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Corniche embankment. Walking walks along the waterfront, which stretches along the entire Gulf of Doha, allow you to admire the impressive city skyline, downtown skyscrapers, have a snack in cafes and restaurants. In the evening from the Corniche, you can cruise on the traditional wooden Dhow boats.

Qatar Cultural Center (Katara Cultural Village) Is a specially designed cultural and entertainment area, located on an area 99 hectares on the shore of the western bay.

Impressive amphitheater, modern theater, opera building, multipurpose hall, libraries, galleries and lecture halls will be of interest to tourists, interested in the history and culture of the Middle East. All buildings in the area are designed in traditional Arabic style.

Besides the program of numerous cultural events, featuring performances by leading local and foreign artists (including the famous Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra), performances, concerts, film festivals, Qatar Cultural Center (Katara Cultural Village) - independent entertainment center.

With a wide selection of restaurants and cafes, it is a popular place for public and family fun.

Other notable buildings include the Bird Towers and two traditional mosques, alone – with rich Iranian ornaments, and the other – lined with gold tiles.

The spacious beach is also popular in Doha, ideal for family vacations and water sports.

Doe Boats. These are wooden boats, on which the Qataris went out for fish or pearl extraction. Today on such a boat you can take an evening cruise, eat Arabic cuisine and listen to oriental music.

Camel Race A separate track built in Qatar, where special breeds of cross-country camels compete and even a special championship is organized under the patronage of the local emir. Modern technology goes side by side with ancient traditions in this sport - camels are controlled by robotic jockeys, made of titanium and controlled by remote control.

Al Shaqab Equestrian Center. The center specializes in breeding purebred Arabian horses. Here you can not only admire the beautiful Arabian horses, but attend their dressage events.

Desert Safari. Qatar has some of the largest sand dunes in the Middle East: their height reaches 50 m. This geographic feature allows for extreme adventures.: through the desert by 4WD SUV or off-road bike. You can also ride a camel or go down the dunes on a sandboard or drive a buggy. You can go to the desert as part of one-day, evening and night excursions with camping.

Khor al-Adaid Inland Sea. Safari often includes a trip to the 'inland sea' of Khor al-Adaid, which is about 60 kilometers southeast of Doha. This nature reserve with its own ecosystem is recognized as a UNESCO heritage site and is one of the few places in the world, where the sea penetrates deep into the heart of the desert.

Flight ticket prices from Samara to Qatar

Best prices for Samara - Qatar flights, found by our visitors in the last 48 hours *:

Route One way Roundtrip
Samara - Doha


30.09 – 29.10.2020

Fastest flight ticket from Samara to Qatar:


in the direction of Samara - Doha

by Flydubai

with the nearest departure 23.08.2020 and flight duration
7h 10min.

Airlines, flying from Samara to Qatar

Airports, serving the direction Samara - Qatar

Samara airports, from which there are flights to Qatar:

Kurumoch (KUF)

Most popular airports, serving the direction Samara - Qatar:

Kurumoch (KUF)

Doha (DOH)

Flights from Samara

Flights to Qatar

  • From Moscow to Doha


    11 677₽

  • Kuwait to Doha


    24 878₽

  • From St. Petersburg to Doha


    17 966₽

  • Kozhikode to Doha


    18 889₽

  • From Cochin to Doha


    9 565₽

  • From Cairo to Doha


    26 845₽

  • From Istanbul to Doha


    11 979₽

  • Dubai to Doha


    17 186₽

  • From Kiev to Doha


    14 638₽

  • Delhi to Doha


    13 797₽


Modern Hamad International Airport in Doha, opened in april 2014 of the year, conveniently located south of Doha. IN 2015 year it received the Skytrax award for "Best Airport in the Middle East".

Migration control, baggage claim and other services are carefully thought out for maximum convenience of passengers. A taxi ride from the airport to the city center will take approximately 30 minutes.

Due to its compactness, all the main attractions of Qatar are within easy reach for tourists: Total 1-1,5 hour drive from the hotel in the center of Doha.

The country itself can be driven from south to north by car in 2,5 o'clock. So excursion programs in Qatar do not require long journeys..

Car rent, including with a driver, will be a great solution for guests, who wish to independently plan their day. Qatar has good roads with an impeccable signage system.


Lack of promotion affects Qatar sales, the market lacks information about the product, which ultimately gives rise to various myths and speculations, experts say.

“Qatar's potential is high, however, now for tourists it remains an unknown place. "Promotion" of a new direction usually takes about three years. For our part, we also advertise the country, but popularization is not a quick process ", - summarizes Margarita Goncharenko from KMP Group.

Usually, tourists have myths about, that everything in Qatar is very expensive and there are strict rules of behavior for tourists in terms of alcohol and clothing.

Anna Filatovskaya from ICS Travel Group objects: “One often hears, that Qatar has nowhere to entertain and alcohol is prohibited. In fact, there are many clubs in Qatar, hotels throwing parties, and the bars offer alcohol, and there are well-known chefs in the restaurants ".

As emphasized in the KMP Group, Qatar has no strict dress code for men, so for women. It is recommended that you respect the local culture and choose the right outfit when visiting public places, and leave beach clothes for the pool at the hotel. Women, traveling in Qatar as in groups, so alone, do not face any special restrictions on their dress code or behavior during the day. "Swimwear (bikini) on the territory of hotels are not prohibited. It is forbidden only to sunbathe topless ", - explained in Intourist.

“Prices for hotels in Qatar percent on 20% below those, what is in the Emirates, and in terms of security Qatar is among the top safest countries in the Middle East ", - says Lyubov Chuchmaeva.

According to her observations, while product knowledge is "lame": it is difficult for agencies to navigate and correctly offer this product. So, agencies often ask one question.: what are the advantages of Qatar and why a tourist should fly there.

“There are many advantages. This and lower hotel prices, and the presence in the country of all world hotel chains. Qatar doesn't have that many tourists, therefore, for beach lovers it is just paradise, hotel beaches always have free sun loungers and umbrellas. Huge entertainment infrastructure created: water parks, amusement parks, so families with children have something to do ", - explains the PAX Marketing Director.

To stimulate retail sales to Qatar, PAX is running the "Time to Fly to Qatar" promotion, where additional 2% commission.


Main resort in Kater - Doha, where most of the hotels are located in the center or on the first line.

All beach hotels, which are sold on the Russian market, have a wide sandy coastline, provide their guests with free beach equipment and are ideal for families with children and practicing sea activities.

Qatar also has city beaches, where locals go and where tourists can go, living in city or business hotels. When visiting public beaches, foreigners will need a special closed bathing suit. Beach equipment cost: from 20$ per person.

However, do not rush to buy burkini.: you can come to any beach hotel and buy two sun loungers and an umbrella for the day. Such a service will cost from 40-50 to 100$ per day depending on the hotel.


Russian citizens do not need a visa to visit Qatar.

All, what is needed to enter, this is a passport, which is valid for the next 6 months.

Qatar is a very open country: at the entrance there are no restrictions for tourists either by gender, neither by the composition of the group.

Therefore, unmarried girls or groups of young women can go to Qatar without fear of being "stuck" at the border., married ladies without the obligatory presence of a spouse, company of friends, etc..

There are no barriers in connection with visiting any countries: if there is a stamp in the passport, eg, about entering Israel, в Катар иностранного гостя пустят все равно.

During passport control, border guards usually ask two questions: for what purpose did the guest come, and in which hotel will he stay.


There are hotels of all famous world hotel brands in Qatar.. Most hotels in Qatar are new, and built in the last few years. All of them have spacious and well-equipped luxury rooms and public areas. Many hotels offer at least three or four themed restaurants, as well as cafes and bars. Во всех отелях предоставляется бесплатный Wi-FI.

Leading hotels have private pools, gyms with the most modern equipment, health clubs and excellent recreational and sports opportunities, eg, tennis or squash.

There are hotels in Qatar to suit every taste and budget.: beach, urban, youth and authentic hotels, предлагающие гостеприимство в восточном стиле.

Qatar will pleasantly surprise both wealthy tourists, and middle class travelers, and youth audience.

Let's dispel the myth about, that Qatar has expensive hotels. This is not true: the cost of living in Qatar for 20-30% below, than other countries in the Middle East.

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Low Price Calendar Samara - Qatar

Cheap flights from Samara to Qatar (KUF - QA)

Aviasales.com will find you the cheapest flights from Samara to Qatar, comparing the airfare to Qatar in 45 agencies, 5 booking systems and 728 airlines. Where exactly you buy tickets for Samara - Qatar is up to you.

It is worth noting, that the direction Samara - Qatar is most popular in April, October and December.
During this period, the average cost of air tickets is

35 101₽

The most popular destinations on the Samara - Qatar route are:

Samara - Doha

Low season - June, July and September

the price of air tickets falls on average to

31 100₽

Getting from Samara to Qatar with a transfer, you can make your trip even more interesting, because docking can be carried out in:

  • (flight UT358 Samara - Doha by Qatar Airways)

  • (flight UT358 Samara - Doha by Turkish Airlines)

  • Istanbul

    (flight TK488 Samara - Doha by Turkish Airlines)

This is a great chance to get to know these cities, because the transplant time is usually at least 6 hours.

It is necessary to consider, that depending on the number of days, remaining before departure, the price of a ticket for a plane from Samara to Qatar may more than double.

Aviasales.com advises buying air tickets Samara - Qatar in advance, then you can choose the flight conditions, focusing on your wishes and financial capabilities.


Flight ticket prices from Samara to Qatar

Best prices for Samara - Qatar flights, found by our visitors in the last 48 hours *:

Route One way Roundtrip
Samara - Doha


30.09 – 29.10.2020

Fastest flight ticket from Samara to Qatar:


in the direction of Samara - Doha

by Flydubai

with the nearest departure 23.08.2020 and flight duration
7h 10min.

Airlines, flying from Samara to Qatar

Airports, serving the direction Samara - Qatar

Samara airports, from which there are flights to Qatar:

Kurumoch (KUF)

Most popular airports, serving the direction Samara - Qatar:

Kurumoch (KUF)

Doha (DOH)


Qatar is located on a peninsula, stretching north into the Persian Gulf. Its territory is 11 500 sq. kilometers. The length of the coast - 563 kilometers. The capital of the state is the city of Doha.

Local time on 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time / universal time. No daylight saving time.

The climate in Qatar is desert, hot summer, mild winters and sunny weather all year round. In January, the average temperature is 17 °C, in July - 36 °C. Temperatures can sometimes rise higher in summer 40 °C. The rains are rare enough, precipitation in the form of short-term showers falls mainly in winter.

Monetary unit of Qatar - rial (denoted by QR or QAR). The exchange rate is pegged to the US dollar and set at 3,64 Qatari Rials for 1 U.S. dollar. Rial exchange rate has been stable for many years. There is no foreign exchange control in the country.

ATMs are everywhere, most shops and restaurants accept international credit cards.


State religion - Islam. It is practiced around 95% population. Most Qataris are followers of the Sunni direction in Islam.


International currency name : QAR

Qatari rial is equal 100 dirham. There are banknotes in circulation in 500, 100, 50, 10, 5 and 1 rial, as well as coins in denomination 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1 dirham (only coins in 50 and 25 dirham).

Currency exchange is possible at almost any bank and store, as well as in numerous private exchange offices.

Credit cards and travel checks are accepted in almost all major shopping centers, hotels and transport, ATMs also work in almost any bank, hotel or store.


for citizens of the Russian Federation visa canceled.

Opening hours of institutions

Banks are open from Saturday to Thursday from 7.30 to 13.30. Exchange offices are open on the same days from 8.00-9.00 to 13.00 hours, and s 15.00 to 20.00 (some work until 21.00 and later). Friday is not a working day.

Shops are open from Wednesday to Saturday from 8.00 to 12.00, on Thursday – from 8.00 to 11.00. Markets are open from 8.00 to 12.00, some continue to work in the evening, from 16.00-16.30 to 19.00-20.00. Friday is not a working day.

Emergency phones

Police, Ambulance, fire brigade – 999.

Photo and video shooting

It is forbidden to shoot military and police objects, airports and mosque interiors. In household photography, you should also be very careful. – do not take pictures or even point the lens at men without their consent. It is especially not recommended to photograph women and clergy, sometimes even policemen can actively interfere with filming.

National features of Qatar. Traditions

Much in the country is subject to customs and traditional Islamic norms., therefore, certain rules of conduct should be followed.

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