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Number of game options and multi-bet

You can specify on one ticket several game options - from 1 to 10. More options are not printed on one ticket. If you want to get more game options, then you will need to purchase additional tickets. Additional game options can also be ordered, making the appropriate mark in the game card on a special field about the number of combinations.

In order not to buy tickets tip top twice a day, you can use multi-circulation rate. It's easy enough to do - with the help of a game card in one of the distribution points. Using this feature, you need to order several game options, and then make a corresponding mark in the column "Multiple bid". Example, +3. In this case, you will be given a ticket not only for the next one, but also for several circulations ahead.

Rules of the game. How to play lotto TYPE and TOP?

Read the rules of the game:

  1. Lottery TYPE TOP is very simple and economical. The main prizes are 200 000 and 500 000 hryvnia.
  2. To play, contact the seller at the lottery distribution point and order the required, or both.
  3. "Game option" - a combination of 6 figures from 0 to 9, which is printed by the distributor on the ticket and given to the player.
  4. Be sure to get a game ticket from the seller with printed game options!
  5. The broadcast of the draws is carried out on the channel "Espreso TV": TYPE afternoon, and TOP in the evening.
  6. The studio uses for drawing 6 lottery drum, each contains balls with numbers printed on them (from 0 to 9). Balls fall out of the lottery drum one by one. Received 6 numbers make up a winning game combination. This game will appeal to all Lotto Fun fans.
  7. The results of the draws are posted online from the official website of the MSL and according to the live broadcast of the TRK Ukraine channel.

When and where to look at the results of the lottery "TYPE TOP"?

At the bottom of the page are the results Type Top of the last draw. For more detailed statistics, click on the draw or date of interest. Game totals are updated to 16:28 and 21:10 (time may vary within 15 minutes) every day automatically. For the winnings and the number of winners, see the draw table and archive.

Information on on the number of wins is available on the main page of the lottery and in the archive, where more detailed statistics for a specific circulation are presented.

Check ticket Type Top by number is not difficult, just enter the code on the ticket in the form above and click "check". Available via 20-30 minutes after the draw.


Here everything is simple. One or more fields on the ticket must be erased, behind which information about the win is hidden. Also on each such ticket there is a closed field with the inscription "Do not wash". There, under the protective layer ..., according to which, in case of winning, the lottery organizer will be able to conduct an examination and establish, is it real or is it fake. In another type of instant lotteries, you do not need to erase anything, but you need to tear off part of the ticket, to expand it and find out the amount of the win.

Instant lottery tickets are usually bright and colorful., thanks to which they attract the attention of players. For sure, many people know this pleasant feeling, when you erase the protective layer in the hope of winning

In case of winning, small amounts are usually paid in the same place, where the ticket was purchased. For larger cash prizes, you have to contact the organizer directly. The more expensive the ticket is, the more attractive the main prize of such a lottery can be. However, they are usually far from the jackpots of numerical lotteries..

You can also buy an instant lottery ticket online. Sure, the seller assures users, that the result is laid down in advance, rather than generated after the player purchases a ticket. But unlike the paper version, in which the result is printed in advance, in an electronic game, an ordinary person cannot check this in any way.

Cons of instant lotteries:

  • There is no possibility of self-selection of numbers;
  • Most often, the maximum possible winnings do not reach the jackpots of drawn lotteries;
  • The ticket can be lost;
  • The organizer may be a fraud and not pay the prize.

The largest and most advertised instant lotteries should be chosen. Give preference to topics, organized by the state.

Different and identical combinations

If you want to use one game option for all draws, then you will need to contact the lottery seller or make a mark in the appropriate column of the game card. Subsequently, the seller will print lottery tickets in accordance with the specified number of future draws. In this case, those options will be printed in the tickets for future draws, which you specified for the current circulation.

If in future draws "Lottery Type Group»You want to use different combinations, then it is enough to make a note in the column "Different combinations». The seller will print the ticket according to your instructions, and it will depict various game combinations.

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