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Megamillions Lottery («MegaMillions»)

Online ticket sales: NOT carried out.

How to buy tickets: either be a US citizen, or being legally in the country (tourist visa, green card, etc.. d.). Legal ways of playing possible in the lottery outside America.

Ticket price (one position): $1.

Minimum jackpot: $40 000 000.

Current jackpot (clickable banner):

Maximum jackpot: not limited and accumulates from circulation to circulation.

Max Jackpot Drawn: 1 billion 537 million dollars won by a resident of South Carolina 23 October 2018 of the year.

Payment of the jackpot: approximately half of the winnings are paid in cash immediately after formal procedures. If the winner wants to receive the full amount of the jackpot, then he must agree to pay the jackpot within 29 years old. He will receive the first part of the jackpot shortly after the presentation and verification of the winning ticket, he will receive the remaining parts annually. Moreover, the payments are arranged in this way, that every year the payment will be on 5% more, than the previous. But most of the Megamillions lottery winners («Megamillions») prefer a one-time jackpot payment.

Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 258 890 850.

Probability of winning any prize: 1 to 14,71.

Drawing: held twice a week, on tuesday and friday.

Megamillions Lottery Rules («MegaMillions»):

The first lottery drum contains numbered balls from 1 to 75 inclusive. In the second – from 1 to 15 inclusive. Fall out of the first lottery drum 5 balls, from the second – 1 ball, which is called MegaBall. Before the drawing, the lottery ticket must be marked 5 main numbers and one additional, ie. MegaBall. Or use the "Quick Pick" option, by entrusting the filling of the ticket at random to the machine. The jackpot will be shared equally by all those, who will guess correctly 5 balls dropped and MegaBall number. If there is only one winner, then he will receive the jackpot according to the conditions described above.

Like the Powerball lottery, in "Megamillions" you can increase your winnings in 2, 3, 4 or 5 time, bought for $1 option "MegaPlier". And in this American lottery, the option does not apply to the jackpot.

Approximate paytable Megamillions (the probability of winning is shown in brackets):

  • $1- guessed only MegaBall (1 to 21);
  • $2 – guessed 1 ball and guessed MegaBall (1 to 56);
  • $5 – guessed 2 ball and guessed MegaBall (1 to 473);
  • $5 – guessed 3 ball and not guessed by MegaBall (1 to 766);
  • $50 – guessed 3 ball and guessed MegaBall (1 to 10 720);
  • $500 – guessed 4 ball and not guessed by MegaBall (1 to 52 835);
  • $5 000 – guessed 4 ball and guessed MegaBall (1 to 739 688);
  • $1 000 000 – guessed 5 balls and not guessed by MegaBall (1 to 18 492 204);
  • Jackpot – guessed 5 balls and guessed MegaBall (1 to 258 890 850).

As you can see, the differences in the prizes of these American lotteries are, that payments to Megamillions are generally lower, than Powerball. Except for the combination only 4 guessed balls: in the first lottery you will receive $100, in the second – $500. And in case, if the "MegaPlier" option is the coefficient 5, then with guessed 5 balls and not guessed MegaBall you will get not a million, and 5 million dollars. In Powerball, for any value of PowerPlay, the payout will be 2 million dollars in that case, if you guessed right 5 balls.

Historical reference: in September 1996 the first draw of the lottery "The Big Game" – "Big game", and ticket sales began a few days before in six states. Initially, the drawing was held once a week, On Friday, but since February 1998 the second draw was added, on Tuesday. The game format was chosen for the lottery 5/50 + 1/25, but already in January 1999 MegaBall had to be guessed from 36 balls.

In May 2002 along with the next rule change "The Big Game" was renamed to "MegaMillions". Under the old brand, the maximum jackpot won was 363 million dollars. The first jackpot under the new brand was drawn in the same year, 24 December, and made 68 million dollars. All new states were plugged into the game, and joined in December 2003 Texas first introduced the MegaPlier option to its players. After that, over time, in almost all states participating in the lottery, this option became available.

The format of the game in this American lottery continued to change.. In May 2002 he became 5/52 + 1/52, June 2005 – 5/56 + 1/46, and since October 2013 acquired format, existing to this day – 5/75 + 1/15. In accordance with this, the probability of winning the jackpot also decreased..

What American lotteries to play?

Despite, that a lot of people live in the USA, who dream of Jackpot, and foreign players also join them, There are not many lotteries in America.

The most famous and attractive are PowerBall and Mega Millions, plus mini-lotteries and instant ones with more modest prize pools.


Powerball's main prize in the entire history of the lottery was not less than 40 million dollars, and the maximum was 1,6 billion, it was ripped off in 2016 year.

What are the rules?

In this lottery you need to choose 5 numbers from 69 mostly field and 1 number from 29 in additional:

By choosing more 5 rooms, namely the function: "With a multiplier" in the first part, you can double your chances of winning, however, the ticket price will also increase.

How much can you win?

Guessed balls (regular field and additional) Winnings
1PB 4$
1 + 1PB 4$
2 + 1PB 7$
3 7$
3 + 1PB 100$
3 100$
4 + 1PB 1000$
5 10000$
5 + 1PB Jackpot

What are the chances?

The odds of winning the main cash prize are negligible - 1:292 201 338. Nevertheless, Powerball players prove, what is impossible is possible. The phenomenal luck of the lottery participants helped to win huge jackpots and 2016, and c 2017 years.

Winnings over 600$ can only be picked up at the office of the organizing company, and it's quite problematic to do it yourself, if you played American lotteries in Russia. Concierge will collect the winnings on behalf of foreign winners, which the, if the intermediary is honest, transfers funds to you to electronic payment systems.

Mega Millions

The minimum jackpot of the Mega Millions lottery is 15 million dollars, increase - every print run, until someone hits the jackpot. It doesn't happen that often, and the main prize can "grow" up to several hundred million dollars.

As in PowerBall, within the framework of one draw, two draws are held - the main one (5/75, lottery drum with white balls) and additional (1/15 , balls of red). It is the additional numbers that can bring the participant a resounding victory and winning the main prize.

If desired, the broadcast of the drawing can be watched live, but due to the time difference, not every Russian player finds it convenient. In general, reviews of American lotteries in Russia are positive, true, there are not many of them, since only a small percentage of our compatriots decide to play the overseas lottery.

Mini lotteries

Mini-format games offer players more modest prizes, but also runs much more often, rather than big lotteries.

The rules of the game are almost the same, as usual. The difference is only the number of balls matched. for example, in Florida LuckyMoney to receive the main cash reward, you must guess 4 numbers from 7 and 1 of 17.

But here, where to buy a ticket for the American mini-lottery, I can’t say for sure - I haven’t seen any offers for sale on any of the intermediary sites.

American Instant Lottery

You are unlikely to find this type of lotteries in the online sale - they do not involve guessing the numbers, the player only needs, what to erase the protective field and see the result of your luck. Usually, he is never big.

Scratches for instant play attract with a bright design and the ability to win a few dollars in a matter of seconds. They are not available for players via the Internet, but I am talking about them for informational purposes: can, you are interested, what do people in other countries play, can, you yourself will have to visit the USA and buy tickets for Texas Hold'em or Monopoly.

Is it worth spending money on a foreign lottery?

You can often hear this opinion.: “Buying foreign lottery tickets is a waste of money. Millions buy and win nothing!». People, saying it, rights. But only partly right. More precisely, they are only right about, what is considered with such reasoning of a person or even people as some kind of perfect substance, averse to temptations and the slightest sin, living only by the rules and norms of the highest morality and law. But agree, this is not true. Us, living people, it is common to believe and dream. To think out and come up with something out of the ordinary. Hope, just hope for success. Is it bad? Is it bad to dream of winning a million in a foreign lottery? Not! How many skeptics give up a million, if they are suddenly given a million dollars? Yes, none. And unlike the skeptics, common people understand, what if nothing is done, then no one will give a million. But you can win. If other ordinary people abroad win, then why me, a common person, can't win a million?

Another thing, that you will have to spend your hard-earned money to buy tickets. And again skeptics will object: “Buying foreign lottery tickets is a whim, it would be better for this money ... ". Well, they are partly right again. But only partly. Who can tell from us, that denies himself small joys? And not small - too. Do we not buy a new thing solely because of an internal impulse without special need?? Don't we sometimes change a new cell to an even newer one because, what you wanted like that? Why do we follow our feelings? Because, that we are ordinary people. And is it a great sin to buy a couple of foreign lottery tickets once a week?? Not at all. No one has the right to take away our hopes and dreams. We deserve to live on the hope of winning the million dollar lottery. Or two million dollars. Or even a hundred. Hopes like this sometimes just make life easier!

This topic can be developed like this. Isn't it better, instead of buying the same newest phone, not to keep a completely working normal phone for yourself?, and with the unspent money to buy lottery tickets? Wouldn't it be better to walk once more for the benefit of your own health and buy a lottery ticket with the money you saved?? And generally speaking, isn't it better to take and smoke less? And with this money buy lottery tickets? It's better, trust me, definitely better. Especially, that foreign lottery tickets, purchased through an online reseller (another way for you and me, Alas, not), will not cost you so much – from 1,5 to 4,8 euros per ticket.

Of course, passion for winning turns into bondage for some, when so much money is spent on the purchase of lottery tickets, that a person becomes a hostage of his own fantasies and a financial hostage. But this is a separate topic., medical theme. I'm talking about ordinary people, you and me, for whom the lottery is some kind of entertainment, painful and exciting expectation of winning. Huge win, albeit a little, but still probable. Indeed, if ordinary people win millions in foreign lotteries, then I, asks, the worse?!


note, that in this lottery the order of numbers does not matter. The most important thing is to accurately guess all the numbers.

for example, if you have selected numbers on your lottery ticket in the following order “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6», and in the lottery drum they fell out in a completely different order "2, 5, 6, 1, 3, 4». It does not mean, what did you lose, on the contrary, we won, after all, absolutely all the numbers of this drawing have been guessed.

Consider, how the size of the win depends on the number of guessed digits:

  • 1 red ball - 4 Doll. USA;
  • 1 white and 1 red balloons - 4 Doll. USA;
  • 2 whites and 1 red balloons - 7 Doll. USA;
  • 3 white balls - 7 Doll. USA;
  • 3 whites and 1 red ball - 100 Doll. USA;
  • 4 white balls - 100 Doll. USA;
  • 4 whites and 1 red ball - 10 thousand. Doll. USA;
  • 5 white balls - 1 million. Doll. USA;
  • 5 whites and 1 red ball - jack pot.

If the draw is played with a multiplier, then the amount of the win will be:

  • 1 red ball - from 8 Doll. USA to 40 Doll. USA;
  • 1 white and 1 red balloons - from 8 Doll. USA to 40 Doll. USA;
  • 2 whites and 1 red balloons - from 14 Doll. USA to 70 Doll. USA;
  • 3 white balls - from 14 Doll. USA to 70 Doll. USA;
  • 3 whites and 1 red ball - from 200 Doll. USA to 1 thousand. Doll. USA;
  • 4 white balls - from 200 Doll. USA to 1 thousand. Doll. USA;
  • 4 whites and 1 red ball - from 20 thousand. Doll. USA to 100 thousand. Doll. USA;
  • 5 white balls - 2 million. Doll. USA;
  • 5 whites and 1 red ball - jack pot.

It is because of the Powerball prize pool that the online USA lottery is considered one of the most profitable for players., because the cost of tickets is not very high, and there are serious sums at stake for winnings.

Increase in winnings

Everyone wants to get a large amount of winnings, than declared by the organizers of the lottery. If you play Powerball, then you always have such a chance. Players can double or even triple their bets. Of course, the cost of one ticket also increases. But, more chances of getting a prize.

To get a bigger prize, players can cooperate and create a so-called "syndicate". This is not part of the official Powerball rules, however, and is not prohibited by US law.

The principle of operation is simple: a certain number of participants in the drawing redeem the maximum possible number of tickets. In case of winning, it is divided "fairly" between all participants in the syndicate.

There are two options for winning section:

  • equally among all participants;
  • proportionately.

Most often, players choose the last partition method. It means, that the player will receive a large amount, who bought tickets for 100 US dollars, and not on 10 US dollars. This division is considered fairer and more honest..

True, this option is not available for players from Russia and you are unlikely to be able to find honest organizers, who can represent it.

Maximum winnings

The Powerball lottery is considered one of the largest lotteries in the world. And this is not surprising, because at the beginning 2016 the prize fund was 1,5 billion US dollars. This is a lot of money even for wealthy American citizens..

This jackpot was won by a resident of Florida, who recently turned 80 years old. The woman did not even suspect, what ticket, which she bought in the store for 2 US dollars, will make her a real millionaire.

The American had two ways to collect her money:

  • the whole amount at once (in the end she would get 930 US dollars, net of all taxes and fees);
  • partially "split" payments into 30 years old.

The latter option would be more profitable in terms of taxation. It is also a safer scenario., since there are known cases, when lottery winners took their big winnings, and then they were just lost.

However, the winner decided, what to expect at her age 30 years is not the best option, so I took all my prize at once.

The maximum winning amount is not limited. As already said, every week is added to the base jackpot 10 million US dollars, if there was no main winner in the previous draw. therefore, everyone has a chance to hit the biggest jackpot in the world and set a new record.

How to play through an intermediary?

Schemes of work of intermediaries, buying MegaMillions lottery tickets in America and reselling them to residents of other countries, about the same.

We will tell, What do we have to do, to play the Megamillions lottery via Agentlotto.

#1. Register on the site

#2. Choose a lottery

Agentlotto allows you to buy tickets 20 popular foreign lotteries. Among them, choose MegaMillions.

#3. Decide on the numbers

Once you choose the MegaMillions lottery, Agentlotto will show, what does the ticket of this lottery look like. Also, the mediator will ask you to indicate the numbers.

About that, how many fields in the MegaMillions ticket and how many numbers to choose, we will tell in the section "".

#4. Buy a ticket

Once the ticket is determined, it needs to be paid. Agentlotto supports all popular payment methods in Russia. Choose one of them and enter the ticket price to the intermediary.

#5. Get your ticket

Once the payment has been confirmed, Agentlotto will send a scanned copy of the document to your personal account. It is better to save it to your computer..

#6. Wait for the results of the drawing

The most convenient way to watch, what numbers won, on the official MegaMillions website. When the draw is on, information is updated in real time.

#7. Get your winnings

If you manage to guess the numbers, and the ticket won, you can get your winnings in the MegaMillions lottery.

If you managed to win not a very large amount, then the money will be transferred to a bank account or electronic payment system. Winners, sorvavshim kush, you need to personally appear for the prize or make a power of attorney for the MegaMillions employees - they will take the winnings and send it to the lucky person's bank account.

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