Lottery oz lotto

Oz lotto

How to play OZ Lotto

Of 45 balls drops 9: seven main and two additional. Depending on the number of matched balls, the amount of money is distributed among the winners as follows:

  • 7+0 - first category
  • 6+1 - second category
  • 6+0 - third category
  • 5+1 or 2 - fourth category
  • 5+0 - fifth category
  • 4+0 - sixth category
  • 3+0 - seventh category

That is, in order, to start playing, you need to choose 7 main numbers and two additional. And then rely on luck.

OZ Lotto rules from Australia

So that if you win, you will surely receive your prize, follow a few simple rules set by the lottery organizers. Check them out below.


You can take part in the OZ Lotto game, being on the territory of the CIS countries, it is not necessary to be directly in the country where the draws are held. The main requirement of lottery organizers is the age of majority. For persons, did not reach 18 years old, it is strictly forbidden to take part in the prize draw. Minimum age restrictions are not a reason to give up your lifelong dream of becoming a millionaire in a couple of minutes. Play, buy a ticket, and you are lucky today.

One-handed win

There is one winner per ticket, single ticket is optional, This does not mean, that you only have to buy one ticket. More tickets - more opportunities to win. If all the tickets are won, you will be able to collect the winnings from only one lottery ticket at your discretion.

You can get your winnings, only being on the territory of the country, where the game of the OZ Lotto took place. It means, if the player wins in Russia, then you can only get a win in this country.

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