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Money can not buy happiness

Big winnings in lotteries in Russia and abroad did not bring only happiness to everyone, there are those, for whom the win turned out differently.

IN 2001 year unemployed spouses from Ufa became winners in the Bingo Show lottery and won 29 million rubles. However, the win did not bring happiness.. Wives for 5 years spent the whole prize. But the main misfortune was the death of one of the winners due to alcohol abuse.. According to one version, new relatives and friends who appeared from nowhere contributed to everything, who asked for money for their needs and soldered their spouses.

Winner of the lottery "6 out of 45" resident of the Leningrad region Albert Begrakyan, who won 100 million rubles, through 2 years left with debts to the state. Albert invested in real estate, expensive cars, land for hotel construction, but ended up with a debt of 4 with a half million rubles to the state.

IN 2006 year with one resident of the United States Abraham Shakespeare there was a case, worthy of any crime drama. He did not have time to win 30 million dollars, how he had many relatives. But the scammers did not stand aside either.. Shakespeare was approached by a lady, who promised to help manage money properly. And she ordered: transferred all the money to my account, and soon Shakespeare himself was found dead with two bullets in his chest.

Jack Whittaker was a successful businessman, family man, did charity work, while in 2002 did not win a big jackpot in a year. Whittaker is addicted to alcohol, gambling, left my family. For several years, all his fortune was spent, and the business fell apart.

One more million

An American named Kinney in the far 2008 already won a large sum of money – $1 million. However, According to him, he did not stop playing. Such persistence was not in vain, because already in 2011 year he got another $1 million. A fairly common Super Millions lottery is sold in America at any stall. Our hero, feeling unwell, decided to walk to the pharmaceutical store. On the way he came across a small shop, offering to buy a lottery. Not coping with temptation, he bought one ticket and continued on his way. Coming home, Kinney pulled his ticket out of his pocket to check. By removing the protective field, he found out, that I won one million dollars. Kinney is a single father, he has three children. He spent the first winnings exclusively on their training.. But the second he plans to spend not only on children, he wants to please himself. what, of course, very happy.

Super Millions (Super Millions) – instant lottery. Removed the protective field – got richer. With a ticket price of $20, the winnings can be up to $5 million.


In fact, Powerball is not much different from Mega Millions. Here you need to choose five main numbers from 1 to 69 and an extra powerball ball from 1 to 26. The Powerball jackpot is currently 60 million dollars. To rip it off, you need to guess all five numbers and an extra powerball. But even if you don't guess it, you will be able to win one of the eight secondary prizes.

Like Mega Millions, Powerball has a multiplier, which is called powerplay here. It allows you to increase the secondary prizes from two to five times and win the second prize up to two million dollars.

Among the lottery winners, who bought a ticket using the Golotter service, there are three dollar millionaires, hitting a jackpot of one million dollars each: participant from El Salvador, who won the second million dollar prize, user from Canada and player from Australia.

Draws take place in Orlando every Wednesday and Saturday at 23:00 by local time (7:00 in Moscow).

How it works

Likely, you have a question: “How can I be sure, that I will be paid if I win?»When you place an order, your account receives an automatic confirmation that, that the purchased ticket belongs to you. The ticket purchased by a Golotter service employee will be scanned and uploaded to your account, which will confirm the presence of the original form. By the way, in the terms of use of the Golotter service it is clearly indicated, what's the payoff on 100 % belongs to the buyer, that is, without any commission. The only thing, what will you need to do, Is to pay tax on winnings in that country, where was the ticket purchased. For Mega Millions, these are state and federal taxes..

If you win any lottery, which ticket was purchased through the Golotter service, then on your phone, as well as email notifications. Secondary prizes are automatically transferred to your account after the publication of the results of the draw, and big wins and jackpots are available in the USA. To do this, the lottery organizers will pay you a trip to the States, where the prize check will be handed over.

On the site of the Golotter service you will find other well-known lotteries, among which there are those, where the jackpot exceeds 10 million dollars. To start playing the lottery, register on the Golotter service website, choose the game option, lottery, numbers and buy a ticket. By the way about the game options. Beyond the standard lottery (fill in the field, you win, take the whole amount), it is possible to choose a game in the syndicate. This is when you play in a group and pay less for more fields. In this case, the prize is divided among all group members in accordance with the fields they purchased..

There are also combo deliveries, which contain individual tickets and shares in the syndicate's years, which allows you to multiply the chances of winning as a member of the syndicate. So, eg, third of the jackpot in 656 million dollars of the Mega Millions lottery was thwarted by the so-called Three Amigos - three members of one of the most famous lottery syndicates.

Winnings in the USA

$ 425 million

California retiree Raymond Buxton also tempered fate with the Powerball lottery. And won in the end 425 million. He declared his rights to the money two months after the announcement of the lucky ticket number. According to Buxton, all this time he tried to believe in his luck and endlessly rechecked the numbers. According to the rules, winnings can be obtained in different ways, the most profitable - in parts during 20 years old, then the deductions will be the lowest. Raymond did not want to wait and demanded money immediately, lump sum. As a result, "everything" fell into his account 242 million, of which Buxton had to pay tax.

$ 429 million

Another pensioner, from new jersey, became the winner of the lottery with a prize fund in 429 million dollars. Verney, she is not alone, and together with their seven daughters. One of them admitted, that their family is in shock from what happened. This did not stop women from exercising sanity and demanding payments., what is called, in place. Having received 284 million, they paid off mortgages and loans, taken for education. And surely there is something left for a rainy day.

$ 447 million

Ticket, who changed his life, lottery winner, held in the USA in June 2017, bought in a small store - in the "load" for beer. What brought him a win 447 million. The lucky guy refused to give his name to the press, as well as to share further plans for life. By the way, lucky not for him alone: lottery organizers decided to encourage the store, sold a lucky ticket, and backed his owners with a million dollar check.

$ 487 million

New Hampshire Spouses in July 2016 of the year won nearly half a billion dollars in the Powerball lottery. Of this money 140 millions ate all kinds of tax deductions and contributions, but the received was more than enough for everything. However, the lucky ones did not become greedy and donated part of the winnings to charity projects.

$ 590 million

In May 2013 Gloria Mackenzie, Zephyrhills resident, bought a lottery ticket at the checkout of one of the supermarkets. A month later it turned out, that the ticket brought her a fantastic win in 590 million. 84-summer Gloria, judging, that it makes no sense to receive this amount in installments for many years, preferred a lump sum. As a result, I lost almost half of my money, 220 million, and still went down in history as the owner of the largest "solo" in American history (inherited by one person, not spouses) winnings. However, Mackenzie did not last long in record holders: four years later the record was broken.

$ 758,7 million

Powerball lottery draw on the night of 23 on 24 August 2017 year caused a stir among the residents of the States - the process was watched by two million people. Betting, to put it mildly, were high: there was more at stake 750 million. The chance to win was 1 to 292 millions. Massachusetts nurse Mavis Wonzik got this chance.. How exactly did she manage the incredible winnings, unknown. It is only known, that immediately after confirming her victory in the lottery, she quit.

$ 1,5 billion

The record jackpot in history was drawn in 2016 year - the amount exceeded one and a half billion (!) dollars. There were several winners, so the money was divided among three. None of the winners wanted to receive their share gradually, agreeing to seriously lose in payments. As a result, each lucky person was credited with 327 million. Which is also not bad.

$ 1,5 billion

Another one and a half billion win, but this time alone, happened in 2018 year. Jackpot hit by a resident of South Carolina, who was silent for four months after the announcement of the lottery results. In February of this year, the winner's lawyer came for money, completed all paperwork and transfer of winnings to the account of his client.

$107 million

Brian McCarthy – person, who rarely plays the lottery, managed to hit the jackpot in size $107 million. This prize was brought to him 5 tickets, which he bought from one of the local ATMs. Such a major victory burst into his life very unexpectedly.. When Brian went to the ATM to withdraw cash, he wanted to play one of the famous lotteries in America Mega Millions. At the same ATM, he bought as many as five tickets. One ticket was lucky, he brought him the prize. Brian didn't want to pick the numbers himself, but relied on a random number generator.

The young man was able to collect the money he won there., where did I buy the lottery. When he came, he deliberately kept silent about, what does, where does he work. However, later it turned out, that he is the son of the owner of a large hotel chain Marriott. Thus, son was able to replenish, the already considerable state of the family for a "modest" amount. Brian decided to take his winnings in one payout (without stretching payments for many years). Sure, in this case he had to pay heavy taxes. He immediately bought a new car and decided to take up tourism..

At the time, Mega Millions was run using the formula, where it was necessary to indicate 5 balls from 56 and 1 of 46. This lottery is very much in demand in America, everyone plays it. At the same time, the jackpots in it are truly huge. They start with 12 million dollars, the cost of the ticket is extremely symbolic and amounts to $1.

Winning combination: 12/17/30/35/47 and MB 26

The story of a poor waitress

Most often, however, lottery winnings bring bad luck to their owner. So it turned out with a waitress from Las Vegas named Cynthia Jay.. She decided to stop by the casino after work.. She was not going to leave a lot of money in the vending machines - she had only 27 dollars. Cynthia decided to play a lottery called "The One-armed Bandit". Gradually lost one dollar after another and was about to leave. Suddenly, a loud sound was heard throughout the casino, which informed all visitors about winning the jackpot.

Amount, which Cynthia managed to win, amounted to about 35 million dollars. To make this money, working as a waitress, she would need 1165 years old. However, the luck did not last long. Less than a few months after winning, how Cynthia got into a serious car accident. The poor girl ended up in a wheelchair. She later stated, that I would give all the money, just to walk and work as a waitress again.

Parachute jump

Our lucky one moved from Bulgaria to England for more than 17 years ago. At home, he found himself a passion – Skydiving. The name of our hero, George Traikov (George Traykov). He was 43 of the year, when George found out, what became the next lottery winner. He decided to celebrate his victory with a parachute jump. It is noteworthy that, what a lucky ticket, who brought him this million, accompanied him during the jump. George bought the ticket after, as I heard on the news, that the jackpot grows from draw to draw. Subsequently, when he checked the ticket initially, it seemed to him, that he was left with nothing, but then, rechecking the ticket again, he understood, that I became richer by 1 million pounds. George is overjoyed at his victory, but thinks, that all the money will not go to him, and his daughters. He intends to spend a significant amount on her education in the most elite higher institutions.. He is also happy with, that he won't have to say goodbye to his favorite hobby – parachuting, that he will continue to receive positive emotions from his hobby. The story of our lucky one does not end there., because after all the year, he won the same lottery again. Although this time his winnings were more modest, but still he managed to hit the jackpot in the amount 160 thousand pounds!

Person, lottery winner

Winnings 2016 of the year

14 In October, a street cleaner from Brussels won the European EuroMillions lottery 168 million euros, what was the biggest win in the history of the kingdom.

15 October, a resident of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg won the maximum prize in the international lottery Eurojackpot in the amount of 90 million euros. Eurojackpot lottery popular among residents 17 European countries. To hit the jackpot, players need to guess five numbers from 50 and two more additional numbers out of ten.

12 August, an Estonian resident won a record amount in the country's history during the Eurojackpot international lottery - 1,155 million euros. According to the state company Eesti Loto, this win is the largest in the history of lotteries in Estonia.

29 July, a resident of German Hesse won the Eurojackpot lottery 84,8 million euros. The lucky man managed to guess all the winning numbers

8 May Powerball Jackpot Winning Ticket 429,6 million dollars was bought in the US state of New Jersey. The probability of winning is 1 of 292,2 million.

26 March, a resident of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia won the Eurojackpot lottery 76,8 million euros.

5 In March, brothers James and Bob Stoklas from Pennsylvania, USA won Powerball more than 291 million dollars. However, the winnings were not quite evenly distributed.: lottery ticket brought to James 291,4 million, and Bob won 7 dollars.

27 February resident of Novosibirsk, participant of "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 ", became the owner of a record in the history of lotteries in Russia, the super prize "Gosloto" 358 million 358 thousand 466 rubles. He took part in three draws. His lucky bet, which the winner made in one of the city's lottery kiosks, cost 1800 rubles. The record fell on the 1885th circulation.

15 February, UK national operator Camelot confirmed, that the United Kingdom filed won almost 25 million pounds sterling in the largest European lottery Euromillions.

12 February a bunch of Dublin friends shared the EuroMillions jackpot by 132 million euros with a French resident. The winners received 66 million euros.

13 January, the American Powerball lottery raffled off the largest jackpot in the world. The winning amount was 1,6 billion dollars. It was won by three tickets, the owners of which divided the winnings among themselves. Chances of winning each ticket, participating in the drawing, were 1 on 292 million. Florida couple is one of three winners. We are talking about 70-year-old Maureen Smith and 55-year-old David Kaltschmidt. They agreed with the organizers of the lottery about a lump sum payment in 327 million dollars. John and Liza Robertson from Tennessee took a similar strategy. Another winning ticket was sold in California, but who bought it, unknown.

5% state monopoly

Jackpot of a resident of the Voronezh region - the second record in a year. May in the lottery “The slogan “6 out of 45” resident of Sochi won 364,6 million rubles. The previous record was set in February 2016 by a physician from Novosibirsk, who won in “The slogan “6 out of 45” 358,3 million.

Photo: TASS / Donat Sorokin

The number of wins alone cannot be considered an indicator of the growing popularity of lotteries., says gambling expert Dmitry Slobodkin. At the same time, the expert admits, that recently the turnover of Russian lotteries has slightly increased and is at the level 12 billion rubles.

All lotteries in Russia are state. Private banned from 1 july 2014 of the year. Like all over the world, they are arranged as follows: there is a gambling organizer, there is an operator (usually a private company) and distributor.

There are two organizers in Russia - the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Finance. Operators are selected through a competition. There are also two of them - JSC “State sports lotteries” and LLC “Sportloto”. Largest distributor, uniting all state lotteries in Russia, - trading house “The chair”.

Photo: portal Moscow 24 / Ivan Nosatov

IN “The chair”, in addition to online sales channels, over 60 thousands of offline distribution points in each region of the country. Tickets can also be bought at the post office, in stores “Pyaterochka” and “Messenger”, sales offices “Megaphone”.

Ticket sales go towards covering the prize pool, to the state budget and to the operator. The operator keeps 45% (on costs and profits). No less 50% go to the prize fund. And the rest 5% go to the budget.

In Russia, the state from the state monopoly on lotteries throughout the territory of the Russian Federation receives only 5% of turnover - about 600 million rubles per year. This is a negligible amount, which, in fact, cannot be called a state lottery.
Dmitry Slobodkin,
gambling expert

Slobodkin cited the British National Lottery company Camelot Group as an example. According to him, deductions to the state and to charity from lottery turnover reach 37%. The operator is rewarded with 1%, 12% goes to cover the costs of the lottery (operator's salary, maintenance of a technical complex, etc.), 50% - to the prize fund.

Over the entire period of existence of state lotteries in Russia, more than were transferred to the state budget from them 7,5 billion rubles, cited statistics Zoya Gafarova from JSC “Trading house “The chair”. According to RBC, proceeds “The chair”, the largest distributor of lotteries in Russia, made up 10,44 billion rubles in 2016 year.

“To date, in the field of sports support and charity, state lotteries provide sponsorship to such sports federations, like the Russian Football Union, Bobsleigh Federation of Russia, Futsal association, Airplane Sports Federation. A significant contribution of state lotteries in the field of charity is also sponsoring a charitable foundation. “gift a life”. We are the general sponsor for the second year in a row “Games winners”, conducted by the fund. These are kids from all over the world, winners of oncology. We are happy to support such wonderful initiatives and consider it our mission too.”, - noted Gafarova.

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