Where can I play the Italian superenalotto lottery?

The best foreign lotteries for Russians in 2020 - how to play online and without cheating?

How to win Russian Lotto?

“What if you're lucky?” – it is with this question that people take part in the lottery drawing, whether “Russian lotto” or “State Housing Lottery”. This kind of games are in demand for the reason, that are available to any person and do not require special skills. At its core, a lotto game – this is a commercial version of the game “Bingo”, where you first need to pick numbers, well and then check them with those numbers, which as a result became winners.

The first lottery players lived in the 16th century, and this game began its distribution in sunny Italy. It was there that people began to get involved in this game., yes so much, that the government had to ban it, because the excitement covered more and more people. And from there, lotto gradually became popular in neighboring European cities., while updating each time due to the emergence of new rules.

It is for its simple process that lotto has become widespread among all types of draws, and scientists have tried to study all the subtleties of this game.

Financial analyst Joseph Granville can be considered a pioneer in the creation of the theory of the game of bingo.. According to his theory, to increase the probability of winning, the player must evenly place numbers on the playing field, while the number of both small, so large numbers should be approximately the same. According to the analyst, it is worth striking a balance between multiples and non-multiples 2 (without residue), and also between numbers, ending in a certain digit.

A more modern study belongs to Briton Leonardo Tippet, dedicated his life to statistics. Scientist proves, what, based on the number of all available game elements, it is best to choose numbers, close to 45. Namely those, which are as close as possible to the middle of all numbers.

However, it is worth noting, whatever, no other scientist has succumbed to the construction of a unified and really working strategy, since all numbers come out at random, which most often leads to their even distribution on the playing field. And all these numbers are rarely grouped in one particular place..

How to win Russian Lotto?

And yet the popularly loved games “Russian lotto” and “Housing lottery” according to statistics, they can freely lead to success. Not so many numbers remain unclothed from time to time, which means, that there is always a win. And there are quite a few such cases.

Taking into account the statistics, one might say, what third win, fourth or fifth players. How to be among these lucky ones? Which tactics to choose, to bring the coveted prize closer?

  • You need to be positive before buying a ticket, believe in your victory. Psychologists say, what does it work;
  • If funds allow and can't wait to get rich quickly, need to buy several tickets;
  • You can buy tickets together with friends. More tickets – higher chance. In this case, the truth and the gain will have to be divided equally.;
  • Is considered, that there should be no repeating combinations in the ticket, the more diverse, all the better;
  • you need to buy tickets constantly, without missing a single print run.

There are many more tricks, used by Russian Lotto players: invent computer programs, to count the lucky combination of numbers, calculate the lucky number by the numerological method, turn to astrologers, perform rituals. What ultimately leads to success? Any strategy can work, the main thing is to hope and believe in your victory.

The lucky owner of a couple of million rubles, Raisa Osmanova, once bought a dozen lottery tickets from one of the Russian lotto draws. These were two very common tickets and two groups of four, in them, the woman marked combinations of numbers to 90. One of the tickets won, thereby making the woman the owner of the apartment. Raisa did not immediately understand, what really happened, that she won the lottery. The millionaire says, that one should never despair, because thoughts are material.

Tax equal or higher 15 000 rubles

If you're a little more fortunate, and the value of the lotto prize was more than 15 000 rubles, government fees are paid by the lottery organizer. Keep in mind, that sometimes the organizers of the draws promise a high win in advance, so that you get a "clean" round sum after all fees have been paid.

Therefore, if the firm, stimulating lottery, paid you 1 million instead of promised 1,5 million - there is no point in accusing her of fraud.

Everything is exactly the opposite - the organizer took care of, so that in the future you do not have to suffer and draw up declarations yourself. Thanks to the efforts of such an organizer, you can safely spend the amount won in the lottery at your discretion.

How to calculate the net winnings in a lotto using a simple example, which you get your hands on:

If you receive a prize of value 40 000 rubles, will be taxed only 36 thousand of the total. Further 36 thousand should be multiplied by 0,13, it will turn out 4680 rubles. This is the payout amount, which must be subtracted from 36 thousand.

As a result, you will receive an amount of 31 320 rub.

Frequently asked Questions

Why doesn't the win code come to stoloto?

First, double-check, did your ticket win, did you enter your phone number correctly?. The service of receiving SMS from short numbers may be disabled. Then send SMS to 9999 with the word "all". If the winning code still doesn't come, contact your mobile operator.

Yes, depending on the payment system, commission and withdrawal limits may differ (see the table below).

What to do, if the prize has expired?

You need to submit a written application. If the reason is valid, you can be paid your winnings in full. The application form is here (in the section with the relevant question).

How to transfer winnings to your phone?

The procedure is no different from paying out winnings to a card. The only thing, you need to choose payment specifically for your mobile operator.

SuperEnaLotto in Russia

Despite, that the organizer does not sell lottery coupons on the territory of the Russian Federation, there are still several intermediaries, who help to take part in the drawing. One such intermediary is the AgentLotto portal.

№1 Registration

To purchase coupons, you need to create your account. To register, you just need to provide your username and email address, to further purchase SuperEnaLotto coupons and receive your prizes.

# 2 Lottery selection

The AgentLotto portal provides a choice, among more than 20 lottery options, which are held all over the world. Here you need to make a choice in favor of SuperEnaLotto.

# 3 Selection of numbers

At this stage, you need to make a choice among 6 numbers available 90. If a player wishes to take part in the additional SuperStar lottery, you need to fill out the appropriate section.

No. 4 Ticket payment

Now you need to transfer funds in favor of paying for the coupon. This can be done using plastic cards, mobile phone, Skrill e-wallets, Neteller, Yandex.Money and Litecoin cryptocurrencies, Ethereum и Bitcoin.

№5 Getting a ticket

As soon as the ticket is purchased, by AgentLotto via 60-120 minutes will send a scanned copy of the coupon. It can be observed in the player's personal account. It is best to save your copy of the coupon somewhere safe, so that there are no difficulties in obtaining a prize.

# 6 Studying the results

The outcome of the draw can be viewed on the official website of the lottery operator. All information comes online.

# 7 Receiving a win

Winnings up to 500 Euro can be received on a mobile phone, electronic wallet or plastic card. The payment will be sent within 1-3 working days after the draw. Players, what won more 500 euros, will have to issue a power of attorney for an AgentLotto representative.

The intermediary will receive the winnings for the player at one of the points in Italy and will transfer to the player's account. The bank transfer will take 5-7 days from the date of sending the payment.

Can I play the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery?

If I live in: Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Of Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Great Britain, etc …

Where and how can I play the Italian SuperEnalotto from outside Italy?

The good news is, what, if you live outside of Italy you can play the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery, given that, that you have access to the internet. The Internet has revolutionized many things, including, how people play lotteries and how lottery coupons are acquired by lottery players.

How to play the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery from Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta , Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and many other countries around the world?

It's never been easier to play SuperEnalotto, since the internet was introduced into the household and even our mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. All lottery players from all over the world can play the Italian lottery – SuperEnalotto via online services, specializing in buying lottery coupons. These services act as an intermediary between lottery players and the SuperEnalotto operator. Mostly someone must be physically present in Italy, to buy coupons for the SuperEnalotto lottery players, who want to play this popular lottery from Italy.

Can I play the Italian SuperEnalotto online anywhere else?

Yes, you can play the Italian SuperEnalotto online in different ways, namely: You can play SuperEnalotto without actually purchasing tickets. Yes, it is right. There is no need to buy a coupon, to play the Italian lottery or any other lottery. Quite understandable, what is the question: how is it possible to play the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery without buying a coupon?

This is a new phenomenon: she works this way, instead of buying a lottery coupon, you are betting on future lottery results. It's like sports betting. Potential lottery wins, including the main SuperEnalotto prize, insured by banks and insurance companies.

In those cases, the cost of SuperEnalotto tickets is actually the cost of insurance, as well as the running costs of the internet lottery service provider. The main advantage of playing the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery is thus the reduced acquisition costs in order to, to participate in SuperEnalotto.

How to play EuroMillions from Russia lottery?

As mentioned above, will have to play through an intermediary, selling tickets for European lotteries online.

With this method, true, there are significant risks, since you can never be sure on 100% in the decency of the service, but no other choice. Concerning, before transferring money to an intermediary, offering to purchase European lotteries, inquire about it: how long has it been in existence and is there any negative customer reviews about it.

Do not go to the first lottery service that catches your eye in a search engine. Compare several sentences - maybe, competitors have better conditions, or there is a special offer at the moment, allowing you to purchase tickets with a good discount.

Exist 2 working schemes of lottery brokers.

  • The first implies real intermediary services, when a ticket is bought for a client. for example, this is how the Spanish service Ventura24.es works.
  • The second scheme is based on the "secondary" lottery model, when the intermediary accepts bets from the client on the outcome of the draw of his chosen lottery, without purchasing a ticket from the relevant operator.

In case of winning, such a broker pays the client "out of pocket". And since the payoff can be great, a hedge fund is created for risk insurance, which is gradually replenished from the sale of tickets. Thus, interest is included in the ticket price:

  • on probable gain (to 50%);
  • to pay gambling tax (percentage depends on the country);
  • for hedging (from 15%).

An example of such a service is Tipp25.ru. It is analogous to the foreign site Tipp24.com, who for some reason stopped serving clients from Russia.

How to buy lottery tickets for the SuperEnalotto Italian Lotto? Where to buy coupons, to play the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery?

There are many services online, who specialize in buying lottery coupons on behalf of their clients. They act as an intermediary between the players and the SuperEnalotto operator. Representatives of these service providers are physically present in Italy. They act on behalf of their clients, and also buy a ticket for them. Their customers place purchase orders online from many countries around the world.

Their services allow you to buy coupons, to play the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery online in many countries, including: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela , Vietnam, and much more.

Coupons can now be purchased online, to play SuperEnalotto, from almost anywhere around the world! Given that, that your country's legislation allows you to buy lottery tickets online.

All lottery players, wanting to buy SuperEnalotto tickets and take part in the popular Italian lotto, they should expect professional assistance in the lottery coupon procurement process. These services help everyone in the process of buying lottery tickets for the Italian SuperEnalotto. They also help in purchasing coupons, to play many other major lotteries from around the world.

Nevertheless, with the recommendation of intermediaries, who buys SuperEnalotto tickets on behalf of the lottery players. We must be careful, to select only service providers, that meet the highest industry standards. Only services with a good reputation. Service providers with years of experience in buying lottery coupons for lotteries, including the SuperEnalotto lottery from Italy.

Many of these services offer the ability to purchase coupons in order to, to play the SuperEnalotto of the Italian lottery online.

So, Where to Buy SuperEnalotto Coupons?

We recommend using PlayHugeLottos and TheLotter services. Both are well known positions in the industry with years of experience. At the moment, only TheLotter sends a copy of the SuperEnalotto ticket. These scanned SuperEnalotto coupons have been emailed to you.

To buy coupons, to play the SuperEnalotto of the Italian lottery with PlayHugeLottos, click the banner below:

For, to purchase Italian lottery SuperEnalotto tickets with TheLotter, click the banner below:

Before the invention of the Internet, presence in Italy was necessary for, to buy SuperEnalotto coupons. Currently, everyone with a computer and internet access can play the Italian lottery – SuperEnalotto, from anywhere in the world, by simply placing a purchase order online.

Powerball Lottery («PowerBall»)

Online ticket sales: NOT carried out.

How to buy tickets: in the states, lottery tickets can be purchased as American citizens, and citizens of other countries legally staying in the country (eg, tourists). Online ticket sales via the Internet are NOT available! But there are legal ways to play online outside the US.

Ticket price (one position): $2.

Minimum jackpot: $40 000 000.

Current jackpot (clickable banner):

Maximum jackpot: not limited and accumulates from circulation to circulation.

Max Jackpot Drawn: 1 billion 586 million 400 one thousand dollars, shared by three members in January 2016 of the year.

Payment of the jackpot: it is possible to either receive the entire jackpot amount (the first payment occurs immediately after formal procedures, the rest – increasing payments during 29 years old), or immediately receive in cash about half of the amount. Most winners choose the second payout option.

Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 292 201 338.

Probability of winning any prize: 1 to 24,87.

Drawing: held twice a week, wednesday and saturday.

Powerball Lottery Rules («PowerBall»):

From a drum with 69 white balls are drawn at random exactly 5 balls. From another drum with 26 balls fall 1 ball, which is called Powerball. To get the minimum win, you need to guess at least the PowerBall number, by filling out a special lottery ticket, to get the jackpot you need to guess everything 6 dropped balls. If the guesses are all 6 balls will be several people, then the jackpot will be divided equally between them. When buying tickets through the terminal, you can select the "Quick Pick" option mentioned at the very beginning of the text and then the ticket will be filled in randomly.

Players can multiply their winnings for an additional fee, using the special "PowerPlay" function (the ball with the number "PowerPlay" is drawn randomly before the start of the lottery). If the Powerball jackpot exceeds 150 million dollars, then it is possible to increase the winnings up to 5 times inclusive. If the jackpot is less than the above amount, then a tenfold increase in the amount of winning is possible. But the "PowerPlay" option does not apply to the jackpot itself.

Approximate paytable Powerball (the probability of winning is shown in brackets):

  • $4 – guessed only PowerBall (1 to 38,32);
  • $4 – guessed 1 ball and guessed powerball (1 to 91,98);
  • $7 – guessed 2 ball and guessed Powerball (1 to 701,33);
  • $7 – guessed 3 ball and not guessed by PowerBall (1 to 579,76);
  • $100 – guessed 3 ball and guessed Powerball (1 to 14 494,11);
  • $100 – guessed 4 ball and not guessed by PowerBall (1 to 36 525,17);
  • $50 000 – guessed 4 ball and guessed Powerball (1 to 913 129,18);
  • $1 000 000 – guessed 5 balls and NOT guessed Powerball (1 to 11 688 053,52). When, if you have used the "PowerPlay" function, then the payoff will be, regardless of the coefficient $2 000 000;
  • Jackpot – guessed 5 balls and guessed powerball (1 to 292 201 338).

The rules of the game have changed several times.. So, since the game was renamed to Powerball, the minimum jackpot has been 2 million dollars, and the game was played in the format 5/45 + 1/45, ie. dropped out 5 balls from 45 and the PowerBall fell out of the range from 1 to 45. In May 1997 year, the minimum jackpot increased by 5 times and made 10 million dollars, and the lottery format changed to 5/49 + 1/42. In June 1998 the jackpot record was set – $161 496 959. In July 2001 PowerPlay option added, and already in August of the same year, the jackpot took a new peak – $165 803 324,51. A year later, the format changed to 5/53 + 1/42, and in August 2015 the minimum jackpot was 15 million dollars, and the format became 5/55 + 1/42. And just a month and a half later, a new record jackpot was drawn in the amount of 340 million dollars.

How to take part in international lotteries

Option one: Most European and American lotteries' prize amounts are impressive, even being at the starting point in 15 million euros in the case of EuroMillions, or 40 million. dollars in the American Powerball lottery. One can only imagine the hype around the draws, when the prize pool reaches hundreds of millions, as has often happened in the past. In this case, you can go to the country, where lottery tickets are sold, choose your lucky numbers and wait for the results of the draw. If you're lucky, you need to come to the lottery kiosk, Where, depending on the amount of the win, the prize will either be given out immediately, either sent to the lottery headquarters, where, after the ticket is authenticated, the winner will receive a check. Worth remembering, that some lottery winnings are tax deductible. For instance, in the United States, federal tax and, in some cases, state tax as high as 35-50%, in Spain-6%, starting from the amount in 2500 euros, but in Australia and Great Britain the winner gets the whole prize. If the winner is not a resident of the country, in which the ticket was purchased, there is a possibility of additional taxation at the place of residence.

Option two: Play your favorite international online lottery for money. Over the past few years, many services have appeared, offering intermediary services in the purchase of tickets for any world lottery, freeing the player from the need to attend the purchase. The principle of their work is quite simple.: participants choose their favorite lottery on the site, indicate numbers online and pay for the ticket, which must subsequently be purchased by one of the company's employees from the official ticket distributor in the country of the lottery, and then the winnings are transferred to the participant's account. Unfortunately, most of these intermediaries are rarely able to provide evidence that, that the ticket was actually purchased, and as a consequence, that the winnings will be paid. But there are several sites, where the fact of buying a ticket leaves no doubt, because immediately after payment for participation online, the player receives an automatic confirmation email, full access to bet data and even the ability to contemplate a ticket with personally selected numbers. Last service, in particular, Exclusively presented on the site of selling online lottery for money Lotto Online, where each member's ticket is scanned and uploaded to the account as additional proof of purchase, as well as the legal basis for claiming the right to win.

Below you can find out about, how generous lottery luck can be.

How to increase your chances of winning?

Let's give a couple of tips, how to increase your chances of winning at SuperEnaLotto.

#1. Choose more combinations

SuperEnaLotto allows you to buy multiple tickets for each draw. The more coupons you get, the more combinations become winning. Which means, the likelihood of victory increases.

#2. Explore lottery statistics

SuperEnaLotto publishes data on all draws in the public domain. You can see, what numbers appear frequently, and which ones are rare.

These are the most common numbers drawn in SuperEnaLotto:

But which ones are the least common:

  • how often all SuperEnaLotto numbers are drawn
  • how often all SuperStars are drawn
  • how often pairs fall, triplets of consecutive numbers.

Statistical information, published by the organizers of SuperEnaLotto, can help on a "long" distance - when the player is not involved in one or two, but at least in 20-30 circulations.

Lack of information about foreign lotteries

The lottery industry in the world began to actively gain momentum after World War II. Now it is developing very quickly and moving forward at a tremendous pace.. More and more lotteries appear, including, with a large prize fund. In America and Europe, this area is developing the fastest..

Among the largest lotteries, there are several American and European draws:

  • Powerball (USA).
  • Mega Million (USA).
  • EuroMillions (Europe).
  • EuroJackpot (Europe).
  • Lotto 6/49 (Canada).
  • The Primitive (Spain).
  • El Gordo (Spain).
  • The supernatural (Spain).

for example, Powerball lottery is considered the most popular lottery in the world of gambling. She is also the leader among the world's draws, which is ahead of the competition by a wide margin. The first draw took place 19 april 1992 of the year. AND 13 january 2016 of the year this lottery set an absolute world record for the jackpot – 1,586 billion dollars! Impressive amount, isn't it true.

Foreign lottery jackpots break records every year

Despite, that many international lotteries are profitable, there is little information about them in Russia. There are several reasons for this..

  • The organizers do not like to see residents of other countries among the winners and participants, not included in the region of circulation. Residents of every country, where is the draw, don't treat the leakage of the prize fund abroad.
  • Lack of Russian-language versions of lottery operator sites. Furthermore, some portals in Russia are blocked. Information about such sites is rarely disseminated.

Multiple restrictions don't stop experienced players, which leads to the emergence of intermediary companies. They help Russian citizens to purchase tickets and, if successful, pick up a prize.

There are crooks among these intermediaries, so the choice must be made very carefully

International lottery tickets can only be purchased online. Online lottery sales first began to surface in the 1990s. Then many portals were launched, where tickets of different operators were on sale. Later, online lottery buying agencies appeared..

IN 1999 an international organization was established, which arose by combining a number of small companies. She followed the development of the gambling and gambling industry, currently the union includes 90 world powers. There are many draws, below is a small overview of the most profitable options.

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