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World map functions

The national system is gaining momentum in the financial market. The blue-green Mir logo can be found in many trade and service points, on the front side of bank cards. The external political situation played a decisive role on the Russian payment system. Strategy, innovative technologies, specialists have developed a universal, reliable system in compliance with international standards.

The main goal is to provide citizens of the Russian Federation with protection from the influence of political and economic factors.. What does it mean? After a series of unpleasant events with sanctions against Russia from foreign countries, there has been a wave of discrimination against Russian citizens. For a while, international Visa systems, MasterCard refused to service bank cards, issued in Russia. Thus, an urgent decision of the Russian government was to create a national payment system, not dependent on the actions of foreign citizens.

According to the program, issuing banks issued over 70 million. debit and credit cards World, which primarily reinforced the pension, budget programs. Moreover, the issue, and the service is completely free. Along with payment transactions, the system offers customers lucrative offers in the form of receiving bonuses, discounts, Cashback.

Photo 1. Payment cards with the MIR logo

Balance check

You can check your account status in different ways:

  1. Using a mobile application or the main service "Sberbank-online". To do this, you need to go to the main page and select information about the desired card.
  2. ATMs. In the menu, select the section "Find out the balance", it can be displayed on the screen or check. Taken into account, that when using terminals of third-party banks, a fee is charged.
  3. In Sberbank branches. To do this, you need to contact a specialist.
  4. By sending SMS from phone to number 900. The message should look like this: Balance 0000, Where 0000 - these are the last four digits of the card, which are on the front side.

If necessary, the balance can be found by calling the support service, this will require the provision of personal information and a code word.

Map types

At the moment, several debit plastic options have been developed for individuals, differing in terms of service and receipt.


The card is available to citizens of the Russian Federation upon reaching the age of fourteen. It is possible to independently receive or register as part of a salary project.

The card has a number of features and includes the following features:

  • You can top up your balance in different ways: cash and non-cash. This applies to any transfers from various payment systems.
  • You can pay for goods and services through special terminals, which are installed in organizations and stores. Contactless payment form available. Similar operations are available via the Internet.
  • By connecting APP for mobile phones and tablets, as well as the Sberbank Online service, control of expenses and account management.
  • An additional service for automatic payment ensures timely payment of utilities and replenishment of the cell phone balance.
  • The card user gets the opportunity to use the "Thank you" bonus program, which allows Sberbank customers to accumulate points and pay with them.
  • Additionally, the service "Piggy bank" is available, which ensures the creation of separate savings.
  • Registration for free, and the validity period is 5 years old.

Using the classic card, you can perform standard operations, and also accumulate bonuses, which are used to get discounts in partner stores.


The Gold card of the Mir system from Sberbank belongs to premium, as it enables the client to emphasize his special status. May be a member of a special group for receiving budgetary charges, but only at the request of the user or employer.

Gold card has the following features:

  1. Available upon confirmation of registration on the territory of the Russian Federation. The client must be of legal age.
  2. Gold option gives an advantage, which consists in the release of additional plastic for users from 7 years, taking into account the binding to the main map.
  3. Thank you bonuses can be up to 20% from the purchase amount from partners and 0,5% from Sberbank.
  4. Remote system "Mobile Bank" and an online resource for individuals, which is available in the form of a personal account, allow you to exercise full control over all operations.
  5. You can pay by withdrawing cash or using a contactless transfer.
  6. When paying online with premium cards, additional security is provided by 3D-secure technology.
  7. Cashless transfers are valid at all ATMs and self-service terminals.
  8. Additional cashback for users.
  9. The validity period is 5 years old.

To receive increased bonuses Thank you for MIR Gold card, you need to make transactions within a month, falling under the category of bonuses, more than 15 000 rub. The accrual will be made in the next billing period. Taken into account, that it is the bonus program from Sberbank that is an alternative to the popular cashback.


This option is available only to recipients of social benefits from the pension fund. The merit of this card is, that here interest is calculated on the balance up to 3,5% annual.

The possibilities of pension plastic are as follows:

  • Full access to account management, which is provided using a mobile application and Sberbank-online.
  • Convenient cashless payments via the Internet and in offline points of sale of goods and services, with the ability to use MirAccept technology.
  • Reduced commission for the "Autopayment" service when paying for housing and communal services.
  • Interest-free cash withdrawal through bank terminals of Sberbank. Using self-service terminals, you can transfer received money to other accounts.


It is necessary to use the selected type of World card taking into account the existing fees and charges for additional services.

Rate Card from Sberbank
Social Classic Gold
Annual maintenance Is free 750 rub. - First year

450 rub. - further

3 000 rubles
Additional maps Not Not Yes

Service - 2500 rub / year

Re-release Is free

In case of loss - 30 rub.

Is free

In case of loss - 150 rub.

Is free
Cash withdrawal through Sberbank No commission

When the limit is exceeded - 0,5%

No commission

When the limit is exceeded - 0,5%

No commission

When the limit is exceeded - 0,5%

Receiving cash from third parties 1%

(but not less 100 rub. through terminals and 150 rub. through cash desks)


(but not less 100 rub. through terminals and 150 rub. through cash desks)


(but not less 100 rub. through terminals and 150 rub. through cash desks)

Issuance limit Сутки – 50 000 rub.

Month - 500 000 rub.

Сутки – 150 000 rub.

Month - 1 500 000 rub.

Сутки – 300 000 rub.

Month - 3 000 000 rub.

Payment by card No commission No commission No commission
SMS informing 2 months free, and then 30 rub. 2 months free, and then 60 rub. Is free

Cashback and promotions

The card is issued in three types - classic, debit and social. User experience is different from other packages. Thanks to loyalty programs, users can receive privileges and additional income. These benefits are attracting more and more customers..

Loyalty program Cashback

Cashback is a system for returning part of the amount to an account from a purchase. According to the loyalty program, the user can receive income up to 20%. You can pay for the purchase with a Mir card and receive a refundable amount from:

  • food products,
  • service in cafes and restaurants,
  • spa visits,
  • shopping for clothes and shoes,
  • baby goods;
  • various equipment.

Privileges apply to social and salary projects. First of all, the client needs to issue a bank card of the national system.

Activate the Mir card and connect to the loyalty service on the official portal "Hello World". Registration is standard, which does not take long. User is required to provide a name, telephone, come up with a password, then click on the item "register". Your account will be created.

Photo 2. Registration on the portal

Promotion "100% Cashback" or "Valuable prizes"

Another opportunity to get "One hundred percent Cashback" by paying for purchases with the national card Mir. Promotions are held on a regular basis and have a limited term of participation, information can be studied on the MirOnline website. There are three stages for participation:

  1. Pay for your purchase from 300 rub. in the partner network.
  2. Register a payment check on the website.
  3. Control the date of the draw Moscow time.

For the action with valuable prizes - the user, paying for purchases at any cost, can win an apartment, repair services or money. Gifts surprise every time, check the section "current promotions" and take part.

Photo 3. Current promotions on the MirOnline website

What is the difference between the World map and Visa and Mastercard?

Modern life dictates its own terms, therefore, plastic cards are becoming more and more popular and in demand, with the help of which various monetary transactions are made. Interaction between the bank and the client, which is the plastic holder, carried out at the expense of the selected payment system, providing fast money transfers and any settlements.

therefore, to understand, how the MIR card differs from MasterCard and Visa, should be considered, that the last two options relate to international payment systems, and the World - to the national. Еще имеются и другие различия:

  1. Visa - is an American PS, which performs dollar conversion processes. The popularity of Visa is due to its high prevalence, which allows you to carry out payment transactions around the world.
  2. Mastercard is also an American payment system, which performs conversion procedures through euros. The successful development of MasterCard is due to the, that many large banks in the Russian Federation developed active cooperation with PS. It is within this system that cards from Sberbank with the mark "Maestro" function.
  3. Мир – это часть НСПК России. The main features are, that all operations are carried out on the territory of the country, and for this the ruble is used.

Otherwise, all types of cards have a similar description and allow you to implement similar actions: make payment in online or offline stores, make translations, replenish, withdraw cash. There are also some similarities in payments, in service and commissions for performed operations.

What to do, if you lost your card

There are different reasons, which lead to the loss of plastic, but in any situation you need to block the possibility of using the card by unauthorized persons. The following methods are available for this.:

  • Log in to the standard or mobile application Sberbank Online. Find a section, dedicated to maps, and execute the lock.
  • Call Support. Numbers are available for this: 900 - for all mobile. 8 (800) 555-55-50 - while on the territory of Russia (is free). 8 (495) 500-55-50 - for calls from other countries.
  • By SMS. Text is typed: BLOCKING 0000 X, Where 0000 - these are the last four digits of the card from the front side, and X - indicates the reason for the suspension. Instead of X,: 0 - loss; 1 - theft; 2 - left at the ATM; 3 - other.

If you have lost your card with the remaining funds, then after blocking you need to contact the branch of Sberbank, to transfer the remainder. Taken into account, that reissue for no good reason costs money.

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