La primitiva lottery reviews

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How to see the results and get a prize?

At the end of the draw, a notification with the results of the draw will appear in your personal account. Any reward, except for the main, transferred to the account during 3 hours. The received amount can be transferred to a bank account, payment card, e-wallet or buy a new ticket. The smallest win, which will be output - 15 dollars.

Getting the jackpot takes more action. Sometimes the organizers require the personal presence of the player. In such cases, the dealer will assist in purchasing a ticket., hotel booking, meeting with representatives of the Spanish lottery. To clarify personal information, a service employee contacts the winner.

El Gordo de La Primitiva - лотерея, which Russians can play. A high winning percentage gives you a chance to get rich. Especially considering, that the cost of one ticket is low, many potential players can afford to buy it.

Prizes at El Gordo

El Gordo prize pool is formed, based on the number of tickets purchased. In each drawing there is an opportunity to win an amount, equal 45% from sales. Moreover, the jackpot is 22% of 45%. Fixed is the winnings of the players, who guessed 2 numbers, it takes an additional part of the prize fund. The rest of the money is divided equally among the winners of each category..

The probability of winning at El Gordo is 1:10. The same ratio in guessing the bonus ball, which allows you to recoup the ticket price. Generally, the chance of getting at least some win is 1:6.

Winning combinations are subdivided into 8 categories:

  1. Guessed 2 balls - fixed prize 3 euros.
  2. 2 ball and 1 bonus - 20% prize fund.
  3. 3 event - 26%.
  4. from the ball and 1 bonus - 8%.
  5. 4 event - 7%.
  6. 4 ball and 1 bonus - 6%.
  7. 5 balls - 33%.
  8. 5 balls and 1 bonus - the main prize in the amount of 5 000 000 euros.
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