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The lotter - feedback from winners + comparison with agent lotto - where is more profitable? | foreign lotteries

The Lotter или Lotto Agent: which service is better?

The English-speaking segment is represented by a large number of lottery dealers. Russians have fewer opportunities to participate in foreign lotteries. In Russia, The Lotter's main competitor is Lotto Agent. The dealer works with 2012 of the year, but quickly gained a good reputation. To find out, which service is better, let's compare them according to the main parameters.

#1. Number of lotteries

Both services offer their customers a large selection of the world's largest lotteries, including MegaMillions, SuperEnalotto, EuroMillions, PowerBall. On both sites you will find special draws, like the legendary Spanish New Year lottery Navidad and the monthly Nacionale.

#2. Commissions and ticket prices

Both services include such services in the ticket price, as notification of the results of the draw and transfer of the prize. Dealers do not take additional commissions.

In the table, we have compared the ticket prices of some of the popular raffles:

Lottery Lotto Agent The Lotter
EuroJackpot $17.11 for 3 fields € 15 or $16.76 for 3 fields
PowerBall $20.89 for 3 fields € 20.17 or $22.54 for 3 fields
MegaMillions $14.91 for 3 fields € 13.45 or $15 for 3 fields
EuroMillions $18.4 for 3 fields € 16.8 or $18.77 for 3 fields
SuperEnalotto $13.93 for 5 fields € 12.5 or $14 for 5 fields

Cons of foreign lotteries

Lack of official information in Russian

Large national lotteries often have pages in Russian, but, when it comes to state or European lotteries, here only knowledge of a foreign language can come to the rescue, or an intermediary site. Sure, if you know english, then this is not a problem, however, most Russians have to resort to the help of an online translator. Naturally, there is no such problem with domestic lotteries. Despite, that in most cases the game process is intuitive, the accompanying texts are still difficult to understand.

Difficulty of withdrawing winnings

Gosloto will pay you winnings of up to two thousand rubles at ticket distribution points, winnings up to a million - by transfer to the card, and to win over a million you will have to go personally. Foreign lotteries are getting harder. Some lotteries can pay you winnings by transfer, but mostly, withdrawal process is quite lengthy. Sure, if you use the services of an intermediary site, you can count on help, but, if you play on your own it is better to read the conditions for receiving the prize in advance. Besides, the way of receiving the prize depends on, how did you buy your ticket, online or at an authorized dealer.


That country's winnings tax, where the lottery is registered, its management will pay independently, but the winner will have to deal with Russian taxes on their own. Tax amount, which is charged on a foreign lottery depends on the country, somewhere there is no tax at all (Australia), and somewhere it comes to 30% (USA). Russians need to independently pay personal income tax for winnings and draw up a declaration.

Problems accessing lottery sites

In Russia, foreign lottery sites are regularly blocked, websites of intermediaries can also be blocked. You can solve the problem using a VPN, in the OPERA browser, for example it is built in by default. To get to the blocked site you just need to click on the button in the address bar. But, Nevertheless, blocking can create additional hassle for you. Most players choose to cooperate with reliable intermediary sites.

Powerball Lottery («PowerBall»)

Online ticket sales: NOT carried out.

How to buy tickets: in the states, lottery tickets can be purchased as American citizens, and citizens of other countries legally staying in the country (eg, tourists). Online ticket sales via the Internet are NOT available! But there are legal ways to play online outside the US.

Ticket price (one position): $2.

Minimum jackpot: $40 000 000.

Current jackpot (clickable banner):

Maximum jackpot: not limited and accumulates from circulation to circulation.

Max Jackpot Drawn: 1 billion 586 million 400 one thousand dollars, shared by three members in January 2016 of the year.

Payment of the jackpot: it is possible to either receive the entire jackpot amount (the first payment occurs immediately after formal procedures, the rest – increasing payments during 29 years old), or immediately receive in cash about half of the amount. Most winners choose the second payout option.

Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 292 201 338.

Probability of winning any prize: 1 to 24,87.

Drawing: held twice a week, wednesday and saturday.

Powerball Lottery Rules («PowerBall»):

From a drum with 69 white balls are drawn at random exactly 5 balls. From another drum with 26 balls fall 1 ball, which is called Powerball. To get the minimum win, you need to guess at least the PowerBall number, by filling out a special lottery ticket, to get the jackpot you need to guess everything 6 dropped balls. If the guesses are all 6 balls will be several people, then the jackpot will be divided equally between them. When buying tickets through the terminal, you can select the "Quick Pick" option mentioned at the very beginning of the text and then the ticket will be filled in randomly.

Players can multiply their winnings for an additional fee, using the special "PowerPlay" function (the ball with the number "PowerPlay" is drawn randomly before the start of the lottery). If the Powerball jackpot exceeds 150 million dollars, then it is possible to increase the winnings up to 5 times inclusive. If the jackpot is less than the above amount, then a tenfold increase in the amount of winning is possible. But the "PowerPlay" option does not apply to the jackpot itself.

Approximate paytable Powerball (the probability of winning is shown in brackets):

  • $4 – guessed only PowerBall (1 to 38,32);
  • $4 – guessed 1 ball and guessed powerball (1 to 91,98);
  • $7 – guessed 2 ball and guessed Powerball (1 to 701,33);
  • $7 – guessed 3 ball and not guessed by PowerBall (1 to 579,76);
  • $100 – guessed 3 ball and guessed Powerball (1 to 14 494,11);
  • $100 – guessed 4 ball and not guessed by PowerBall (1 to 36 525,17);
  • $50 000 – guessed 4 ball and guessed Powerball (1 to 913 129,18);
  • $1 000 000 – guessed 5 balls and NOT guessed Powerball (1 to 11 688 053,52). When, if you have used the "PowerPlay" function, then the payoff will be, regardless of the coefficient $2 000 000;
  • Jackpot – guessed 5 balls and guessed powerball (1 to 292 201 338).

The rules of the game have changed several times.. So, since the game was renamed to Powerball, the minimum jackpot has been 2 million dollars, and the game was played in the format 5/45 + 1/45, ie. dropped out 5 balls from 45 and the PowerBall fell out of the range from 1 to 45. In May 1997 year, the minimum jackpot increased by 5 times and made 10 million dollars, and the lottery format changed to 5/49 + 1/42. In June 1998 the jackpot record was set – $161 496 959. In July 2001 PowerPlay option added, and already in August of the same year, the jackpot took a new peak – $165 803 324,51. A year later, the format changed to 5/53 + 1/42, and in August 2015 the minimum jackpot was 15 million dollars, and the format became 5/55 + 1/42. And just a month and a half later, a new record jackpot was drawn in the amount of 340 million dollars.

How to buy a foreign lottery ticket?

There is no need to buy such tickets, since lotto works in our country too. Among the most popular are Russian Lotto and Gosloto 6 of 45 ".

You can buy tickets directly on the Internet, the winnings there are also solid. But they never compare to jackpots, installed in foreign lotto:

This company works with 2012 of the year, honestly pays money to clients and so that no one doubts the honesty, they send a scan of the ticket to the mail.

For the purchase of foreign tickets, resellers are offered on many forums. Don't even consider this option, because you will not be given any guarantees, that you receive a real ticket and can then easily collect your winnings. Plus to everything, resellers greatly inflate ticket prices.

How to play the world's lotteries?

World-class lotteries are not popular in Russia, since some people are not aware of their existence at all. Besides, most are not sure, who can take the winnings.

If the desire to hit the big jackpot overwhelms you, go to Lottowinonline and buy as many tickets as you want:

Sometimes the fields are a little different, but the essence is the same everywhere, you need to use your lucky numbers:

therefore, for one ticket with three filled fields you have to pay a little more 1000 rubles (in the PowerBall lottery):

Is it worth playing foreign lotteries?

Everyone has their own opinion on this matter., but personally I try not to use them. Why? Because there is no certainty, that if you win in 100 000$, participants in the same , will not be lost.

I have no evidence and I do not accuse them of anything, but when there is access to a huge amount, why not take it for yourself.

Someone will say, that you shouldn't be so skeptic, if the site pays honestly and sends scans of tickets, then it is really high quality.

I will not persuade anyone, and I will continue to play on , where am i at 100% sure of honesty, and there will be no problems with payouts, because all the lotteries there are domestic.

World lotteries online comfortable and more interesting, but only on one side. After reading reviews on the net, you will understand too, that there are many people, winners of Russian lotto and showing evidence.

And all those, who writes about winning in foreign lotteries, they just talk and never prove it (at least screenshots from the site). This is not a strong argument., Nevertheless, it's hard to believe empty reviews.

American Powerball Review

The global Powerball lottery combines all the essentials, what a real player needs: good chances of winning, excitement, huge jackpot. The lottery is held in 43 states for thirty years. If you believe the information on the official website, then during the existence of the company, numerous changes have been made, the last of which happened two years ago. From that time on, the jackpot is 40 million dollars and more.

Why choose Powerball:

  • high probability of getting a prize (according to the positive reviews);
  • the biggest cash prize in the world (this is what the company made its name on);
  • the ability to play from anywhere in the world (but only through intermediaries);
  • several people become millionaires every week;

How to play:

During the game, two lottery drums are used with a set of balls in each. Total: 69 whites and 26 red. For, to win the main prize, the player must guess five white balls and one red. If you guess right 5 white balls, your winnings will be 1 million dollars.

Taking information from the reviews of Russians as a basis, one might say, that the player has the ability to pick up his burn out immediately in cash (but then you have to give the Powerball about 40% tax), or by installments, during 30 years old.

How to play the American lottery for residents of the CIS countries:

To play a foreign lottery, a resident of Russia needs:

  • become a client of an online reseller, which acts on behalf of the American lottery (however, I write Powerball on my website, that they do not act through intermediaries);
  • they will buy a ticket for you, at official points of sale in the USA, where the combinations are marked, selected by you;
  • the player receives a purchase report and a scan ticket.

How the lucky one gets the prize:

  • By purchasing a ticket online, a player can only win one prize, the organizers will pay only the most suitable prize (depending on the number of matches).
  • The player will receive a prize only if the ticket is authentic. Forging a coupon is prohibited!
  • You can receive a prize within a period of time, established by the company, where did you buy your ticket. When, if money (gain) nobody took, it is allocated at the discretion of the lottery operator.
  • The player can choose the option of receiving the jackpot himself: one-time payment of the entire amount or annuity (gradual payment). During 60 days after the draw, you must choose one of the ways.
  • The prize can be paid out in cash, by check or bank transfer.
  • The state lottery itself determines the period for receiving the prize (for often it 180 days). By the way, you get a prize only in that state, where was the ticket purchased.

Simple enough game, which is only aimed at luck. There is no strategy or logic here. Maximum, what will help you – intuition. Many people like this game just because, that the ticket is not expensive, and the possible prize is huge. But, hurry to remind you, what to play in foreign lotto, Russians on their own cannot. They need to seek help from intermediary firms.

Is it possible to really win at Powerball, controversial issue, but statistics show, what people, living in the USA and Canada, lost a total 117 million dollars and this is only 2017 year. But most likely, this figure is underestimated, since many simply do not report such things to the police.

Lottery scammers come up with all the moves, to throw the player. And most often they act on behalf of famous lotteries. Need to understand, that you cannot win a prize in any lottery or competition, in which you did not participate.

Besides, lottery organizers will never force you to pay taxes or fees before, how will you receive your winnings.

Why you shouldn't play with the Lottothrill middleman

Playing through an intermediary is a risk, and everyone knows it. There are a fair number of fraudulent schemes, which have already become classics. The most interesting thing is, that such resources, as Lottothrill, did not try to be original and fool the players by the standard.

The player registers on a beautiful, tempting site, where is the fake information written. The victim buys a ticket. And here there are two options for the outcome of events:

  1. Nobody buys any ticket and yours 5 dollars just go to a fraudster;
  2. They will actually buy you a ticket and, if he is winning, money just goes to your pocket, but, Unfortunately, not in yours.

What are the secrets of foreign lotteries, or rather, intermediaries? Let's figure it out together, why you shouldn't play with Lottothrill:

  1. No matter how they write on the intermediary site, but a chance to win the jackpot, never again, than one in ten million. And as practice shows, even less - 1: 50 000 000 or 1: 150 000 000. It is a fact.
  2. Complete lack of warranty. If you, somehow, you're playing, and no one will give you a prize, a foreign court will not defend your rights. As we wrote earlier, overseas lotto does not sell tickets online, then you will have to use the services of an intermediary. But when you buy your ticket, you don't fill out any legal paperwork, therefore, no one gives you guarantees of the payment of prizes. Besides, the ticket itself is not your property, he is the property of that, who holds it in hands. And keeps him, just middleman Lottothrill. The conclusion suggests itself.
  3. Tax. Everybody knows, what if you win the jackpot, lottery country levies tax. And it's perfectly legal. But a mediator, may require, and he demands, additional payment: nonexistent taxes, fees and stuff. This is already a signal that, that this is a scammer. Reseller's earnings - markup on the ticket. They write it on the site too. But when it comes to withdrawing money, the situation changes dramatically.
  4. Untold. On the intermediary resource you can often find information in small print, it may not even be translated into Russian. And then, in case of disturbances, the agent will easily point out to you, that the site has information and needs to be read carefully.

SMARTGUIDE reminds, that to participate in a foreign lottery you will have to use an intermediary, but choosing the right one is almost impossible. Scam brokers create mirror sites, where they advertise their services, hiding behind the names of honest lotteries.

There is only one conclusion about this resource.: scammers. You will pay for the ticket, fake commissions and fees. Nobody will list a prize for you, since it's not logical at all. By giving the ticket to an outsider, remember, that you were left without him and no court will help you take your prize.

Can lotteries be trusted, at all?

I think, many of you have ever dreamed of a good win. We often expect gifts from fate as material, and intangible. But if in life matters we can rely on our own skill, then in financial games you need to rely only on luck. However, where to invest money, for this very luck to happen - that's the big question. Let's try to figure out, what lottery can you invest in.

We are glad to inform you, that today the situation is changing for the better around the world - recently you can participate in the largest official lotteries around the world, legally and simply because of the comfort of your home, where are you. Open a free account and get instant access to the official online lottery online. 100% return for the first purchase of lotoshain!

No fees for your profits. Receive free emails. about jackpot and lottery results online! Official purchases in the Lotoshein industry all over the world online! Participants waved 'giant jackpots at record heights' - that's a promise.

On the question of whether to play the lottery, I'll just answer - it's worth it! After all, if you do not give fate a chance, how will she help you. Another thing, that you don't need to spend all your last money on purchasing a bundle of tickets at once, but you definitely need to try your luck once or twice a month, otherwise you will just lie and dream.

How regular overseas lotteries become Internet lotteries?

However, providers see differently. Professor Martin Heger, expert in European criminal law at the University of Berlin. Humboldt, assessed the legal situation as "highly controversial". “The European Court has recognized the German rules and, thus, state gambling monopoly ". Therefore, it is currently unclear, can German criminal law be applied at all. Result: There are no criminal cases against participants in illegal online betting.

The right to gambling under bombardment. Germany is in trouble with Brussels due to its regulation of the gambling market. Private players are currently tolerated, but they can hardly be regulated and controlled.

Nevertheless, a seven-year concession must be awarded 20 private sports betting providers. The Ministry of the Interior of Hess is responsible for awarding concessions, but so far nothing has happened. Planned to release before 40 concessions for private players from July.

Unfortunately, in Russia, the attitude towards lotteries is rather skeptical. This is due to a lot of hype in the 90s, with a lot of instant lotteries, in which it was simply impossible to get a serious win.

What do we end up with?

The conclusion suggests itself, where did the prejudice come from, that the citizens of the CIS are denied access to foreign draws. Most likely, players are confused by the rules, listed on the official sites of lottery companies, which, In most cases, cannot sell tickets to their games on the world wide web, since it is forbidden by the founders. However, this taboo was not created against foreigners, but against violating the Constitution of his country and preventing the company from abusing its capabilities.

But that doesn't mean at all, that you cannot use the services of an intermediary. You just need to find a reliable intermediary site and you can consider it a "colleague", who is on vacation abroad and you simply asked him to go to the store for a ticket and milk. You have the right to drink milk., brought by a colleague? However, you will not be surprised, if the question on the website of a dairy farm “Can I buy a liter of milk from you?, I'm from the CIS?”, the representative will refuse you, explaining this by, that does not cooperate with other countries.

So if you're an adult (and for some lotteries it is enough and 16 years old, eg, Еuromillions), you can participate in foreign lotteries. Sometimes, true, there are some situations - some of the countries have individual rules and require the registration of the document data, which only citizens can have. But, often, this applies to those lottery companies, who have the ability to sell tickets to draws using the Network in their country.

In our case, intermediaries purchase tickets to the cafe for you, shops, at gas stations, in other retail outlets. That is why this rule does not play any role..

Will hope, that you have no more doubts! Play safely, take risks and take your winnings!

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