What are the most winning lottery tickets

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Transfer of winnings

Before receiving a prize, a player needs to remember, where the ticket was purchased and what is the amount of the win. The vast majority of users purchase coupons and order money directly from the company's resource. The step-by-step instructions for transferring money received after the drawing looks like this:

  1. Authorization on the lottery website.
  2. Entering the section "Checking tickets" and receiving information about a specific coupon.
  3. Request to withdraw the amount up to 100 thousand rubles, which will be automatically transferred to the wallet in the system.

Small amounts up to 3 thousand rubles are allowed to be withdrawn to the balance of the mobile phone specified during registration.

You can also receive the winnings at the partners' offices, and for different partners there are different limits. Small wins up to 1 thousand rubles can be collected at Megafon and Rostelecom branches. Prizes up to 10 thousand are cashed in Euroset and Svyaznoy stores. The payment of large amounts provides for a visit to the teaching staff of BC "Baltbet" (to 100 thousand rubles), lottery company "Balt-Lotto" (100 – 200 thousand rubles) or the main office of the company "Stoloto" (to 200 thousand rubles).

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The biggest prizes

There are many winning stories around the world. Fate smiles on many people. No one knows, how the next circulation can turn out for him. Lotto win statistics recorded a case, when a New Yorker hit the jackpot twice. While others play all their lives and receive nothing significant. The biggest win according to statistics was in 2017 year. American won 758,7 million. dollars.

Lottery winnings statistics show, that this is the largest prize in the history of America, which fell on one ticket.

In Russia, a resident of Sochi 2017 year hit the jackpot in the amount of 364 million. rub. As the statistics of winnings show, this is the largest prize in the entire history of the country..

However, the lottery is not the only way, where people try their luck. Today it is not uncommon to win on bets. IN 2012 Muscovite earned 141 million. rub. guessing the results 15 matches. He put only 50 rub.

Lotteries are also being drawn for obtaining American citizenship today.. People from all over the world hope for Green Card, to move to live in the USA. Only luck helps to qualify for this program. Green Card win statistics show, that every year the chance of passing, as the number of submitted applications increases.

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