Онлайн-гемблинг в африке

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Gambling Taxation in Africa

Country Features of taxation

South Africa

Tax deductions include:

  • License fees vary depending on the region and income of the gambling establishment;
  • Value added tax also ranges from 5 до 10%;
  • The tax on winnings is 15%;
  • The standard corporate income tax rate in Africa is approximately 29%.


The taxation system in the country was formed during the time of British imperialism. Therefore, the government is now actively working to change it.. This also applies to the taxation of the gambling business, from which the state budget currently receives practically nothing. Now the main income tax rate for legal entities, and for individuals is the same and amounts to 30% from the total profit.


New law recently entered into force, regulating gambling business. He demands, so that all operators, specializing in sports betting, had three licenses:

  • promoter's license;
  • Uganda Chief Agent License;
  • industry license.

License fees range from 1 million to 5 million. Ugandan shillings (for example from $300 до $1500), а 200 million. Ugandan shillings (near $60 thous.) must be deposited with the National Lottery Authority prior to obtaining a license as security for winnings and tax revenues.

Beyond license fees, Africa's standard corporate income tax rate is approximately 29%.


The new financial bill provides for the following taxes for gambling operators:

  • 7,5% bookmakers must pay of the net profit;
  • 5% sales tax – for lottery operators;
  • 12% income after the payment of winnings - for online casino operators;
  • 15% of the total gross turnover must be paid by the organizers of the quiz, based on the cost of participation.

Besides, the following types of taxes are levied:

  • Winnings tax – 20%;
  • Corporate income tax, the standard rate of which in Africa is about 29%.


  • The gambling tax rate is 18%;
  • Winnings at bookmakers are subject to value added tax (VAT) at the rate of 17,5%;
  • The standard corporate income tax rate in Africa is approximately 29%.
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