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Top 7 best lotteries in russia with good prizes - rating of lottery tickets 2020

The most common lotteries in the CIS countries and around the world

In our country, the most common lottery games include: The slogan, Keno sports, Housing lottery, Russian lotto.

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In each of the lotteries listed above, there are and have been very serious – millions of winnings. Very often these lotteries accumulate significant jackpots and very often they hold distribution drawings with large amounts of super prizes..

As for the most common foreign lotteries, then in the USA PowerBall and Mega Millions are examples., and in Europe it is Euro Jackpot and EuroMillions. Note, that in almost every foreign lottery huge jackpots very often accumulate. In particular, at the time of this writing, the jackpot in the American lottery called Mega Millions was 174 million. dollars. Absolutely everyone can take part in this drawing, fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, it became possible for a resident of any country in the world.

It will not be superfluous to remind, that the Thelotter service we wrote about a little earlier – it is the largest and most trusted gaming resource, through which you can take part in the drawings of many European and American lotteries. for example, even now you have the opportunity to participate in the famous EuroMillions lottery. It's about the lottery, draws which take place every Tuesday and Friday and in which players from almost all European countries take part: France, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, England etc.

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The prize fund is made up of all bets, which were delivered in nine states. Thus, the amount of the main prize starts from 17 million. euros. In case the jackpot does not break, its drawing is postponed to the next draw, etc.. Note, what's the biggest jackpot, which was registered with EuroMillions, was about 180 million. euros. And if we talk about the American Powerball lottery, then the biggest jackpot was recorded 13 january 2016 years and was 1 500 000 000$! It's not hard to guess, that such huge amounts, which are played in foreign lotteries, and made them one of the most popular and successful lotteries among all existing.

How to win a jackpot in Russian Lotto. Rules for filling out a lottery ticket

One of the inhabitants of America, Richard Lustrig, managed to win the lottery seven times in a row, receiving the main prizes. Based on your experience, he created a book, in which he described the secrets of the game: Search for lucky numbers and their obligatory use when filling out a lottery ticket. You need to combine constant combinations with any other "simple" numbers.

Take the game seriously, same, how to your usual work. Tickets should be bought regularly, let's say, every Thursday or Tuesday, and not from time to time for fun. Ask for help in making a combination of numbers of your friends and acquaintances or together with them to make several bets at once on the same number. If the desire to play the lottery begins to fade, friends will help to revive it, have not yet lost hope of victory. Simply put, it is worth creating a kind of syndicate of players.

Klaus Joel also decided to share his secret of a successful game. According to his theory, you can win, if you always believe in your success. He recommends that all players begin to set themselves up in a positive mood a few days before buying a ticket., think about, how will they become winners.

How to win the jackpot?

Lottery lovers often develop their own rules for participating in the game, which, in their opinion, can significantly increase the chances of winning. They are driven by the desire to win the jackpot, and therefore they relate to the matter very thoroughly.

Some of these recommendations are borrowed from open sources, and therefore require some comments from the standpoint of mathematical statistics and probability theory.

Recommendation 1. Keep track of winning combinations. Use specialized lottery sites, where such information is publicly available. Use the accumulated information to fill out tickets or form bets.

Specialist comment. Powerful computers are now responsible for generating winning combinations, implementing special algorithms for generating random numbers. The output is really random numbers, which is logically impossible to predict.

Recommendation 2. Do not use three consecutive numbers due to the fundamental impossibility of such combinations.

Specialist comment. ANY combination of numbers or numbers can be winning. Combinations are statistically more common, in which the same numbers or numbers do not line up in a single row.

Recommendation 3. Buy as many lottery tickets as possible. Thus, it will be possible to multiply the chances of winning..

Specialist comment. It really is. The question is, how much money are you even willing to spend on this adventure. Ideally, buy the entire circulation at once. true, its value is always an order of magnitude higher than the promised jackpot.

Buying hundreds of tickets will really increase your chances of winning a hundredfold. But in itself the probability of winning these hundred tickets is still insanely small and amounts to millionths of a percent.

Recommendation 4. Control emotions and inner urges, limiting spending on the purchase of lottery tickets to a predetermined amount.

Specialist comment. A wise and very practical rule, which not everyone succeeds in following. It is this that is able to save an overly carried away player from ruin.

Two principles of the jackpot

14 (XIV) the point of the Order is dedicated to the prize fund (and its distribution structure) as well as the rules for the drawing, algorithms for determining winnings and details of the super prize that is rolling from one draw to another. Among other details, it was told about the nuances of jackpot draws:

14.21. When holding a lottery, the lottery operator can use the following algorithms for determining winnings <…>

The first category of prize pool distribution includes options, determined by the lottery operator:"Jackpot" - two principles of drawing are possible, namely:

  • - principle no. 1 - win tickets, in which on 15 all go 15 numbers of one of the two playing fields of the ticket (top or bottom) coincide with the numbers dropped during the drawing;
  • - principle no. 2 - win tickets, in which on the go, Operator-defined, coincide 15 numbers from 30, located in the two playing fields of the ticket, with the numbers dropped during the drawing.

The principle of the "Jackpot" drawing within a particular draw is determined by the lottery operator.

Wherein, not in the order, nor in the lottery rules published on the Stoloto website, nothing is said about the likelihood of one or another way of drawing the jackpot, although this is basic information. For, to make it clear what this is about, let's dwell on this in more detail.

The first draw is a numerical formula 15 of 90. The probability of winning in the given scenario (15 numbers for 15 moves coincide with 15 numbers in one field) is 1:45 795 673 964 460 800 (one on 45,8 quadrillion!). Considering, that there are two playing fields in one ticket, the chance to hit the jackpot is obtained 1:22 897 836 982 230 400. Nearly 23 quadrillion! It's incredible, astronomical chance, which even has nothing to compare. There are no events in our life with such a probability.

Simply put, then the use of principle # 1 is a de facto ban on the jackpot, just because, that with such initial data it is impossible.

The more interesting is principle number 2 At first glance, compared to the wording of principle no., not much changes, but this is the case when the changes are dramatic. Firstly, instead of the rigidly fixed concept of the 15th move, a range of possible options for the operator is added ("In which on the go, Operator-defined "). And secondly ... changing the base to determine the matching numbers (15 numbers from 30, located in the two playing fields of the ticket) don't just double the odds, it increases them many times. Just because, what is the expanded rate here - 15 numbers for 15 (or n) moves with marked 30 numbers.

Using principle # 2, the probability of winning the jackpot is 1 chance out 295 232 118 (1:295 232 118)

It is the principle number 2 that has been used for the last year and a half. During this time, the jackpot was hit four times:

  • circulation no. 1204, from 5 November 2017 — 506 million rubles won by Natalia Vlasova from Panino
  • circulation no. 1206, from 19 November 2017 — 100 million rubles went to a resident of the Stavropol Territory
  • circulation no. 1212, from 1 january 2018 — 250 million rubles received (?) unknown student from Kazan
  • circulation no. 1231, from 13 May 2018 — 209 million rubles went to an unknown resident of Tver.

Previously, for several years (period ended in October-November 2017 and began in 2015? 2014? or in 2012-2013?) the jackpot in the Russian Lotto has never been broken. Just because, that it was impossible - the prohibitive principle number 1 was in effect.

What lotteries to buy at Stoloto?

In my experience, the highest probability of winning in the "Gosloto" and "Rapido" lotteries. there is, of course the well-known lotteries "Russian Lotto" and "Housing Lottery", but the draws take place once a week, and the probability of winning is still less, t. to. there is no way to make expanded bets and thus increase the probability. On the other hand, of course you can buy more tickets. By the way, maybe it makes sense to think about it.

Lotteries from Gosloto: "4 out of 20", "5 out of 36", "6 out of 45", "7 out of 49". These are lotteries with multi-million dollar super prizes, it is very likely to win a pretty big sum in them. The whole essence of these lotteries is already embedded in the name. Drawings of these lotteries take place live on the site. Broadcast from the Stoloto lottery center, located in Moscow, somewhere in Volgogradka. They say, you can come there and take a personal look at this whole kitchen.

The Rapido lottery recommended by me is a fast lottery, draw, which is held every 15 minutes. The probability of winning is high, but here is the cost of the minimum bet - 150 rub. The lottery has an increased prize pool - 67% from every ticket sold.

There are many other lotteries on the Stoloto website, but I haven't studied them thoroughly, therefore, the post will only talk about verified.

How to win a jackpot in Russian Lotto. Winning methods

And yet, low odds of winning don't stop natural-born gamblers., and people who want to test their fate. So how to win the "Russian Lotto" lottery and hit the Jackpot? Everyone has their own methods for winning, consider the most common.

1. Statistical method. In this case, it is worth studying the theory of probability and optimizing the way to quickly get a win. If you cannot afford such calculations, computer will come to the rescue. With the help of special programs, you can make a combination of successful numbers.

2. Numerological method. How to win the Russian Lotto lottery using your date of birth or name? There is a special science - numerology, which determines favorable days for each person on the basis of his personal data. To get your first lucky number, you must add up all the numbers of your date of birth. The second number is obtained by adding the letters in your name, namely "a-1", "B-2" etc.. d. The third lucky number is found by adding the first two. Now you have three lucky numbers, which must be present in the lottery ticket.

3. Some psychologists advise: in order to win, you need to believe in it all the time. To achieve the result, you need to take a piece of paper with a pen and depict yourself on it with a big bag of money. Looking at your creativity, sincerely believe, what will you win.

4. Fatal method. A huge number of bets are made on 9 and 11 numbers, after the famous disaster 11 september. And the strangest thing is that these tickets were won! Many people look for a clue in the day of the week or days of the month. They often help them. It's worth looking around you and find out, where is your lucky number hiding, which will allow you to understand, how to win the lottery "Russian Lotto".

5. Superstitious method. Buying a lottery ticket is a ritual, which needs to be done especially

Firstly, you need to pay attention to the appearance. Don't wear things, in which there is yellow and red

It's better to choose an outfit in dark colors. Striped or checked clothes will also scare off luck.. And the most important rule is not to wear jewelry made of gold and silver!

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