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What to do if you become a victim of scammers?

Scammers act on behalf of large companies, and, Unfortunately, many people fall for their provocation. If you understand, what fell into the "clutches" of swindlers, need to act this way:

  • do not in any way open links and attachments in a fake letter or message;
  • do not send your personal data and bank card information to third parties;
  • you can send a letter to the state attorney general, from which the letter came, to warn of the lottery scam. However, this is too long and routine work.. And hardly anyone will send letters to the USA;
  • Powerball complaints can also be sent to the FTC, consumer protection agencies (USA). But again, being in Russia no one will do it.

Your main task: do not interact with the fraudster in any way. If you think, that intruders will not cheat you for money, because you are in Russia, then you are wrong. Another scheme is at work here.: intermediary (for example TheLotto), for a small percentage, buys a ticket on your behalf and just gives you a scanned copy. The player hopes, what will get the prize, but you can forget about it.

There are many ways to fool people. The main thing to understand, that large sums of money a foreign player will not win. This is officially announced on the site of the lottery itself.. Small wins, maybe even then, if the mediator is honest. But as practice and statistics show, this is unlikely.

Information about the project Lot generator

A short video is posted on the author's main site where he talks about himself and briefly introduces the development of the lottery generator, further prospects. The system makes a forecast up to 90% chance to win. Total player payments, using the system made 200 000 euros. At the moment more 800 people use calculations and make money on foreign income.

The system is absolutely free and available to any Internet user. The author argues this by the fact that the more people, the more accurate in the future you can generate accurate results for winning. It turns out that everyone remains in the black. No knowledge is required for work, just follow the instructions.

How to choose a room?

There are several powerful ways to select ticket numbers, which increase the chances of winning.

Method one - statistical

Method two - event-driven

This method of selecting a numerical combination for a lottery ticket involves choosing those numbers, that somehow take place in your life. Someone picks a number 2 for every game, because he has two children. Someone closer to numbers 7 and 9, because these days his significant people were born. The method is based on the selection of emotionally significant numbers.

Method three - random

Surrender to chance - this is the motto of the supporters of this method. It involves the use of automatic ticket filling. This method of selecting a playing combination is completely random and is performed by a special program.. According to the statistics of the Powerball lottery, then 70 percent of winners filled out their game tickets in this way.

Method four - systemic

This method is suitable for those players, who have participated in the Powerball lottery not for the first time. Such players develop their own strategy of the game over time., form a series of particularly successful numbers, keep track of statistics of number dropouts.

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