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Comic lotteries for holidays and weddings

Birthday Lottery

Lottery tickets with numbers, similar to real, you will need to print in advance on a printer, give to each guest at the entrance. Print the same number of leaflets with numbers and comic prizes, roll up into a tube, put in a box. To take out invite the birthday boy, he will read the text. Draw in the middle of the event.

Examples of prizes and inscriptions:

  • Today in the lottery you, Alas, will not fall 100 gram.
    And only juice will fall out, so that you can stand on your feet. (Juice)
  • He will not be superfluous in the heat, not cool, but still ok. (Fan)
  • Champagne is not brought to the hall for us yet, drink at least some more milk (Package of milk)
  • I'm not so greedy that I don’t give anything,
    Here's a frame, attach your photo face. (Photo frame)
  • Believe me, tried to, did not sleep at night, knitted patterns, even tired,
    But no matter how hard I tried, I'm really sorry,
    The Orenburg shawl did not come out in any way. (Handkerchief)

New Year

The texts of predictions for the children's New Year's event should be funny, positive and hurtful. You can also come up with wishes.

You will be happy for a whole year, Santa Claus brings success This New Year, you will set a record with eating candy You will learn for sure 22 non-Russian language Adults and children envy, you dance all year in ballet
Your still life, the portrait and landscape will be seen by the Hermitage itself I will look a year ahead, I see - you are cooking compote You play in a concert hall on your nerves, violin and piano May you be lucky in everything, eat candy in the morning and afternoon
You will conquer the top of science - you will build a time machine You will discover a new planet. The prize is waiting for you - a rocket Carlson will fly from the roof and treat you with jam, and maybe also buns The snow is spinning and spinning, your dreams are destined to come true
You will write a cool novel, will envy Tolstoy You are destined to play football and score a goal for the Brazilians Waiting for a standing ovation, fans and flowers, you will become a star of the Teletubbies Lift the barbell in 6 tone and you will be a champion in sports

How to organize this lottery

Firstly, have to prepare the lottery tickets themselves. They can be cut from cardboard, candy boxes, or print on a printer.

Heart-shaped tickets look nice, cut from colorful postcards, outlined with a shiny marker. They will last more than one year.

For a purely children's holiday, balloons or prints of their palms are wonderful lottery tickets. It is enough to apply paint on the palm (watercolor, gouache), and leave a print on a white sheet. After drying, cut.

Each ticket must have a number. Prepare tokens or balls (can tennis) with the same number of rooms. Prepare records of winnings in a notebook, corresponding to each number. It remains to make a bag, from which numbered tokens are planned to be removed (balls) and stock up on the right gifts.

One more question, that interests the organizers of the event: when to hold the lottery? When holding adult holidays, the most appropriate time is after an incendiary drawing in the first half of the celebration. It is safer to make lottery tickets in the form of a medallion for a wedding, dressing around the neck So there is a chance to keep it during the fun.

Children's lottery is organized in the middle of the festival, when the children are already comfortable enough, adapted to the environment, met each other.

How to prepare and issue New Year's lottery tickets

To make the New Year lottery look beautiful, you should issue tickets in the New Year's way and prepare additional attributes.

To make the participants like the New Year lottery with comic prizes, you need to prepare for it in advance. You need:

  • Prepare lottery tickets
  • Buy prizes
  • Create a drawing script

There are three ways to present lottery tickets:

In a small box. For the lottery, it can be beautifully decorated in the New Year's style. Punch a hole in a small cardboard box, to fit the hand. Then cover it with colored holiday paper.. You can draw or print a drawing as a symbol 2021 of the year - White Metal Bull.

Lototron. In the gift shop, you can purchase a special device for holding lotteries - a lottery drum

It looks impressive and will surely attract the attention of guests., but it is inexpensive.

Lottery tickets can be hung on the New Year tree. Arrange a Christmas tree, which makes wishes come true

Guests will come up and take their surprise paper. For a more beautiful design, you can buy small New Year cards, and write the text inside.

To make your party more themed, the lottery papers themselves should also be decorated in a festive New Year's style.

  • for example, can cut lottery tickets in snowflake shape. On the back there will be a comic text.
  • You can simply print the text of lottery tickets on a printer, roll them into a tube and tie with a thread.
  • You can cut chaotic geometric shapes - circles, triangles, rectangles, etc.
  • You can make lottery tickets out of colored paper.
  • It would be very original to print beautiful lottery tickets with beautiful New Year's drawings on the back. But you need a color printer. Below are the templates for New Year's lottery tickets..

Generally, not that important, how to present a New Year's lottery for guests. The most important thing, to make it funny and comic, cheered up the guests

New Year's lottery with predictions

What a New Year without making wishes? They are given special preference on a mysterious night.

If it falls out as a prediction then, what did you dream about, this is expected and hoped for the whole year. Therefore, predictions-wishes are carefully selected, so that there is no negative left.

They are written on a piece of paper, roll up, tied with a thin ribbon, put in a hat-cylinder or cone. Stir before serving. The received predictions are read out loud by the guests.

Examples of predictions:

  1. The old year is about to go. All the bad will take away.
    In the new one there will be good luck and a sack of money to boot.
  2. Buy yourself a frying pan in the coming year,
    Pour tea into a couple of cups, expect guests for lunch.
  3. You need to believe in miracles, there are many of them in the world,
    New love and a long journey awaits you.
  4. You will buy a lottery ticket for yourself,
    Put it under your pillow on Thursday,
    Take out in the morning, spit five times.
    Winnings will be waiting for you on Saturday.
  5. Tomorrow for sure, believe not believe,
    Happiness will knock on the door.
    Don't count the crows,
    Let him in quickly.
  6. Today, the prediction for you is for another road 100 gram.

With tasks

Fun lotteries can be diversified even more with interesting tasks. They should be compiled taking into account the age of the participants.. The following humorous assignments can be used in entertainment.

Portray a bee, collecting flower nectar Name 10 words starting with the letter "M" Blindfolded by touch to identify the object, which the host put in his hand Eat a slice of lemon and smile at the same time Paint your portrait with your left hand
Explain, how to cook scrambled eggs, without speaking at the same time During 2 min. quickly answer questions from other children, but, don't say yes, "no", "I do not know" Sing a song, covering your nose Make at least one lottery participant laugh Depict a playful kitten using movements and sounds

A comic lottery is good for any children's holidays. She unites all the guys, causes laughter and delight. Fun is ideal for children of different ages, physical capabilities and interests. Participants will have a great mood and feel equal with everyone.

Funny in riddles

A joke lottery for children can also be in the form of riddles. The guys pull out the lottery numbers themselves, and the host reads out a riddle, corresponding to this number, and after guessing it gives a prize.

Riddles can be invented in poetic form with suggestive answers, eg:

This thing is useful for sure, Serves everyone in the morning, and at night! Will save people's teeth from all misfortunes ... (Toothpaste)

She will help in life In every cataclysm! If you turned off the light, And warmth, and no gas, Everyone is bright and hot Rado will help out ... (Candle)

If you're out of luck, Glass cracked in the toy. If the book is suddenly torn Or the stick is broken. Children are ready to help everyone. The best friend is transparent ... (Scotch)

Even a dirty chimney sweep Becomes very, very clean. But the chimney sweep did not have enough Fragrant Piece ... (Soap)

An Englishman, German, Russian ... It's delicious for everyone. Every sweet tooth and gourmet Loves French ... (Croissant)

Children are interested in guessing logical or comic riddles.:

  • What kind of animal do people walk and cars drive? (Zebra)
  • How fast a dog needs to run, so she doesn't hear the jingle of a tin can, tied to her tail? (Stand still)
  • How to live 10 days without sleep? (Sleep at night)
  • What stones are not in the sea? (Dry)
  • Bell, which does not ring. (Flower)
  • Without language, but he speaks the truth. (Mirror)
  • Can an ostrich call itself a bird? (Not, since he cannot speak)
  • Island, calling himself underwear. (Jamaica)


The pantomime lottery draw is suitable for any occasion.

Prepare notes with inscriptions in advance (toilet paper; condom; notebook; Toothpaste; socks, etc.), roll up into a tube. They ask the first participant to leave and offer to choose a person, who has to guess what, what will he portray, after which he needs to draw out a ticket.

With the help of facial expressions and movements, without words, he must show that, what is written in the ticket (let's say toilet paper). If the partner guesses, then he is given a present. Then the partner determines his partner from those, who has not yet participated. So in a circle. It turns out to be a lot of fun.

Sure, when conducting any lottery, one should not go beyond the bounds of decency, but you shouldn't be afraid to seem funny either, that's why he is a holiday, to have fun.


Lottery scenario

You have probably already decided on the prizes for the lottery. But if finances allow, then you can organize a super prize. It can be a good deluxe edition of a book., expensive pen or lighter, and if there is an opportunity and desire, then a smartphone. Besides, do not be lazy to make pens or notebooks with the image of the bride and groom, to present to guests. Such a present, although inexpensive, but will remind you of the wedding for a long time. And you just have to think over an approximate scenario of a win-win lottery for guests at a wedding.

Consider, that guests should be in a good mood. Don't start your wedding with a lottery, since most of the invitees are still unfamiliar with each other. The tense atmosphere during the wedding will certainly not in the best way affect the overall impression of the wedding.. But after moving contests at a wedding, a little laughter will not hurt, and the lottery will come in handy. After all, the more guests will take part, the more fun the drawing will be. It all starts with the leader, who calls the number and invites the lucky one to come out, while reading out loud a funny phrase. In such cases, the lottery is always fun., lively, with the active participation of all guests.

If the wedding involves a large number of guests, the presentation of prizes should be divided into several stages. Do not forget, that a win-win comic lottery must necessarily be calculated for the number of guests, if there are more of them, look for rhyme to that, what is on the table, and give confidently.

Lottery for a fun company of adults

Option 1. Adults are no less fond of solving riddles than children.. Don't be too complex, but funny and with "peppercorn" - the very thing. Riddles are written on a piece of paper, where to end the line. If the participant guesses, he gets it. If not, others are looking for an answer. The guesser takes the prize. The leaves are folded several times, put in a hat, shake before serving.

Examples of riddles and prizes:

  1. She will warm you on an autumn day,
    And she will save from melancholy.
    The soul will get drunk under bliss
    She - (bottle of wine; prize - a bottle of wine)
  2. It thunders, the earth is shaking,
    Everything is buzzing around, bursting.
    Maybe a hurricane rushes or a swarm of bees flies?
    Everyone is wondering: Oh, who ah,
    And this - (rabbits in the bushes; prize - hare - soft toy)

Option 2. The principle is the same. Write on the riddle sheet, below - the prize. Roll up, put in a hat, stir. Guess - get it, what fell.

  1. Which organ of the human body tends to increase tenfold? (The answer is the pupil; the prize is a condom)
  2. What should be done, so that the girl's eyes shine? (The answer is to direct the flashlight into your ear.; prize - flashlight)
  3. The first woman on the planet, mastered flight technology? (Answer - Baba Yaga; prize - brush)
  4. What to do, when a green man appears in front of your eyes? (The answer is to cross the road; prize - a can of beer)

Required props

For any lottery you will need 3 basic details:

  • Lottery tickets.
  • Lototron.
  • Prizes.

You will need lottery tickets to run a children's lottery, lototron and, of course, prizes

The first props are paper leaves, on which are written numbers and one more leaves with numbers and names of prizes. Lottery tickets with numbers are distributed to guests. Cards with numbers and names of prizes are placed in the lottery drum for the drawing.

You can cut a white sheet of paper to make tickets, but cards of different colors will look more interesting. If there is enough time to prepare, then you can work on a more creative design in the form of postcards. It's easy to cut a heart out of sheets of colored paper, flowers, butterflies, snowflakes, cars or animals. Children will want to keep such lotteries.

for example, for the New Year's lottery, the hat of Santa Claus or Santa Claus is suitable, but for the holiday 23 February - military cap. By the day 8 March, a cardboard box can be painted or pasted over with applications of flowers, and to 1 April - smilies. A box in the form of a gift with ribbons will serve as a lottery drum at a birthday party.

Prizes can be very diverse. Most often, toys are prepared for children., sweets, books, office, holiday paraphernalia. Can be used as a gift and useful household items: watering can, trinket, baby shampoo, hair bands, hairbrush, a cup, socks.

In this case, you need to select bright and beautiful things., which the child will definitely like and he will not be upset, that others won toys, and he has a cup or socks.

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