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Australia Monday Lotto: features of winnings

The jackpot for each drawing is fixed in size 1 million USD for four winners. It means, that up to four people can walk away with a full jackpot. All winnings are tax-free and payable in a lump sum. This makes the game stand out among some lotteries, who advertise their jackpots, but if the player decides to opt for a lump sum, then his winnings are actually significantly cut. There is an option to get your jackpot within 30 years in regular payments. Only then does it get as close as possible to the declared amount. From Monday lotteries, what do you see, then you get!

Learn more about Australian Monday Lottery prizes

Regularly, although in fairness, there is no schedule, Australia Monday Lotto Doubles Prize Money. These rallies are usually the result of, that no one wins the jackpot for weeks. The price of the double lottery lottery remains unchanged.

Australia Monday Lottery Game Organizers

This draw was originally created by NSW Lotteries in 1979 year. Tattersall's bought them out and turned Monday lottery from a state lottery into a nationwide one. Tattersall operates this and many other lotteries, including lotteries Oz, Aussie Powerball, Lotto scratchies (on Wednesday). In addition to lotteries, the organizer includes bets on horses. These games are available online and through mobile apps on your phone..

The range of chances of winning by the number of matched numbers:

  • 6 winning numbers: from 1: 8,145,060 to 1: 678,755
  • 5 winning numbers + 1 or 2 additional numbers: from 1: 678 755 to 1: 56,563
  • 5 winning numbers: from 1: 36 689 to 1: 3,058
  • 4 winning numbers: from 1: 733 to 1:61
  • 3 winning numbers + 1 or 2 additional numbers: from 1: 297 to 1:25
  • 1 or 2 winning numbers + 2 additional numbers: from 1: 144 to 1:12

Who can play the Monday lottery in Australia?

People, claiming a prize in this lottery, can actually reside in any country. You don't have to be Australian or live in Australia, to win

Tatts noted, what is important, so that residents of other countries take part in the game. This way you can check the rules and regulations, which apply in the player's home country or there, where does he play

There may be taxes and / or laws, prohibiting playing lotteries in other countries. Yet again, playing through a good lottery provider gives you a choice and a chance to decide, where do you want to win your jackpot.

Customer service and complaints

There are no complaints just like that. If they arise, then a self-respecting company will take note of them and work to eliminate them. Company, overseeing the Monday lottery in Australia is a professional organization, which hosts professional lotteries and other games. Aussie Monday Lotto offers a variety of phone numbers, email addresses and street mail addresses, who answer any questions from players during business hours in Australia.

Bottom line

Monday Lotto does not surpass lotteries such as US Powerball or EuroMillions in terms of jackpots, but it offers the best odds and has seven prize tiers.

  1. Jackpots don't grow

Australia Monday Lotto receives more and more recognition and approval from players from around the world. This lottery proves, that the odds of winning can be really dizzying. The best way to start a new work week is by hitting the jackpot!

Lottery Name Maximum Jackpot
The primitive € 72m
Pick 6 $35 Million
FranceLotto €24 million
Mega Millions $656 million
Fat 18 million EUR

Top Australian Lottery Winners

The likelihood of winning the lottery one day may seem too fantastic, but for a few lucky Australians even that was not enough, and so they won twice!

In February 2015 year there was a message about a group of accomplices, who managed to win two separate dividend prizes worth 866 108 US dollars, taking the combined winnings of more than 1,7 million dollars or 157 474 US dollars, in the case of their separation between each of 11 group members.

Not a bad result, especially considering, that the second ticket was actually bought by accident – the informal leader of their group actually intended to buy tickets for two separate draws.

IN 2013 there were three such incidents: one person from Brisbane and two people from Melbourne managed to defy fate, by winning the Saturday lotto twice. A man from Brisbane played his regular numbers after buying a ticket, but then I forgot, whether he did it or not, and so returned to the game again. The result was two wins totaling 820 000 dollars – Total 1,64 million dollars!

Melbourne woman wins two jackpots in Saturday lotto, earning $ 835,149.68.

In April 2013 year in the newspapers appeared the headlines of one person from Melbourne, who won the lotto twice in six weeks. The first win allowed him to help pay off the mortgage, and he allocated the second one to renovate the house – in total he won 1,2 million dollars.

IN 2008 another man from Victoria, who wished to remain anonymous, managed to achieve impossible lotto win three times in a row!

Finally, we come to a heartbreaking story about a man, which is, perhaps, lucky man in Australian lottery history.

Super 66 – Super 66

The draw is held every week on Saturdays. A number from 000 000 to 999 999, which should coincide with that, which the lottery drum will give. Additional prize tiers vary by order, in which the first and last digits have dropped out.:

IN 2016 year Tattersalls has three new lottery products at once: SuperJackpot, MegaJackpot и Set for life.

SuperJackpot and MegaJackpot are lotteries – twins. Their feature – lack of exact date of circulation. It is held when it sells out 200 000 and 270 000 tickets respectively. Same, fields cannot be filled – the ticket will contain either the next serial number, or random. For the rest, these lotteries have quite ordinary characteristics.:

probability of winning the jackpot – 1: 15,746,501 and 1: 8,508,403 appropriately.

Other categories of winnings:

For MegaJackpot – 5 prizes for $1,000, 10 by $500, 25 by $100, 75 by $75, 600 by $40, 700 by $20 and 2,800 by $12.

For SuperJackpot – 2 prize by $500, 10 by $200, 20 by $100, 100 by $50, 600 by $25, 750 by $15 and 2,480 by $10.

The Set for life lottery is held according to the scheme 8 of 37. Its main feature is that, that the main prize – it is paid monthly during 20 years old 20 thousand Australian dollars.

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