Free online lottery without registration

Free online lotteries with real winnings

Free lottery, what is its essence?

Newbies, those who first learned about the existence of free lotteries, fall into two categories:

  1. Some are happy with the new opportunity to win and immediately register on the site
  2. Others don't trust, the organizers are suspected of fraud and bypass the tenth road

But it's true, if you think logically, then what is the interest of the resource owner from that, that he gives out winnings (even the smallest), without replenishing your own cash register. Lotteries were and still are a great business, do the owners of lottery Internet resources do not know about this?

Where did the organizers get the money?

Among those, who deals with lotteries, cannot work only for the benefit of the player. The organizers receive their share of the income, but completely from other sources. Free real win lottery is a great theme, helping to attract and retain traffic on the site. Where are the stable visits, there and stable advertising with a stable payment for it.

Advertisers are the main and constant sponsors of lottery sites. And while they will be present "in the game", payment of winnings is guaranteed to you. Free online lottery is a fairly common concept, that's why there are a lot of similar sites, you can even find this on my blog.

What's the catch then?

They offer the conditions of the game too, as if cloned, but that's not the problem, but in the limited possibility of withdrawing the won funds.

In the wake of the popularity of lotteries on the Internet, unscrupulous webmasters "launch a duck", attracting sponsors and not fulfilling obligations to players on payments. Such projects do not last long: sometimes their ads outlive them.

There are enough such cunning on the net, so be careful when choosing a site to play with. I can't list them all, it would be more logical to review those lotteries, who pay.

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