The most winning lottery in russia

Winning statistics: probability of winning lotteries

Lotto history

Lotto first appeared in Italy in the 16th century. It immediately became popular in the country.. Lotto was considered a family game in the USSR. Over time, it spread throughout the world.. People have the opportunity to win big money.

In Russia, the game began to be accompanied by real cash prizes with 1970 of the year. So it was born - sports lotto. Sports lotto win statistics show the largest prize pool in 2013 year. The participant guessed 10 numbers of ten. The winning amount was 10 million. rub.

Cases known, when the challenger for the jackpot did not come for his prize. for example, in Bashkiria, a resident won 50 million. rub. and disappeared.

Tickets can be bought both at kiosks, and online. If the game is not streaming or the program was missed, then you can check your winnings by the ticket number at the kiosk. When buying online, a personal code is issued. In this case, you can check the ticket by the winning code. Almost all lotto rules are the same.

Russian Lotto winnings statistics show, that there are quite a lot of people today, who guessed the cherished combinations of numbers. But such victories are difficult to predict.

What are the statistics of winnings in 6 of 45? The probability of winning is 1 of 8,1 million. But, despite such a weak chance, people guess these numbers.

What are the win statistics 7 of 49? The probability of winning is 1 of 85,9 million. As seen, hitting the jackpot is even more difficult here.

In Russia, the largest distributor of state lotteries is Stoloto. About that, where to buy Stoloto tickets can be found on the company's website.

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