Which lottery ticket is better to buy in Russia

Types of lotteries

Technologies for winning popular lotteries

Consider Russian lotteries separately. They are controlled by the state and here the risk of fraud is minimized. They are the most popular in our country., which means, and there are more winnings, and they are larger. The more people buy tickets, the more jackpot.

Russian lotto

Draws are held every weekend live on central television. In addition to money, the organizers even offer apartments as prizes. There are anniversary editions or editions, dedicated to different holidays. There are many prizes, and they are large.

  • if you want to buy several tickets at once, then choose tickets with different numbers;
  • on the lottery website you can choose the numbers yourself;
  • take part in the drawing of the "Cubes", if successful, the winnings will be much greater.

The slogan 4 of 20

In this lottery you need to choose four numbers out of twenty. It would be wise to use a spread bet strategy, which we talked about above.

The slogan 5 of 36

Here you need to choose 5 number of 36. There is an interesting option "Multi-bet", which allows you to fill a large number of tickets with random numbers. The expanded rate can also be used.

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