How to win at bc "bingo boom": tricks and secrets from me

How to play stoloto: fundamental rules

Is it realistic to win?

If you take a look at the total chance of getting the jackpot in the Bingo 75 lottery, then the probability is approximately 0,00003%. The victory in the first round has a more attractive indicator - 0,1%.

The main secret of that, how to increase your chances of a cash prize comes down to the classic recommendation to buy more tickets. As a last resort, Stoloto has related draws, the probability of winning in which is much higher - about 10% and one of them is the Gosloto 5 of 36 ".

Those gambling people like "Bingo 75", for whom the lottery is more of a ritual, not the cherished goal of winning money. Long broadcasts, a whole series of draws and various rules of combinations to the last keep the intrigue and stir up the interest of the participants. Therefore, the desire to take the prize is far from the only reason., where you want to buy a ticket again and again and look forward to the drawing.

Is it possible to beat the bookmaker and win consistently?

This is definitely a TOP question from those people., who are just starting to understand the topic of betting: is it possible to beat the bookmaker? Today I'm talking specifically about Bingo Boom, although my answer can be safely applied to the game in any legal bookmaker.

If the answer is more detailed, then you can get a one-time win in "Bingo Boom", and leave the betting market as a winner, but you can continue to put, and be in the red in the distance

That is why it is important to know all the secrets and nuances of, how to win at Bingo Boom

These are the thoughts running through my head, when I think about the question of, is it possible to beat the bookmaker's office:

  • It's incredibly difficult to do, especially at the initial stage. Beginners are lucky, but only for the first time. The bookmaker does not forgive mistakes, and too quickly novice bettors learn from their own mistakes.
  • This is also difficult to do for the same reason, that there are many professional analysts on the staff of the bookmaker, there are paid programs, etc.. Capper - often works by itself, analyzing tons of information every day.
  • You need to decide right away, what in your understanding means "to beat the bookmaker". You can win a large sum once, and stop betting. Does this mean "beat the bookmaker"? Or we mean winnings in bookmaker at a distance for a certain number of bets?

My job is to tell you, how to beat "Bingo Boom" in legal ways.

The thing is, that it is impossible to hack the bookmaker, it is also very difficult to deceive the bookmaker, since the company has its own rules. Find errors in the line, perhaps, possibly, but it will not bear fruit either: the bookmaker will simply calculate the bet with the odds “1”, returning your money, and then also cut the bill for deliberate bets at wrong odds.

Rules of the game, how to play

You can play as paid, and free. To play KENO online in demo mode, after entering the site you need to go to the "Games", then select KENO from the list, then select "Demo game". In this case, you won't be able to win real money., bets will be placed with virtual money. To play a paid game, you need to be a registered user and enter the game as an authorized user.

The rules of the game are very simple. After entering the game, you need to click on the "Add ticket" button.

This will open a page with a ticket, statistics of previous runs, as well as video broadcast of the circulation, in which the lottery drum gives out random numbers. On this page, the player needs to select 1-10 numbers from 1 to 80. In this case, there are special buttons, which make the game easier: cancel all selected numbers, random button (the computer will choose a random combination of 10 numbers), exit button.

After, how the player chooses 10 numbers, it remains only to choose the amount of the bet and click on the "Bet".

After a short period of time (less than 2 minutes), the drawing will begin. The system will choose 10 random numbers. If there are matches, then the corresponding numbers will be highlighted in yellow on the ticket, all other elections from 20, which the lottery drum will issue, will be marked on the ticket with crosses. When the lottery drum chooses everything 20 balls, the draw will be over. If the player guesses 1 and more numbers, then he won. The more matches, the greater the gain.

Bettor can choose multiple tickets in the draw, in this case, the bet amount increases proportionally. The choice of tickets and the amount of the bet must be made before the end of the countdown, which symbolizes the beginning of the draw.

Is it possible to win?

Probability to win a super prize, that is Jackpot, relatively small. On the organizer's website, she, Unfortunately, not specified. The lottery uses a number formula 24 of 75. In this case, winning the main prize is possible only up to 46 course. Using mathematical analysis, can be understood, that in this case the chances of getting the Jackpot are approximately 1 to 2 200 000.

At the same time, chances of getting smaller prizes, there is. In the first draw more than 7000 tickets won in the first round, 23 tickets won in the second, the same number of participants won the Card-55 round. And more 90 000 person (almost a third of participants) received prizes in the last round. Guaranteed Jackpot 10 000 000 rub. nobody got, but it went to the next edition.

Tricks and secrets from me: how to win at Bingo Boom?

So, let's start with some of the secrets to playing Bingo Boom, which I myself use in sports betting. Then I will move on to specific strategies., which make a profit.

Here are the tricks and secrets from me, how to win at bookmaker:

Each of my bets at Bingo Boom is no more 3% from a bank. I play flat. Average bet size - somewhere 1-1,5%. I bet 3% only for the most confident forecasts. But mind you - I don't bet in Bingo Boom anymore 3%, even if I think, what is this "super-sure".

Better less often, but aptly, the more often, but whatever. I try to hit the target to win. If there are no suitable events today, then I just miss the day, and don't put. Better wait, let's say, until Saturday, and put on the right match, than to lose everything on Monday in some Mexican football.

I use one winning financial strategy at Bingo Boom

This allows me to focus on one effective tactic., and not spray on everything.

It is important to count your wins and losses. Some play, and don't even know, they are in the black, in the red or with their own

I keep detailed statistics of wins and losses, working on bugs, I note certain patterns, etc..

It is advisable to have two separate game banks, if you want to play prematch and online. I personally earn more on the prematch line, however, I allocate money for playing live, to have fun, kill your passion in yourself, etc.. In other words, I'm not sorry to lose money in live, since I pre-allocate those funds, which I'm not sorry to lose.

I bet, based on their own reasons. I am not influenced by other people's opinions, I'm not particularly afraid, if the odds in the bookmaker are changed, I just stick to my strategy until the end. If I parsed the event correctly, then I don't care, who thinks what and what. Just wait until the fight ends, and only then do work on the mistakes. Only, you are welcome, never rearrange bets during a match into one, then the other way: this is a direct path to failure.

I would recommend testing any betting system at Bingo Boom for little money. Do not immediately pour tens of thousands into the bookmaker, test strategy, and lose this money. Play for hundreds of rubles, take advantage of the lucrative bonus at Bingo Boom, fribetom, and, if the strategy shows excellent results, and you win, make a more significant deposit.

In other words, if you don't start placing bets, then you don't really understand, what is the peculiarity of this bookmaker. Here's a line, your odds, your events in live, the calculation time of the bet in live differs from the calculation time in the prematch, and much more.

So that, guys, see for yourself - I gave you such advice, which really help. The biggest winnings at Bingo Boom can be huge, and therefore everything is in your hands. I repeat again, I cannot promise that, that you will immediately start making money on bets. maybe, you will never learn to make money thanks to betting

It's very important to learn here, keeping calm, control emotions and maintain discipline

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