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Where to buy a lottery ticket, everyone has to decide for himself, we just gave a few of the most popular ways, choose. But remember a few important things:

  • if you buy from a store, kiosk or post office, then be sure to keep the cashier's receipts until the drawing;
  • under no circumstances buy lottery tickets from hands or from organizations, who do not have the appropriate license;
  • check the lottery rules before buying, on the organizer's website or personally at the seller.

In our time of trouble, you need to be especially vigilant, since there are a lot of scammers in this market. Do not participate in dubious pranks, when lottery tickets are offered to you for free. Do not go to fraudulent sites, links to which you got from unknown sources. Don't fall for gimmicks, that you won something, although they did not participate in the drawing, in no case pay for the prize - for the delivery of the prize, any "tax" or something like that. Don't trust strangers, who unselfishly wish to enrich you.

  • only the one wins, who has a lottery ticket, bought in the organization, licensed
  • check the website address carefully, where you buy something, official resource -
  • do not give passwords to anyone, bank card numbers and account details
  • all winnings in official lotteries are issued without additional fees.

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