How to get a win at stoloto?

How to win at & quot; Russian Lotto" large sum of money - secrets of winning

Why am I not winning - 3 possible reasons

Looking for multi-million dollar prize winners, inevitably thinking: Why am I not winning?». It is definitely impossible to answer this question.. Science, in charge of the lottery - the theory of probability - only counts the odds, but does not choose a winner.

There are a huge number of versions, reasons. Someone believes in the organizers' conspiracy theory and tries to deceive them.. Others go to fortune-tellers and psychics., to increase your chances of winning.

Let's consider the lottery, how fair gambling, built on dry mathematics.

In this case, the reasons for failure will be as follows:

  1. The reason 1 - you play little. The odds of winning are in millionths of a percent. A simple example is worth considering here.. The bag contains 100 numbered balls. You gotta pull out the numbered ball 17. If you have one try, then a chance of success - 1%. Two attempts - 2%. Fifty tries - 50%. This works with tickets too.
  2. The reason 2 - you stopped playing. History knows many people, who hit the jackpot after ten or even twenty years of participation. Not worth thinking, that having played once you will hit a multi-million dollar jackpot. There are cases, when people won, buying one ticket, but this is an exception, which confirms the rule. Such people 1 per billion. The winner of the largest prize in Russia claims, who has been playing Russian Lotto since the founding of the lottery.
  3. The reason 3 - you are an unlucky person. Luck cannot be measured mathematically. But there is such a concept, as a "light hand". Someone has better luck, and he pulls out prize tickets. And someone from 100 pull the only one, which will bring nothing.

Some go further and experiment, what is called, on yourself. Take a look, how much you can get from a hundred tickets of "Russian Lotto", to soberly assess your chances: = StofJVoH68o

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