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If you won the Green Card Lottery?

Winning the Green Card Lottery does not mean the beginning of your immigration to America. Embassy refusals are. If there is a criminal record, you better not even try to play. And you won't get a green card and a tourist visa in the future either. Taking into account the new rules for issuing GreenCard, without profession and income at home, without education and experience you will be denied an immigrant visa. Thus, you simply close your path for immigration under other programs.. for example, on political asylum. But people, believing in a miracle, only make themselves worse. Yes 10 years ago everything was different.

And many will think, that my friend left without any problems.

Yes, and a year ago everything was different. New rules came out in 2020 year. And now general refusals will begin. Now, eg, do not process the winners of the Green Card lottery at all until December 2020 of the year. So one of those, who won, not everyone will be interviewed , and if this ban is extended, then none of the winners will make it to the interview.

But they waited, believed and hoped. But life goes on and you do not develop in your country and did not move to another. So life goes on waiting for a miracle. And then you understand, that it's too late to do something. Lottery is good or evil? It depends on which side you look at. On the part of the US government - a genius thing, which is built on the psychologists of certain people. Because for people, who are used to acting there are other US immigration programs . Which still work. And which are not amended for US immigration and considered even during the quarantine period.

Playing the lottery? Waiting for a miracle?

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