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Relying on luck

Any lottery is a risk and a bet on luck. Everyone has a chance to win, but remember, that such a victory will never be stable. However, whatever it was, the very anticipation of odd earnings without any effort continues to attract people to lotteries. You are one of them too? Try the profession of an internet entrepreneur

An excellent alternative to real lottery tickets and draws of cash prizes is the online lottery for real money without investment. I.e, absolutely free you are given a unique opportunity to hit the jackpot. Want to try your luck? Then we read, where and how!

Money Internet Projects

so, if you are ready to fulfill your old dream - a big win in the lottery, you don't have to run to the post office or bank for a ticket. All, what do you need, - go to the site and take a few simple steps. Now there are many such projects.. Read more about real ways to make money below..


The lottery takes place online for free. Such varieties are provided:

  • "Simple";
  • "Classic";
  • "Journey";
  • "Automotive";
  • "Gadget";
  • "Super".

Here choose 6 numbers in each ticket. You can come up with the numbers yourself or use the service "select random numbers". I will note, that more than six chances cannot be used per day. The drawing itself of valuable prizes based on the results of the lottery drum is carried out once a day - from 11 by 12 hours of the day (Moscow time).

If you are concerned about the question, why is this project free, I will answer: website profit is advertising on the resource page and sending it to email addresses. To avoid missing lottery draws, you can subscribe for a fee to fill out tickets automatically. This will significantly increase the chance of your victory..

Social chance

To participate, you need to register, fill in information about yourself and link the created profile to social communities. Then you get one try (or several) guess the number from 0 to 999 999. An increase in the number of opportunities will allow inviting a new player to the system.

The maximum payout is 10 thousand rubles. Jackpot Amount - 1 thousand Russian rubles. Agree, a lot for money, donated? The lottery assures of its honesty regarding the announcement of the results and payments to participants. Besides, the project makes a rating of the most successful users. If you manage to break into the top three lucky ones, get a nice cash bonus for it.

Fortune was on your side? Then the payment of the material prize will take place within a few hours after the announcement of the results.. For ordering, withdrawals are confirmed by a mobile phone number.


Another site, offering to make money without investing money. First, create a personal account, then fill in the five received tickets, prescribing in each 6 numbers from 49. If you guess the lucky combination of numbers, get points, money, with which you can exchange for prizes (eg, gadget or home appliance).

The function of writing comments is available on the site, in which the lucky ones often thank for the money received. You can also communicate on the topic "lucky - unlucky" in the group of this project, which is located in the social network VK.


They also create a profile here, after which they receive the right to fill out the proposed lottery ticket. By filling it in, to confirm, click on a special banner, which opens the ad. The video must be viewed. Then there will be a drawing of prizes.

Pros of this online lottery:

  • Daily chance to win;
  • Referral program, allowing you to receive a stable income from attracted users.

The site offers three possible profile statuses: bronze, silver and gold. The lottery prize fund calculates the amount 2.0615 WMZ.


This project from the Casino.RU site also does not require upfront cash costs. Jackpot - whole 10 one thousand dollars! Beyond the bet on luck, you can cooperate under the terms of the referral program and receive money for bringing new members.

Do not lose good chances to replenish your virtual wallet! Play and Win! May good luck please you! I am waiting for you in my blog subscribers and advise you to tell your friends from social networks about this article.! Give them an opportunity to win too! Until next time, my dear friends!

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