, chances (albeit not the biggest) everyone has. To achieve your goal, try it:

  1. Attract winnings with the power of thought. Money is energy, not punishment, heavy burden or burden. Program yourself for success, imagine, how do you possess the hidden amount and spend it, what do you feel. To many, this method seems at least esoteric., but as useless as possible, but in some cases it works. Why not give it a try - in fact, you have nothing to lose. we, despite high technical development, we cannot know all the laws of the universe. Probably, the force of gravity and is the most important among them.
  2. Refer to numerology. Hard to say, exactly what numbers will bring good luck in your case - perhaps, this will be the date of birth, fate number or just a favorite number. If only it worked!
  3. Magic is a conspiracy, runic becoming, mascot, yes whatever. This method will suit those people, who believe in the power of attraction, but would like to receive additional support. A conspiracy for luck or becoming a winner will be a good help..
  4. Learn Klaus Joul's Methodology - Playing the Lottery, like any other phenomenon, has been thoroughly researched and substantiated. The main principle in this case is visualization.. You can learn more about the methodology in the author's bestseller entitled "The Messenger".
  5. Approach the game process systematically. You can even use special tools like "cold balls". Like in Forex, there are chances, risks and probabilities cannot be calculated, but it is still better to act within a specific system, not completely at random.

By the way, say, what a win (even very small) need to spend with pleasure. Even if you decide to buy tickets, rather than using free, do it with joy and gratitude. And don't hesitate to wish for a lot - those, who is not sure of himself, their strengths and capabilities, fate rarely gives unique chances to get a decent amount of money here and now.

Why would someone order comments?

Most internet users, choosing a resource for further pastime, are guided by its popularity. For them, the semblance of activity is created.. Besides, each comment represents the nth number of characters of unique content, which also benefits the promotion of the resource among people and in search engines.

Casual visitor, seeing an interesting comment, may want to register or log in using social networks, after which he will take part in the discussion. With a relatively small investment, effective advertising of the resource turns out.

Where can you make money from comments?

There are several ways to generate income in this way.. Let's take a look at each of them:

• forums with payment for posts. The simplest and most affordable solution for beginners. You just need to register on the forum, familiarize yourself with its rules and communicate within them. The money will be credited to the internal account, from where they can be easily withdrawn to a wallet in an electronic payment system. The forums usually have referral programs - attracting others who want to get money for commenting, you will receive passive income;

• tasks on exchanges. Copywriting exchanges, paid assignments and active advertising systems also provide the ability to do commentary work. The plus is, that the cost of one registered message is usually higher here, than in the previous case, but then you have to switch between the mass of sites on different topics, go through multiple registrations. It may seem awkward;

• work directly. Climbing through specialized forums, dedicated to the creation and promotion of sites on the Internet (namely, in content production sections), you can find suggestions for paid commenting. Here, earnings can be quite high, but there is a risk of being left without payment - scammers do not sleep.


Writing comments can be considered a form of copywriting, but more accessible for beginners. There are usually no special requirements for literacy and literary style.. On the contrary - many customers specifically ask to write casually, to simulate the appearance of realistic correspondence on the website. This is a great opportunity to practice writing., before moving on to higher paying jobs - writing articles, reviews, selling texts.

If you are interested in making money on comments, definitely try!

Best Content Exchanges

Earnings on surveys

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How much can you win in the free lottery?

As seen from the above, participation in a free online lottery is far from the best way to make money: income is random, unpredictable and usually extremely small. Sure, the player may be lucky: the maximum winning is 30 million rubles. But these are exceptional cases and are still unknown.. maybe, someone once won the sum on one of the resources, more than several tens of thousands of rubles: can also be, that these are just rumors, distributed by the organizers themselves in order to attract new visitors and, hence, increasing the cost of advertising space on the site.

Howbeit, do not rely entirely on lotteries in planning funds (as free, and requiring material costs). It is better to consider other business options with minimal investment - albeit associated with high mental stress, but guaranteeing, with the right approach, a stable income. Online lotteries should be given the same attention., how many ordinary computer games: then you will definitely not have to be upset from a sudden loss or regret the mediocre free time spent.

Free lotteries and earnings on the Internet without investments

When it comes to free stuff, suspicions immediately appear. Everyone can start making money on the Internet through lotteries for free. But if tickets are not sold, where does the money come from to pay the winnings? Now in use new, improved circuit.

Some projects receive funding from advertisers. They invite users to participate, and for this you need to go to their website, perform some actions. At this time, people are watching banners, video ads, teasers and other announcements. Advertisers pay real money for it, payments are made from them.

Everything is extremely simple, many are interested in free lotteries, therefore it is possible to achieve high attendance. It also provides a lot of ad revenue.. However, there really are scammers here, if you decide to take the time to participate in lotteries, services must be selected carefully.

Are free lotteries with a withdrawal of money so good??

When playing free lotteries, you only need to pay attention to two things - the chance to win and how much money you can "earn". Unfortunately, all free lotteries have three cons:

Unfortunately, all free lotteries have three cons:

  1. The chance to win a large sum is several times lower here., than in the same "Stoloto".
  2. Winnings are often lower.
  3. The most significant disadvantage is that free lotteries are not regulated in any way.. There is no organ, who would monitor the fulfillment of their obligations to pay.

Here we can also include one more circumstance. The list of free lotteries could be more complete, if not for one "BUT" - the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, with the support of Roskomnadzor, is actively blocking and deleting these sites, because. the only legal lottery in the Russian Federation - "Stoloto".

What about the chance to win, then we offer you a detailed analysis of the five-year experience of playing "Russian Lotto" by the user under the nickname Spartleg .

Each receipt for the purchase of a card and winnings was calculated manually, and the results are as follows:

Lottery name Number of tickets purchased Amount, spent on purchase Winning amount
Total number 312 19655 8863
"6 out of 45" 96 8050 3797
"Housing lottery" 27 1550 388
"Russian Lotto" 74 4600 2318
"Rapido" 19 1770 960
«Anim. lottery " 37 1135 645
"All for a hundred" 1 100
"4 out of 20" 4 400 200
"7 out of 49" 19 890 345
"5 out of 36" 10 570
"6 out of 49" 11 280 150
"Top 3" 4 40
"Classic (sport.)» 2 90
Keno-SprotLoto 8 180 60

Total, the total amount of money spent was 10792 ruble. It is worth considering, that the Spartleg user did not execute the withdrawal of the earned money, I used them to buy new lottery tickets.

If you calculate the approximate amount of funds, spent on purchase 312 tickets, we get then, what the user spent monthly on 169 p. Are you willing to give that amount for a chance to win a fortune?

Or maybe the ideal option for you is to play for free, but have less chance of winning? Eventually, not so important - free lotteries with withdrawal of money you choose, or paid - the main thing, which one wins, Who is playing

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