Gambling in spain. can we afford them?

Spanish lotteries - how to play from Russia

Ugly number is a winning number

Another Christmas lottery classic is calling some numbers "ugly", making them difficult to sell. Although in the entire history of the existence of the lottery there are already many cases, when it was the "ugly" numbers that won. IN 2002 year at a lottery point of sale in Granada there were problems with the sale of tickets under the number 00091 (usually parts of the ticket are bought under the same number), which ended up winning. The same thing happened a year later in the city of Ourense, where several people returned tickets with a number 02150, just because they called him ugly. Lucky ones, who didn't.

Joke, which can cause heart attacks

There is nothing worse, than tell the person, who won a million, that it was the result of an error. Spanish daily newspaper Diario 16 in 1989 published the news about, that a repeat of this year's Christmas lottery is expected due to violations, arising during the counting of balls. The reaction of the winners can be imagined. Luckily for them, it was just a joke..

Have you ever won the lottery?

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Sailors, who preferred brandy to a lottery ticket, happy

Usually ship crews buy lotteries in ports, where they stop during the pre-Christmas period. Sailors often tell a sad story, which happened to their colleagues from the ship El Castillo de Butrón in 1957 year. Before heading to Senegal for fishing, the crew bought provisions in the shop of the village of Bermeo (Basque Country). Its owner often shared tickets for free. However, the sailors from this ship, instead of the lottery, preferred to get two bottles of cognac., which the owner of the store gladly gave them. Later it turned out, that one of those tickets was winning.

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