The procedure for and methods of buying and checking lottery tickets "bingo 75"

Bingo 75 lottery rules. how to buy and check a ticket online

Number tracking system – bingo strategy

Some players defend the number tracking system. To apply this system, according to one expert, you need to play at most four cards, every game. You take a sheet of paper for each session, which contains numbers from 1 to 75, then mark the announced number throughout the game session. Do it, at least, over five sessions (supposed, that you constantly play in the same bingo room, and that the same number distribution mechanism is applied in every game). Then you collect your tally sheets and count the number of occurrences of each of 75 numbers. Divide this number by 75 for, to determine the comparative probability of each number. Later, playing bingo online next time, choose your cards like this, to get the maximum advantage on numbers, which you tracked, as the most frequently announced.One essential point, to keep in mind, when a friend or a handbook recommends a mathematical system: too much depends on the type of game. Manual, advising players to focus on the "winning" squares, can give you an advantage, but only in "direct" bingo. Such a system will not do anything good., If you, eg, play with the "N" scheme.Besides, you have, possibly, there will be no freedom of choice when buying cards for the game. In this case, sure, no mathematical system can help you win. Should have added, that this situation can be very upsetting for you, if you tune in your thoughts to a certain configuration of numbers. But in general, there is no particular reason to be upset, since counted, what exists 111 007 923 832 370 565 possible configurations of these twenty-four number cells!Generally, whatever they say about bingo, it remains, basically, lottery. Consider the following definition of a lottery:“A lottery is any scheme for the transfer or distribution of property based on chance among people, who have paid or promised to pay in any value for the chance of obtaining such property or part of it or any such property under any agreement, understanding or expectation, that it will be distributed or handed over by lot or by occasion, under whatever name it happened. ”A sample of legal gibberish, but this definition, sure, applicable to bingo: game case (if you are curious, this passage from the laws of the game for Nevada, US state, where gambling is officially allowed) and where millions of people play bingo for money every year. Numerical methods: patterns and concentration of numbers, “equal distribution method”.Drawing of chances – what are your chances of winning bingo?check in, deposit (withdrawal of funds), buying tickets on the gaming site.

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Company standard rules

The official website of the bookmaker has a large information block, which contains documents, determining the conditions for making a bet on the site. Let's highlight the most important provisions, included in the rules of the game in Bingo Boom, most frequently encountered by players:

  1. By terminology. In the bookmaker environment, the debatable question is, what is an interactive bet. Many companies mean by this concept only account replenishment (deposit). Analysis of the Bingo Boom Bookmaker Rules leads to the conclusion, what the bookmaker determines the interactive bet, like money, committed on the site, unlike betting in PPP.
  2. The company has the right to declare the bet invalid without giving any reason., calculating it by "return", as well as refuse any client to accept a bet.
  3. The Bingo Boom bookmaker has the right to set at its discretion the size of the minimum and maximum bets without notification and explanation of the reasons for such a decision.
  4. Bets are settled at odds 1,0 in case of mistakes made by the bookmaker's employees, software glitches, wrong odds. In case of violation of the rules of "fair play" winnings are not paid, and the perpetrators are brought to justice.
  5. The company reserves the right at any time, including withdrawal from the account, verify the client's account, freezing all actions with the account for the duration of the procedure.
  6. The bookmaker, in accordance with the law, takes over the functions of a tax agent and withholds tax on winnings. According to the latest changes in regulations, if the winning amount, paid to the client, smaller 15 000 rubles, the tax liability rests with the player.


Is it realistic to become the winner of the "Bingo 75"?

The chance to become the owner of the coveted jackpot in this drawing is about 0,00003 percent. The probability is certainly not high, but it's still worth trying your hand.

But the probability of winning in the first round is already much higher., she is 0,28 percent.

Prizes Odds Winnings, rub.
Angle 1:358 150
Crossing 1:1 035 750
Jackpot 1:3 267 109 min 25 000 000 min 10 000 000
Card-55 1:10 359 15 000
Last move 1:3 75

There is one way to increase your chances of winning. This will be the purchase of additional tickets. The organizers do not set a limit on the maximum number of tickets.

This game is more suitable for those, for whom gambling is a pleasant pastime or a special ritual. Long broadcast, multi-stage, keep players on their toes until the very end. Therefore, many players prefer this lottery, even though there is little chance of winning.

How to increase the chance of winning at Bingo Boom

The player on the website of the bookmaker "Bingo-Boom" offers many games. If any bookmaker has sports events, then the lottery is the original offer of the bookmaker. It is a legitimate alternative to prohibited gambling like casinos, poker, etc.

When it comes to sporting events, you can increase the probability of winning thanks to forecasts, using strategies, examining statistics. Live betting is easier, as you are watching the situation on the pitch, court in real time and you can immediately react with a bet on the outcome.

Any lottery is a matter of chance. It is impossible to predict the outcome of the game even taking into account the game statistics. If you bet on other gambling games, offered by "Bingo-Boom", gradual increase in rates, buying multiple tickets, participation in the draw, where there are not many participants, can increase the chances of winning the jackpot.

Divorce schemes from the state lottery "Bingo 75"

Hundred Lotto and Bingo 75 Can Use Classic Divorce Schemes:

  1. Blocking of accounts and personal accounts or refusal to pay money due to recognition of the identity as unreliable.
  2. There is a separate field "Tax deduction", where it says, As for 30% money can go to taxes. Besides, a large amount of money the administration can use for charity.

No live broadcast of the draw. The player can only watch the recording, which is quite doubtful.

Besides, not only lotteries themselves breed people. There are scammers, who under the guise of the name "Stoloto" offer to play the lotto, paying a strange commission.

We immediately note, whatever Stoloto, Neither Bingo 75 does any SMS or email, do not call clients' mobile phones. Therefore, in such cases, such a divorce cannot be carried out.!

What is closing sales?

The term "closing sales" is not difficult to understand. This time, after which the user is no longer able to buy a coupon for a particular Bingo draw 75. In the case of this lottery, the closing of sales occurs at such a time:

  1. Bingo Coupons 75 for draws, which are broadcast on television, cease to be sold in 16:00 Moscow time on Saturday. Sometimes the end time of coupon sales is postponed, what the lottery organizer informs about in advance. At the same time, the user still has the opportunity to buy a ticket for the circulation with television broadcast, but already for the next draw. The ticket is automatically transferred to the next draw, if it was bought on Saturday after 4 pm.
  2. If you want to buy a ticket for the draw, the draw of which will be broadcast online, your opportunities expand. The closing of sales takes place exactly five minutes before the start of the lottery. That is, in 8:25 evenings Moscow time on the day of the specific draw. If you bought your ticket later than this time, he will not take part in the next, and in the next draw.

Thus, the user always has the opportunity to buy a coupon for the next or next circulation.

How to get your winnings?

You can receive the won funds by contacting the official representative of the lottery. The participant needs to present the prize coupon and document, proof of identity. Depending on the amount of the win, the way you get it will vary:

  • Prize, whose size does not exceed 2 000 rubles, available from retail outlets
  • Amount up to 500 000 rubles to the participants can be transferred to the "Stoloto" wallet or issued in the lottery center "Stoloto"
  • Winnings from 600 000 rubles are transferred to a bank account, when providing a package of documents (it can be sent by mail).

Worth remembering, that winnings are subject to income tax. The amount of deductions is 13%. Non-residents of Russia will have to pay thirty percent of the winnings.

FROM 1 january 2018 year, the law established the procedure for paying tax, in which the participant must independently pay tax deductions, if the winning amount does not exceed fifteen thousand rubles. If the amount won is more, then tax will be charged immediately upon receipt.


The game entered the gambling market recently. During this time, she has not yet managed to collect a large army of fans.. However, the ranks of the fans of this drawing are growing every day..

Currently, no player has managed to hit the jackpot. Will hope, that soon someone will be able to collect this amount.

Anyone can take part in the game. You can buy a ticket at the points of sale of lottery tickets from "Stoloto". For the convenience of the players, the developers suggest using the official Internet resource. You can also get a prize there.. In addition, there are other ways to buy a ticket and receive a prize..

The rules of the game are quite confusing. At every stage, and there are five, there are some nuances. After a few tries, you can figure it out.

maybe, the popularity of this draw will increase over time. After all, this is a rather promising and interesting game..

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