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Powerball: general information about the lottery

Powerball lottery: what is it?

Powerball lottery was invented and developed in the United States of America. Officially, draws are held only on the territory of this country. The ticket can be bought on site 44 states. Day, when one of the players breaks the Jackpot in this lottery, becomes a real sensation and the main news in all prime times.

  • To determine the winner, the organizers use only two balls of different colors: red and white
  • Draws are held every Tuesday and Saturday at the same time - at 18.59 by Moscow time.
  • Tickets can be bought at any convenient time, but an hour before the draws the sales are closed.

Players can access not only the main prize. Everyone has the opportunity to benefit from 1 USD to 1 million US dollars. It all depends on, how many digits he will guess. therefore, if you have a well-developed intuition, and you are "lucky" in life, then it is likely, that the American Powerball lottery will make you a real millionaire.

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