Kazakhstanis can win the jackpot $340 million this friday

Megamillions lottery - how to play from Russia | lottery world

Rules of the game

Your chances of winning Mega Million depend on the number of matched numbers. Players guess numbers in two categories:

  • Main (5 of 75);
  • Additional (1 of 15).

The victory largely depends on the coincidence of the additional number. The chance of winning at least some prize for each participant is 1:24. It seems, that it is quite a bit, but even the minimum win fully covers the cost of the ticket price, whose price is about 3 dollars.

What is "MegaPlier"

If you want to increase your possible winnings, use the "MegaPlier" function. It's worth it all 1 dollars. Thanks to this feature, any winnings on your ticket are increased by 2, 3, 4 or 5 time. The amount of the multiplication varies from circulation to circulation and is set before the start of the drawing.

When the draws take place

Draws are held twice a week: on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00. Do not forget, what's local, not Moscow time. The lottery is broadcast live on American television

note, that live broadcasts are not affected even by US holidays

The amount of the jackpot

The minimum jackpot in the Mega Million lottery is 15 million dollars. The main prize of the famous American lottery never fell below this mark.. But the amount can grow. It happens, if after the draw, the amount resisted. In this case, it increases by 5 million.

How the fund is distributed

If you are interested, what part of the Mega Million money received by the organizers goes to the players, take a look, how they distribute the game fund:

  • 50% - winnings for lottery participants;
  • 35% - the organizers transfer this part of the money to the budget of the states participating in the lottery. The money is used at the discretion of the governing bodies, but mandatory for the benefit of state citizens, not for personal gain;
  • 15% - income for ticket distributors.

It is because of that, what 35% sums, collected by lottery, goes to the state budget, Mega Million is so popular with Americans. US citizens know, what that money, which did not go to the players, will still benefit people, as they will be spent on the development of cities and regions

Those winnings will also go there., which were never taken by their owners, it doesn't matter, what amount are we talking about

Thanks to such generosity from the organizers, the lottery received loyalty not only from ordinary citizens, but also from the US authorities, who respect the organizers and help in every possible way to distribute Mega Million tickets.

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