Bonus plus program from Privatbank

Bonus plus from Privatbank: conditions, pros and cons

View the remainder

To view the balance on this account, You can use one of 3 ways, which are described below:

  1. At any ATM of PrivatBank, when viewing the remaining balance, you must select the "Bonus Plus" item. In this section, all bonus money will be displayed, accumulated by the card, the balance of which you are checking.
  2. Users of Privat24 or its mobile version, can visit the card statement section. View the necessary information in the section "Bonus Plus Account".
  3. You can also send SMS with a request for detailed information on your card. To do this, send a message to the short number - 10060 (charged according to the terms of your operator). The last 4 card number digits. The received SMS from the bank will contain full information.

In addition, after every purchase, you will receive a message with information about the status of the main and bonus accounts.

How the program works

To receive bonuses from purchases, only one condition must be met - you must have a card, which has strawberries on the front. It is to this card that the "Bonus Plus" program is connected automatically and you will not need to specially go to the bank to activate a profitable service.

The money saved in this way is kept in an additional account, from which they can then be debited when paying for purchases. PrivatBank's bonus program partners are the largest retail outlets. At the moment, their number has exceeded the mark 40000, it means, that wherever you buy the product, the bonus program will operate almost everywhere, increasing the bonus account.

The percentage of accrual for completed purchases is assigned by the retail chain, it could be up 20% spent funds. Agree, very advantageous offer - you buy the goods you need, but pay for them, eventually, far less.

Cash out

Many are interested in, how to withdraw money, who returned back to the map. To cash out the money saved, unfortunately the bonus program is not suitable. Cash withdrawal is not possible, they can only be paid at the checkout in stores- partners. Transferring to another card will also fail, a bonus account is provided for, to make your purchases more profitable. In fact, you pay less, than indicated on the price tag.

You can save money on a bonus account, you can pay with them immediately, using bonus plus card. It's easy to keep control over the money returned back - after each purchase made with the card, the phone will receive an SMS message about the amount of accrued bonuses. In order not to keep this information in your head and not to sum up the numbers on the calculator, you can see the balance on the card.

Three ways to find out the balance of the bonus account:

  1. Via Privat24 application. To do this, you must enter the application, specifying phone number and password, on the phone. Further, if you are using mobile version, go to the "Services" tab. Select "Bonus +" from the list, click and see the balance. If you want to see the balance in the application, installed on the computer, go to Privat24, click the tab "My cards", then "Statement" and then select the "Bonus Plus" account.
  2. Through ATMs. In the menu on the screen, select "View balance", then click "Account bonus plus". All information on the account will be displayed on the monitor.
  3. The easiest way is to find out the balance using an SMS message. Write in the message text 4 the last digit of the card. Specify the number by the recipient of the message 10060. By sending a message, you will immediately receive a report on your bonus account.

Is there something in this program, which may interest cardholders even more? For those, who likes to save, there is another advantageous offer.

To accumulate and increase your finances on a bonus account, you can use the Deposit Plus system. The benefit from such a deposit will be in the accrual of interest to the bonus account. 15% per annum will come from the amount of the deposit to the main account and 2% for bonus. From the bonus account you can make purchases from the bank's partners.

If you decide to use the deposit service in the bonus program, you need to go to the "Deposits" section of the Privat24 application and activate. The same action can be performed through an ATM.

Don't miss the moment, and make useful and useful purchases more profitable, using the programs Deposit Plus and Bonus Plus.

Double bonuses for birthdays!

“Bonus Plus”, pastry houses “VIVA Dessert”, restaurant chain “Cafecity” (“Cafeсity Wine” inclusive) and restaurants of national cuisine “Nakhish” and “La Lamb” launched a personalized offer for birthday people. so, make purchases in these outlets on your birthday - and we will double your bonuses!

Terms of action:

– The "Double Bonuses for Birthdays" promotion is a special offer only for program members “Bonus Plus” on their birthdays and is valid in all pastry houses “VIVA Dessert”, restaurant chains “Cafecity” (“Cafeсity Wine” inclusive), as well as restaurants of national cuisine “Nakhish” and “La Lamb”;

– Promotion is valid only 2 (two) day for every birthday person: the day before the birthday and on the birthday. There are no restrictions on the amount and number of purchases within the framework of the promotion for these two days for customers.;

– The promotion is valid for all products, to which bonuses are issued;

– The promotion does not apply to promotional products, eligible for other promotions, in which no bonuses are issued;

– Under the terms of the promotion, bonuses for purchases are multiplied by two according to the product category, provided in the terminal “Bonus Plus”;

– Under the terms of the promotion, user “Bonus Plus” the day before his birthday, he receives an SMS with congratulations and information about, that special conditions for calculating bonuses are valid for him within two days (double bonuses);

– SMS sending and double bonus accrual occurs automatically based on the date of birth and contact number, left by the client in the application form when receiving the card “Bonus Plus” either when registering a mobile application “Bonus Plus”;

– Organizers of the program, pastry houses “VIVA Dessert”, restaurant chain “Cafecity” (“Cafeсity Wine” inclusive) and restaurants of national cuisine “Nakhish” and “La Lamb” do not bear any responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the user in the questionnaire or mobile application;

– If the User has incorrectly entered the phone number in the questionnaire, because of what SMS with congratulations and information about double charging was sent to a friend, user will not receive SMS, but in the system for the card (mobile application) assigned to the user, there will be a double bonus offer, i.e. the user will be eligible for the promotion, but does not know about it. Person, received an SMS because of, that another user entered his number, will not be able to take advantage of this offer;

– If the User specified the date of birth incorrectly in the application form or mobile application, the double bonus offer for him will be valid on that date, which he indicated in the questionnaire or mobile application;

– If the User wants to take advantage of the offer on his birthday, he must apply for 3 (three) working days in any of the confectionery houses “VIVA”, restaurant chains “Cafecity” (“Cafeсity Wine” inclusive), as well as restaurants of national cuisine “Nakhish” and “La Lamb”; or to the contact number *3232 with a request to correct information. To do this, the client must provide the original or scanned identity card and indicate the serial number of the card or virtual card (mobile application) “Bonus Plus”.

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