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Lithuanian catering emerged from the shadows

For the first seven months of the check lottery in Lithuania, compared to the same period 2017 year and taking into account the overall growth of VAT in the country, in the catering sector, about 2,4 million euros VAT, reported by the State Tax Inspectorate (GNI).

Check lottery, as calculated in Vilnius, only in the catering sector can it bring additional 7,5 млн евро. Results will be known by the end of the year, when the tax office calculates its income.

In just seven months in Lithuania, 370 weekly and 8 monthly prizes, most of the checks come from catering establishments. “This year catering establishments are one of the priority areas of STI activity, so we can assume, what observable “Effect” check lottery shows an increase in the consciousness of residents and their desire to participate in the reduction of the scale “shady” the economy”, - said the head of the project Rolandas Puncevičius.

“Next year we will be able to assess, how the check lottery affected the markets. Since most of the people working there work for themselves, they will submit declarations for 2018 year only in spring 2019 years - then we will be able to compare changes and trends 2018 и 2017 года”, - he thinks.

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